thori and loki

Making Mischief/Open RP with themagicalmusesofme

Snickering, Loki dashed to a hiding place, a few angry teens ready to kill him.

He managed to escape, very pleased with himself. “This deserves a Facebook update.” He grinned. “‘I have mastered the art of the photo bomb.’” He laughed to himself. “If only I knew their names. Then I could add them as friends.”

Thori growls, and Loki tells him to shut up. “I’m ashamed to call you myself. Such childish antics.” Ikol sighed.

“I’m not you.” Loki stuck his tongue out at the imaginary bird. “You’re Ikol. I’m Loki.”

“I want to see bigger better things from you! You are capable of much more evil!” Ikol urged.

“Shut up. Go away already.” He hated Ikol. Constant reminders of his past lives. But all Loki wanted now was to be good (within reason). He wanted to be a different Loki. Ikol always brought him down. “You’re what the internet calls a troll.”