My Pins arrived!!

My Marvel Collar Pins arrived!! And they look even better than i hoped they would! They are freely customizable so you can pick which ever ship you want or even the same character twice!!
I’m preparing the pre-orders right now and they are still available in my shop!
Sorry for so much advertisment recently haha

Thor: Loki! What is your favourite colour?!

Loki: What’s your least favourite colour?

Thor: Black.

Loki: Black. Black is my favourite colour.


Thor: By Odin’s beard, Brother, how marvellous you look in that black suit! I couldn’t have chosen a grander one myself!

Loki: Wait- did you just style me?!

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Hc for Thor, Bucky & Peter with an so who is really short? Like, she's literally 4'9


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Prompt lists


  • heheheheheh he loves how smol you are
  • Makes height jokes all the time 
  • But doesn’t ever go too far like he never hurts you
  • soft bean
  • He is a big fan of lifting you up by the waist when you can’t reach things
  • Also he loves hugging you bc he literally envelopes you???
  • Like you can’t even be seen anymore 
  • He also really likes to cover you in a blanket and wrap you all up in it and then just toss you in bed and snuggle you to death


  • He’s already scared that he’s gonna hurt you or smthn
  • (insecure bby breaks my heart)
  • So when he realizes just how smol you are
  • He panics a bit
  • this also happens to be right when you come out in his t-shirt, get into bed, and curl up into him like a little kitten
  • He’s halfway between melting and running
  • (He melts don’t worry)
  • Whenever you’re having trouble reaching something
  • He grabs it for you, hands it to you, and gives you a lil forehead smeck
  • :’)
  • He also likes cuddling you a lot?
  • He just likes feeling like he’s protecting someone :’)))


  • He’s ….. not the tallest 
  • I almost actually laughed out loud while writing that because I remembered that Jojo Siwa is taller than Tom Holland
  • Poor bby
  • He’s not the tallest but he’s taller than you are
  • And
  • he 
  • is
  • so
  • proud
  • He clings onto the height difference bc it’s aLL HE HAS
  • He sometimes can’t reach stuff on the top shelf either but he’s actually Spider-Man so ya know, boi gets it anyways
  • Also he really likes giving you his jackets bc he can barely see you in them
  • like he likes them big on him so they’re super big on you and he
  • Loves
  • It

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Movie Nights With Loki hcs

Originally posted by maryxglz

Requested by Anonymous

  • you were the one to come up with the tradition of a weekly movie night with loki
  • you want him to be more familiarized with american pop culture
  • movie nights with him usually involve snuggling up on your bed and watching whatever movie you chose on the huge flat screen tony provided every room with while eating popcorn
  • loki doesn’t really understand popcorn but eats it anyway
  • loki’s definitely the kind of person to make commentary during the movie
  • especially when you first introduce him to movies
  • he’s very critical that way
  • he’s learned, however
  • your usual schedule is a fun disney or animated film one week, and a live-action film the next
  • his favorite disney movies include:  peter pan, hercules, the lion king, tarzan, tangled, beauty and the beast (the original), moana, and the emperor’s new groove
  • loves how to train your dragon
  • unironically likes twilight
  • he read the harry potter series and the lord of the rings trilogy, so of course you had to watch the movies 
  • LOVES them
  • really likes legolas and his hair
  • loki is very focused when watching new movies
  • he has to take in everything
  • of course he still pays attention to you, but its so funny seeing him so intensely focused
  • rarely cries during sad scenes even if he really wants to
  • when he does cry, you KNOW some shit hit him too close to home
  • he’ll lay his head on your shoulder and sniffle quietly
  • movie nights become loki’s favorite day of the week
  • it’s nice quality time with you while also watching a piece of artistic history
  • you’re so glad he loves watching movies with you
  • you’ve always wanted somebody to have complex conversations about movie plots with, and loki is the perfect person for that
  • plus he’s also you’re boyfriend so that’s the best added plus ever

Hope you enjoyed!  Feedback is welcomed ~

Requested by anonymous

Thor has always been like an older sibling to you. So when he offered to help get you ready for a school dance you agreed. As soon as you came out wearing your outfit for the event Thor admitted that you looked good but there was something missing. It didn’t take long to realize what he wanted to add to your appearance, a traditional Asgardian hair due

Admittedly you were kind of hesitant at first. You weren’t sure how you felt about the god of thunder manipulating your hair in an unfamiliar way. This dance was big deal to you and you really wanted to look good. After Thor insisted a bit more though, you found yourself giving in. You had to trust your unofficial big brother.

So now you were sitting in a chair as Thor braid and worked with your hair. You couldn’t see anything so you weren’t able to see his progress until Thor announced that he was done with a huge smile on his face. Nervously you stood up and made your way to the closest mirror. As you did a little twirl you were pleasantly surprised at the sight before you.

“Oh wow… I love it!” You exclaimed, placing a hand over your mouth. Thor’s grin only got bigger at the sound of your approval. “Thank you so much” you squealed, as you spin around once more to pull the god into a big hug.


What happens when you leave the baby during his care and lose it?

A/n: ask box is open!

Steve: He’s going to go crazy. He will call his child everywhere and search and search in any corner of the house. If he does not find them he will think the worst and will be ready to call for reinforcements, however, if he finds them he will be relieved and internally disappointed that he has lost his own child .

Bucky: Bucky try not to lose hope and search quietly, but if he do not get fast results, he’ll get into something similar to winter soldier mode.

Tony: He will be extremely nervous (even if he does not want to admit it) and worried. He will look for it and send some of his costumes to help him, when he finds them he will be between annoyed and relieved that his child is well.

Bruce: Bruce do not lose it. When it is up to him to care for the creature, how nervous he is for their welfare watches over them like an eagle.

Thor: Try not to think about the worst (but equally tremendously worried) and look for his child with patience everywhere. When he finds it he will scold him, but he will be extremely happy to have found them.

Clint: He already has experience with this and therefore does not happen.

Quill: It’s going to be a bunch of uncontrollable nerves. He will search everywhere and call his child every time; If one of the guardians asks if he needs help, he will refuse saying that he is able to find his child alone.

Stephen: He’s very worried, but he usually finds his child quickly thanks to the portals.

The Home We Built For Ourselves

Thor Odinson x Reader

Words: 1,994

Summary: You’ve created an imaginary life with your soulmate but as fate wills it, once you meet in person, your dreams stop. The kicker? You don’t even remember what your soulmate looks like or what their name is. Fuck.

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: anon said to write a soulmate au and couldn’t decide for whom. loki or thor? thor or loki? there’s a bit of fluff, there’s a bit of angst. hope i delivered, my friend! this soulmate au is kinda out there…also this doesn’t follow any uhhh, real timeline. it just…exists. also, this fic was also half written after i got a root canal so uhh…if some of it is wonky, i apologize


His touch lingers on your skin as your eyes flutter open.

You take in a deep sigh when you realize it’s another morning; another morning without your soulmate. You grab the blankets in frustration when you try to remember what he looks like but to no avail. That’s the shitty thing about this entire soulmate bullshit—whenever you wake up from your dreams, you can’t remember their face nor their name.

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The Avengers & Guardians as things my teachers have said

Natasha : I had no coffee this morning and I’m about to punch my computer

Clint : You know how old you are when you ask “Where are my glasses?” and they’re on your head

Bruce : I just wanted a cup of coffee… instead I got… whatever the hell this is.

Steve : What does ‘Kashoot me’ even mean?

Tony : Why is no one having fun? We’re not working so HAVE FUN!

Sam : SOMEONE broke the printer and now we can’t be productive!

Bucky : I tried to do my makeup this morning but stabbed myself in the eyes with the mascara brush and gave up

Wanda : Sometimes I forget I’m an adult so skipping in public is a big no-no

Peter Parker : I hate salad. It makes me depressed.

Vision : How does one go to sleep early?

Thor : I saved a cat from a tree yesterday and it almost clawed my eye out

Gamora : When dealing with your annoying sister, be sure to hide their electronics. They’ll lose their mind and beg for forgiveness.

Drax : Don’t punch someone lightly. Punch them hard. That way they remember the strength you can muster.

Rocket : My sandwich tastes like trash and I hate myself for making it.

Mantis : Why is there so much negativity? We’re in school! Have fun!

Groot : I killed my cactus son and I want to cry

Peter Quill : If someone doesn’t like your music taste, lock them in a room and play your favorite songs. That way they’ll learn to like it.