thor: miss america 2013

You know America is a stupid country when:

1) They mistake India for an “Arab” country or think Indian = Arab.

  • By the way…. India is in Asia….

2) When they confuse Indian dancing for Egyptian dancing:

  • This is Egyptian dancing:

  • This is an Indian dancing:

Do they look the same to you?

3) When they’re shocked over anyone BUT white winning anything, especially if that person looks Arab when (s)he really doesn’t. 

  • This is an Arab:

  • This is an Indian:

  • This is the ignorant white people:


first up;

miss america is indian. THIS IS AMAZING

but secondly;


like, that the last TWO finalists for 2013 were both non-white/asian?

UM HELLO. dying of pride here. 

The ignorance is killing me right now.

As a minority in this country, I was PROUD to see the top two being minorities themselves. And instead of celebrating America’s diversity, we have these ignorant people throwing in racist remarks all because they’re butt hurt because their favorite girl didn’t win. I have secondhand embarrassment for these people right now


 Miss Montana 2012 Alexis Wineman (by Miss America Organization)

First Miss America Contestant who has Autism and is driven to get the awareness out. Love how she’s all over Glacier National Park too. VOTE FOR HER!  (Edited: Looks like voting ended before I posted this….still, total inspiration for me and others!) 

Work it Alexis!

Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014


I don’t know what’s worse: The fact that this exists or the fact that it no longer surprises me in the least bit.


You’re not white! You can’t be Miss America! You dare open up the viewers of this show to your heritage?! HOW UNAMERICAN! You’re dark skinned, you must be Arab, which automatically means you’re a terrorist! The idiocy and ignorance of Americans like this put our country to shame. I have no doubt in my mind the response would have been just as racist if the runner up who is of Chinese descent would have won.