Where Creatures Roam #3 (Nov 1970), with a Gevalia Kaffee Dark Gold Roast. (GK) #readingdrinking #wherecreaturesroam #comics #comicbooks #jackkirby #dickayers #artiesimek #steveditko #paulreinman #monsters #marvelcomics #thorg #thorr #xoor #coffee #gevalia #darkgoldroast

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raviolipocketoli  asked:

Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds for the fic prompt :D

They had less than half hour together. As Jamin was packing up in the hotel bedroom he wondered if they had mastered the formula: to spread their small particles of time and make it wider. He had the impression Shane’s perfume on his skin was lingering a lot more. His ear still hot from his hot breath whispering dirty nothings.

Ready or not he was knocking on his door at the end of the hall.

“Thorg, I’m almost leaving, are you ready? Do you want me to call you a cab?” he talked to the door.

Few seconds Thorgy opened it promptly.

“What do you think?” he asked excitedly as he posed holding a drink on his hand and looking just like…Naomi.

He was wearing Naomi’s pink two piece for the Neon Challenge and Jamin was speechless. It was also the first time he saw Thorgy with 90’s Mariah hair fantasy.

“Bambi’s version is not tucked though!” he said for the lack of better words. He loved neon colors. And he loved Thorgy. Latex neon pink was too much to take in.

“Girl, her tuck struggle is real…I’m tucked but I’m not wearing lipstick yet because I want to use my mouth and not make a mess. Come in and shut up!” she grabbed his hand and led him to the armchair pushing him to sit in one thump.

Jamin stared at Thorgy that was looking at him as if he was a delicious desert. She was drinking a cocktail, chewing a bubblegum and stroking the straw in the most pornish way.

“Uh-oh. You get extra horny when you drink alcohol with anything sweet. I’m out of here” he almost made a move but Thorgy pushed him back again.

“And you don’t like that?” he asked him with brows raised circling him like an animal ready to attack his prey.

“Not when I’m about to leave in 20 min” he reminded her trying to look unaffected. She sighed defeated drinking the whole thing in one gulp.

Thorgy slowly walked into his direction and sit on his lap crossing legs and putting her arms around his neck. Jamin embraced her by the waist, one hand slightly caressing her thigh.

“You look cute. I always like when you wear pink”

He was analyzing  her make-up, that was very similar to the Queens on Wheels challenge. Thorgy kept looking at him with uncharacteristic somber as if time was getting short again. Retrieving to its original size.

“I know you do. I had to sew my short pink dress again after you ripped at Roscoe’s”

He made a face of “ooops” and held her tighter. They started at each other in comfortable silence.

“Okay, I need at least 5 minutes of making out before I let you go”

He started kissing her but the pointing bra of the outfit kept poking him and they both started laughing.

“I almost swallowed your bubblegum. And this cocktail is like ¾  liquor, Jesus!” he said tasting the crazy mixture of vodka, yogurt and the whole candy shop Thorgy was drinking.

Shane was giggling and then started to kiss Jamin’s neck again.

“I’m miss sugar pink, liquor, liquor lips…” he sang in his ear.

Jamin didn’t know what song was that, but he didn’t understand Shane’s ramblings in general. They would sink in later and he would be amazed by their strange sense. 

Three minutes left.

Time wasn’t going to expand again, but he ate half of a strawberry cake in the airport to make the sweetness in lips last longer.