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Kevin Fiege was recently asked about the X-men and whether Marvel had spoken with FOX about bringing them into the MCU. This was his response - “Our relationship is the same as it has always been. We get along and I see them occasionally. There’s no change in any dynamic


“A trail of bodies? Prison break where Loki was held? It had your name written all over it,” Thor hissed. His eyebrows were closely knitted together in frustration. 

You maintained your smirk and sarcastic attitude, “Glad to know you see me where ever you go, big bro! The real king sends his regards by the way. It would’ve been so much more fun with him in charge.”

“(Y/N) it would’ve been chaos and you know that.”

Taikawaititi on Twitter: Join me at 2pmPST for a short Facebook Live sesh on our last day of Ragnarok! Head to the Marvel Studios FB page - see you in about an hour! [+]

Taikawaititi (just moments later after the original tweet): Correction. It’s sometime after 2pm PST. I guess we have to be vague as there’s still a chance I could get fired from this job.


TITLE: Honeythief


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine the Avengers’ surprise to find out Loki has a family when his teenaged daughter breaks into the tower to see him. Imagine the team’s (except for Thor) shock when she calls him ‘mum’.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: The title of this is a song by Halou that I simply adore; there are some references to it at the end that’ll make more sense once you’ve heard it.


    Loki didn’t like being in Avengers Tower. Even those who didn’t know the full extent of who he was and what he’d done to be there under what amounted to glorified house arrest were well aware of the fact, as he wasn’t exactly making his displeasure a secret. Of course, that’s about all he did. The Avengers weren’t sure whether to be relieved or extremely suspicious about the lack of chaos from the god, though most were leaning more towards the latter save for Thor, who figured his brother was just wisely avoiding worse trouble by more or less behaving.

    The reality could not be further from the truth in either case, not that the Trickster would ever say so.

    He couldn’t have known he wouldn’t have to.

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“Why did I agree to this.” Tony sighs, rolling his eyes. “It’s so cheap, And all so fake.”

“I-I-I hate this..” Peter shakily says,with a death grip on your arm. It actually hurt.

“AH, THERE IS A SMALL WEIRD BLACK DOT ON THE GROUND!” Thor yells, almost jumping. “That’s a plastic spider.” Clint hardly holds back his laugh by covering his mouth.

“This isn’t even scary.” Sam argues. Crossing his arms.

“You know back in my day, houses like these were just pitch dark, and one person would scare you. These are just so-”

“No one cares, Steve.” Wanda interrupts.

“I care.” Bucky states, defending his friend. “If we keep at this pace we’ll never get out of here!” Natasha whines, getting bored of her teammates.

“Let’s head off then, I just want this over with.” Bruce grumbles, uncomfortably swaying side to side.

“Agreed,” most of the others say, as you all go off to finish the hellish haunted house. You couldn’t wait till it was over and far far behind you.