Bathroom Collisions ~ Tom Holland

Request: Tom holland x reader with the prompt ‘Wow youre hot’?

Plot: Y/N is going to the cinema for the opening of Spiderman Homecoming and runs into someone.

Word Count: 500+

Y/N was getting ready, she had to look perfect. She had been invited to attend the first screening of spiderman and she was honestly so excited.

She finished putting on her makeup, turned off her music and collected her bag.

She made her way outside and into her car, eventually making it to the cinema.

The cinema was huge, but despite its size
everyone was outside waiting to purchase tickets and go it.

Y/N let a sigh of relief leave her body as she noticed the line for the people with tickets was way smaller than the purchase line.

15 minutes later, Y/N was inside the cinema and was making her way to her seat.

She noticed that her ticket said that she was right at the front, which is where the reserved seating is.

Y/N was actually supposed to be placed in the middle, the ticket people had made a mistake.

Y/N went to turn around and go fix the mess with the tickets but there was such a hold up behind her that she wouldn’t have been able to go back.

She carefully made her way down and sat in the seat that was marked with her tickets number.

A man went on stage to introduce the movie and before everyone knew, it was starting.

An hour into the movie Y/N desperately needed to go to the bathroom, and it was either watch the sexy beautiful amazing Tom Holland on screen or go to the toilet.

Her bladder won her over and she quickly exited the cinema, making her way to the closest bathroom.

After she had finished doing her business, she quickly washed and dried her hands and raced out of the bathroom, running to go back to the cinema before a collision disrupted her plans.

Y/N then found her self straddling the one and only Tom Holland.

Her eyes widened and the next few words that came out of her mouth would forever be a regret.

“Wow, you’re hot.” Y/N then immediately cringed, getting out of the position on Tom.

All while this was happening, Tom’s eyes were wider than soup ladles. He was intrigued, a laugh beginning to bubble up and out of his mouth.

This stunning girl had called him hot, HIM HOT?!

“Hi i’m Tom Holland and you seem like a fan.” he chuckled, slowly getting up.

Y/N nervously giggled, standing up.

“Why were you in a hurry anyway?” Tom questioned, straightening out his suit.

“Back to the cinema…” Y/N said, looking at the ground but looking at tom through her eyelashes.

“oh! i better let you go then, i’ll see you at the after party?” Tom shot an award winning smile towards Y/N.

“Yeah, for sure.” Y/N tried speaking confidently, providing a weak smile and taking one last look at Tom’s face before making her way back to the cinema.

She hoped that she hadn’t of missed much of the movie, right as she walked into the cinema she saw Peter with Liz.

Who would’ve figured that she would be jealous of a fictional relationship and would get to meet the actor of one all in a day.

also i’ll write a second part.