I knew I had seen this before. Here it is. I posted the second pic as part of a 2013 photoshoot a while ago with the comment ‘I wonder if something like this will ever happen again’ here . And then it happened again.

So, these two pics got me thinking about a few things and since this is my blog and I will post whatever I want in it, here they go:

‘Tom Hiddleston has lost his fanbase’. Nope, I don’t think so. Has anyone seen that thingie called SDCC happening the other day? Or watched the endless videos of screaming fans from these last few days?

‘Tom Hiddleston has changed’. How exactly? He talks to his fans, hugs them, takes selfies with them for hours when he could just leave for his hotel after a long work day at the set of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. He still is kind, polite, patient and considerate towards everybody. That in spite of not everybody being kind, polite, patient and considerate towards him of lately.

‘Tom Hiddleston has lost his credibility as an actor’. Well, hello? Emmys are happening and guess who got nominated?

‘Tom Hiddleston has lost his chance of becoming James Bond’. That one I’ll have to say ‘I hope so because Aidan Turner’. Sorry about that.

And finally: ‘Tom Hiddleston is in a relationship’. Hell yes, one that has brought a shitstorm into his fandom, but hopefully not so much into his personal life. ‘He’s not available anymore’. Oh, sweet people, don’t you get it? He never was. I don’t care what kind of relationship that is. I don’t care if I like his girlfriend or not. It’s none of my business to care.

I do care about these two photos side by side. They show this incredibly gifted actor, this really, really, ridiculously good looking guy being so very sweet to a fan when he doesn’t even have to. Three years between them, these pics. Now you think about that.