thorin and the oakenshields

Imagine having a zip up fur lined hoodie with you while on the quest and Thorin is constantly either flat out stealing it, trying to fit in it with you and putting his hands on the skin of your back, or he’s sliding his cold hands into the sleeves or coming up behind you and stuffing his hands into your pockets.

You: oh my god Thorin you have your own coat!

Thorin: true but it’s not as warm, soft, and comforting as your’s is. Not to mention mine doesn’t smell like you.*mischievously places his hands on the skin of your back*


Thorin: but you’re warm! Sharing is caring! So share some of that warmth with me.

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Through the Dark Comes the Light VI

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

Feather huffed for the dozenth time as she trailed behind the company of dwarves, hobbit, and wizard. Even with them on ponies, she could have outwalked them all if she had set her mind to it. She’d be at the head of the party with her axe in hand but she knew better. She had already provoked the ire of her Ada merely by appearing at the Shire and the rest of the dwarves feared his wrath so much they dare not show her any particular favour.

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Thorin giving you his coat to protect you from the rain

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Lover, Fighter

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Warnings: violence, mention of death

Pairing: Thorin x reader

Here´s the next chapter of this journey. Enjoy! If you want to get tagged in this, let me know! :)

Remaining pack of wargs kept looking at you nervously. They obviously didn´t want to challenge you after seeing what you did just few minutes ago. But the orcs were desperate to have Thorin´s head on the plate so they forced their wargs to move forward.

You glanced at them lowering your head baring your teeth while the dwarves were getting ready to defend themselves. The fight was on…

Bilbo was in the middle of the circle the dwarves were created looking around and panicking. He hoped that dwarves and you were able to hold your ground and nobody would get hurt. Suddenly he realized that Gandalf wasn´t nowhere to be seen. Where was he? Vicious snarl however snapped his thoughts back to the presens and he whipped his head to look at your way and gasped at what he was seeing. 

“Amrâlimê!” Thorin´s frantic shout was heard as he swayed his sword at the incoming orc. Dwalin was also occupied with his opponent as were Fili and Kili. But all Bilbo could see was you wrestling with a quite big and nasty looking warg 40 feet away from the rest of the group.

Without even a warning growl you snapped your jaws into the warg´s neck and tried to bite through the skinfolds of the animal so you could get your over 6 inshes long canines deep into the warm blood of the jugular.
The fight was fierce and primitive. Bilbo watched it with a terrified look on his face and hold his breath hoping that your bite would hold. He didn´t want to imagine what would happen if the warg could get away from your grip. Also Thorin was watching your battle against the warg with fearful expression on his face. This was exactly what he was always so scared of. To have to watch as his beloved fought for her life right in front of him. But just as he was about to rush in and help, you managed to get the upper hand. With a violent yank of your head and shoulders you threw the warg on it´s back. Then you kept biting to get through that tough hide which was protecting it´s neck. 

You could´ve as well attack against a dragon, that tough the hide was, but nothing was going to stop you now. This warg was much older than the previous warg that you didn´t have any trouble to kill. This warg´s skin was much, much tougher but finally your teeth sank through the skin and you bite harder until you got a good hold of it. Just a few seconds later bloodjet smudged your chest again and Thorin knew the warg was dead.

You were so furious that you lifted the warg by it´s middle and shaked the dead body like a ragdoll letting out your frustration for a few seconds before letting it drop to your feet. Panting heavily you locked eyes with your next target.

But before you could charge forward, Gandalf´s voice boomed throught the air and everyone, including you, turned to look behind. “This way you fools!”
Thorin didn´t waste any more time and ran to the hole at the feet of a large boulder. “Quickly! All of you!” he ordered and kept watch as everyone slided down to safety. You and Kili were only ones left. “Kili! Y/N! Move!” Thorin shouted and whirled around when one of the wargs tried to sneak upon him.
You barked at Kili who turned on his heels and started running toward his uncle. You weren´t so far behind but all of the sudden pained yelp was heard as a soft thud echoed through the air, tell tell sign as something hard had hit the flesh.
Next thing what Thorin saw was you falling to the ground as sand and hay puffed around you. “NO!” Thorin screamed and Kili turned to look behind him. “Y/N!” Kili yelled horrified.

You were lying on the grass and Thorin could feel vomit rising in his throat. For a second he turned his head ready to throw up but still hoping that the sick feeling would settle while his heart was about brust through his chest because of the sheer pain he was suddenly feeling as he was sure his One had just died in front of his eyes.

Orcs were shouting, cheering as they watched as the great silverwhite wolf fell to the ground. She-wolf had killed two of their wargs but their arrow was enough to stop the beast. Now they would skin it in front of the King under the mountain and feed it´s flesh to the wargs.
Kili was frozen to the spot where he had stopped to turn around. In his ears he could still hear your  yelp as you fell. The orcs sounded like they had won a war. He had to close his eyes, he just couldn´t believe that one single arrow from a orc was enough to bring you down. Suddenly the voices of the orcs changed from victorious to disappointed and angry.

Both Thorin and Kili turned to look what was causing that. You were on your feet and running. Sand was flying from beneath your powerfull paws and orcs started to shoot their arrows. With a single bark you got Kili moving again and he slipped through the hole to the safety of the cave. Next you jumped in head first landing to your side with a whimper and Thorin was quick to follow. You stood up slowly, panting and held your left hind leg up from the ground as the fur on your pelvis started to turn dark red. The arrow had hit to the spot just between your haunch and pelvis. Fili stepped beside you giving you reasuring stroke and gazed to your eyes. You knew what he was going to do, so you turned your head away from him and with a soft whine gave him your permission. 

But because you were so tall, Dwalin came to help him. He lifted Fili as high as he could so Fili could get his hands on to the arrow. He placed his right arm on your back and with his left hand grapped the arrow. He took a deep breath, tensed his muscles in his arm and yanked hard. That made you growl viciously but you didn´t turn to bite him. Oin came next to you as you layed down so he could get a better look at the wound, because he wasn´t going to allow Dwalin to lift him up. “You´ll live lass…” he then said with a warm smile on his lips as he tended you as best as he could. You poked the tip of your tongue out and whined quietly.

Thorin came in front of you and looked at you with pained expression on his face. Ori and Bilbo was looking from behind Dori and Nori in awe at your size once again. Even when you were lying down your head was above Thorin´s as he was standing in front of you. “Oh my….am I glad she´s on our side…..” Bilbo whispered and Ori couldn´t do more than nod.

Thorin closed the small distance between you two and buried his face into your neck. “ I thought I lost you…my heart stopped at that very moment when I saw you falling.” he whispered with a raspy voice gripping your fur even more tightly. You lowered your head resting your chin on his shoulder and closing your eyes.

There was sudden commotion outside as sound of horn was heard and orcs started run away. One of the orcs however fell into to the cave and everyone was on their guard in a second. Thorin let go of you and turned to look at the orc. He took the arrow off it´s body and examined it. His expression changed as he spatted. “Elves!”

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Treat yo hobbit. A bagginsheild one shot.



Fandoms-The hobbit.

“Hey uncle…”
“Yes KÍli?”
“I’m Fíli…”
“Oh, well what were you going to say.”
“Well Bilbo’s birthday is coming up and I thought you might want to do something nice for him.”
“Well I already had a plan actually” No he didn’t. Thorin tried but he had completely forgotten Bilbo’s birthday… again…. the third year running. Well what did Bilbo like? Flowers, baked things, hugs…. he could do that. For the flowers the fields and woods around Erbor were covered in flowers and though the cake would be a bit more difficult but he was sure he could handle it….

“I cannot handle this, I can’t do it. This is ridiculous, I Thorin Oakensheild am admitting defeat. I have failed as a husband. This is it. It’s all over.” Fíli and KÍli snort behind their hands. “Oh shut up and help me”
“But you asked us not to help.”
“Calm down Thorin. If you keep yelling Bilbo will hear you from the other side of the mountain.” Thorin sighs and flops down into a chair.
“Okay, okay. I’ll start again.”

“This is going even worse!”
“No its not, it will be fine. Just put it in the oven. But don’t leave it too long, okay?”

“Okay, okay…. let’s just move on to plan B. Which is?”
“Well that’s good Bilbo loves flowers.”

“Okay so that could have gone better.”
“We were stung by 7 bees so KÍli had to be rushed into hospital.”
“Yeah but, Thorin, we got the flowers. So that’s the main thing right? There’s always an upside.”
“No there’s not.”

Thorin glances down at the small bunch of flowers in his hand and sighs. Today was a disaster and it was Bilbo’s birthday and he didn’t spend any time with him.
Knock, knock.
Bilbo opens the door to their rooms and let’s him in.
“In brought you flowers.”
“Mmm they’re um nice…”
“Whats wrong?”
“I’m allergic to that kind of flowers.” Thorin sighs.
“I’m so sorry Bilbo. This day has gone terrible, I tried to make you a cake and the first attempt didn’t work and then the second one I set fire to the kitchen-”
“And then I picked flowers and KÍli was put in the hospital-”
“And now you’re allergic to the flowers and I don’t have anything to give you for your birthday.”
“It’s… It’s fine Thorin. At least you tried and setting fire to the kitchen is a talent I’m surprised you managed to do that…I love you Thorin.” He wraps his arms around Thorin and pulls him on the sofa next to the lit fireplace. Maybe Fíli was right, maybe there was always an upside.


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Time of our lives

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You can listen the song here 

Warnings: ultimate hearbreak…it is funeral of sons of Durin after all so…

Pairing: Thorin x reader

I heard this song two days ago and just had to write this…so sorry, if I´m gonna break someone´s heart. 

The line of Durin layed on the cold stoneboulder in their final resting place. Everyone was gathered in the grand hall of Durin´s tomb to show their final respect toward their king and his nephews who had valiantly fought to drive the orc army back from the dwarf lands. Thorin had achieved his biggest dream and his ultimate goal, to reclaim Erebor to his people so they once again would have a place to call home.

But he would never get to see how Erebor would be rebuilt, dwarves would fill the halls of his ancestors with merry chatting and singing and the forges would be once again in use. He would never get to see how Dale and Erebor would prosper with the help of Mirkwood and peace would fall upon the land once again. And he never would get to see his sister and her sons live happily in their new home that was rightfully theirs. No, because Fili and Kili chose to fight by his side despite the fact that it could cost their lives. And now they layed beside him taking their final journey to the halls of waiting to sit beside their fathers, until the world was renewed.

You watched in silence while dwarves of Iron Hills, the company and one hobbit circled in line to say their final goodbye to the Durin´s sons. Biting your teeth together so hard that your jaw started to ache you pushed the sorrow and want to cry deep in your heart. You couldn´t believe, you refused to believe that they were really gone. Although you were right there when it had happened. First you had to watch as Azog drove his sword arm through Fili´s back and dropped him in front of Kili who went berserk when he saw his brother´s lifeless body falling in front of him.
Then Tauriel had appeared and managed to distract him and everything went down to the worst after that. Kili died while trying to protect her from Bolg. But you couldn´t blame her for Kili´s death, you were sure that if given the chance, he would have done that all over again…after all, Kili was in love with the she-elf.

You closed your eyes trying so hard not to cry. Thorin had challenged Azog alone, there was nothing you could have done to help, you were too weak from the blood lost. And now you cursed yourself for that, weak human, one cut to the side and you felt so dizzy you could hardly focus to stay awake. Last thing you saw before you passed out was Azog piercing his sword through Thorin´s chest.

Gandalf´s voice snapped you out of your memories. You needed to focus, calm yourself because after Gandalf´s speech you were suppose to sing the last song you were ever gonna sing to the line of Durin.

“The King has come unto his own
Under mountain, under stone
Send him now unto the deep
Unto earth, eternal sleep
Under mountain, under stone
Through all the lands, let it be known
The King is dead.
Long live the King!”

And as all the dwarves shouted “Long live the King!” you praised yourself when you felt someone putting their hand onto your shoulder. It was Dwalin, who silently gave you the strength and courage to do what you were about to do.

As you stepped beside Thorin you let your gaze wander over him and for a second you thought, maybe he was just sleeping and any minute now he would open his eyes, stroke your cheek and call you with the nickname he had given you on the road: “Gehyith - Little Dove ”. But in the back of you mind you, of course knew, that wasn´t going to happen. He was dead and no matter how hard you wished, he was never coming back. That thought in your mind you started to sing while everyone bowed their heads and closed their eyes.

“This is where the chapter ends
A new one now begins
Time has come for letting go
The hardest part is when you know
All of these years - When we were here
Are ending,  but I’ll always remember”

Your voice echoed through the halls as candle light flickered around Thorin painting an illusion that he was merely resting peacefully quietly listening your singing. Why did it have to end like this? Fate was cruel sometimes.

“We have had the time of our lives
Now the page is turned
The stories we will write
We have had the time of our lives
And I will not forget
The faces left behind
It’s hard to walk away
From the best of days
But if it has to end
I’m glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives”

As you moved around Thorin, you stepped next to Fili and tears were threatening come to the surface. “My poor, brave golden prince…it´s not fair! You were too young to part from this world…” The candles around him illuminated his whole body and his hair actually looked like pure gold and that nearly broke you. But you needed to stay strong…for them…so you kept going.

“Where the water meets the land
There is shifting in the sand
Like the tide that ebbs and flows
Memories will come and go
All of these years
When we were here
Are ending
But I’ll always remember

We have had the time of our lives
Now the page is turned
The stories we will write
We have had the time of our lives
And I will not forget
The faces left behind
It’s hard to walk away
From the best of days
But if it has to end
I’m glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives.”

You heard that Balin was breaking down. Dwalin came to give his brother support while silently weeping himself. He had failed Thorin…he wasn´t there when his king, his friend needed him the most. And that would haunt him for the rest of his life. That was his punishment for not being there, he was sure of it. You had moved to stand next to Kili and were brushing few of his hair from his face like you used to do when he had fallen asleep while on the watch duty. Seeing that simple gesture, Dwalin also broke down into tears and the brothers of Fundin embraced each other trying to give comfort for one another.

“We say goodbye
We hold on tight
To these memories
That never die
We say goodbye
We hold on tight
To these memories
That never die.

We have had the time of our lives
Now the page is turned
The stories we will write
We have had the time of our lives
And I will not forget
The faces left behind
It’s hard to walk away
From the best of days
But if it has to end
I’m glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives
I’m glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives.”

When the last words leave you, everyone are on their one knee head bowed low showing their ultimate respect not only for the sons of Durin but you too. You were part of the company. You had bonded with Thorin to the point that he felt that you were one of the dwarves, although you were human. Your friendship was something both of you valued greatly. You had made a vow that you were gonna be there to support each other, to protect one another, to honor each other and fight side by side to the bitter end.

 And that was exactly what he had done…you thought when you turned to look one last time Thorin´s face, those face you had learned to love. He protected you to the bitter end and now all you could do was to keep your word…to honor him until the day you die.

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