If this ain‘t T‘Challa when the Interviewer asked him what a third world country could possibly give them!

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Okay but Ego was super impressed about hearing that Peter could hold an Infnity Stone, even for a couple minutes, and said he had to be his son, had to be a Celestia to survive that.

Well Jane was possed by one for a few day, so who the Hell is she related too?

Low-key, since she a Peter are basically the same age, I’m gonna headcanon now Ego got busy with some other Earth lady (you can say Ego loves Meredith, but I mean, cheating is a thing, and how much love do we really think that psycopathic planet really had in him). And, also, like, her mom died of cancer in the comics when she was nine, just like with Peter in the movies, I’m just saying. They’re totally half siblings, fight me.

An explanation for why Yondu didn’t go pick her up along with Peter though, is maybe he told Ego he’d only pick up one kid at a time (since Ravagers apparently aren’t even supposed to deal with kids at all), and then while he had Peter, figured out what was happening to Ego’s kids, so obviously didn’t go back to Earth at any point to have gotten her.

Ragnarok Characters + That Weird Bird Meme

I’d like to formally apologize to Stan Lee himself for making this post.



I love how MARVEL keeps presenting us with these dashing and powerful superheroes, but we go looking the other way for the lost souls, who are supposed to be the bad guys.


Marvel: Here is your beautiful, long blonde haired God of Thunder, the title character, who is the rightful ruler of Asgard.

Us: But. . But. . Let’s talk about how Loki must be dying on the inside. .


Marvel: No, you don’t understand. Loki is EVIL.

Us: No, he is just misunderstood.


Marvel: Did you see how he killed those innocent people on earth and tried to make everyone kneel before him? He is evil and needs to be put in prison.

Us: What he REALLY needs is a bit of love. Can’t you see it in his eyes???

He is dying on the inside. LOOK AT HIM!!!


Marvel: ALRIGHT! Stop complaining. Here you go.

Us: You guys have broken him so much that he can’t comprehend the love any more.

And that dumbass brother can’t even see how much pain he really is in.

Marvel: Alright, forget THOR. Let’s talk about CAPTAIN AMERICA, a very honest soldier. .


Marvel: No. EVIL. BAD GUY. Didn’t you see how he tried to attack Cap. .

Us: THAT WASN’T HIS FAULT! He wasn’t in control of his own mind. Bucky always stood by Steve in his right mind.

Marvel: Fine, we accept. Loki and Bucky are just misunderstood and deserved more. Satisfied?



I think my favourite part of the Thor trilogy is how at the end of dark world we saw this

And we all just went “OH SHIT!!! LOKI’S KING!!! EVERYONE’S FUCKED!!!” But then Ragnarok rolled around and it turns out all he does is

Watch plays of himself and

Build big statues like hot damn the avengers really wasted a whole movie tryna stop this bitch when they could have just written him a play and built him a statue and he would’ve been satisfied