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Summer Soldier (P. 2)

Author’s Note: It seemed that you liked Summer Soldier and as you’ve asked, there you are. I hope you all like it. As I said in another fic, I’m creating a new tag list, so If you want to be added, tell me! Also, I’m just less than 10 followers away from 1,000! I might do something to celebrate it!

Warnings: Unprotected sex (Wrap it before you tap it), Oral sex (F receiving), Spanking, Language,

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Words: 2,068

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After what happened in the pool, you decided to spent the rest of the day with the girls. Yet, you regreted it. Wanda and Natasha didn’t stop to tease you, babbling about Bucky and you.

“Okay, enough. Enough” you said and they stopped giggling, changing the topic. Soon you felt yourself relaxing and joining the conversation. The boys were on the other side, laughing.

“Okay, I say you’re not worthy” Sam shouted and Natasha rolled her eyes.

“Oh, god, they are gonna try to lift Thor’s hammer again” 

You stood up and walked towards the bar, where Tony was trying to move it. Sam and the rest of they boys were cheering him up, but he abandoned, his cheeks blushed. 

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Loki Catch-Up

How He Wakes You Up:

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Loki would accidentally wake you up while he practices his magic in another room. He would knock something off a table or accidentally break some dishes as he tries to make breakfast the cheater way. He would always look frustrated because he woke you up while trying to be quiet in order not to wake you.

Date Nights:

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Date nights meant relaxation for the two of you no matter when you had them. You would always stay in and watch movies while eating some takeout. You made it a goal to watch a different movie every time and to always try out new restaurants. The only time movies weren’t new or different would be around Christmas and Halloween because come on you have to stick to traditions which for Christmas also included drinking a cup of hot chocolate filled with marshmallows and topped with whipped cream.

Missions & Babies:

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Loki was going back to Asgard for a week while you stayed on Midgard with your newborn baby. He was visibly upset about having to leave his baby but the second he heard her giggle at him he knew that all would be well. He knew that he could come visit often which greatly helped you in convincing him to actually go back home and do what he had to get done.


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When you finally got Loki to relax and have a staycation you would pull harmless pranks together. You were a big fan of pranks so the two of you would often sneak away and plan tricks to pull on the other avengers in the tower. One time you even pranked Thor by replacing all of his poptarts with slices of plain bread. It was a lame prank but made the two of you smile and laugh anyway.

Lightening In Their Eyes

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Could you please do a smutty fic where Thor and the reader are in an established relationship but haven’t had sex yet? And at one of Tony’s parties she shows up in a short, backless dress and is being really touchy feely all night and she leaves a bit early but when he goes back to his room she’s waiting for him. Thanks!

I’m so sorry this took me so long and I’m sorry if you don’t like it but I did my best. 

Word Count: 1863

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    You sighed for the fifteenth time as you wiped away another black line, of all the nights your eyeliner could have a mind of its own tonight was not the night. Growling you threw the tube behind you and waited for it to hit the wall behind you, only to see a slender hand catch it in mid air.    

       You scowled but it gave way to a chuckle as Natasha stepped in the room dressed to the nines with a smirk on her face. God she looks perfect. Her red hair was curled elegantly and pinned back, her makeup was basic yet striking. And to top it off she wore a sexy emerald green cocktail dress that made you even regret looking at chocolate cake.

     “For godsake Nat I’m an assassin. I can kill a man with my bare hands and de-arm a bomb. I should be able to draw a fucking line.” Natasha smiled and sat beside you, pulling you closer she opened the devil tube and in less than a minute you had perfect winged eyes. 

     “You know I still beat your highscore in the new training simulator.” Yet your subtle jab at humor went unnoticed as Natasha’s eyes hardened and serious.     

 “Okay hotshot what’s going on? It’s just eyeliner, what’s got you so worked up?” You sighed and tousled your straightened hair. Tonight needed to be perfect.

       “Oh my god tonight’s the night isn’t it, you and the god of thunder are finally gonna…?” She wiggled her eyebrows at you, growling you dropped your head into your hands. You felt like a complete idiot as you played with the fringe on the hem of your dress. You had seen it the window of a shop in manhattan and you had to have it. The dress looked like something out of the great gatsby with the fringe and swarovski crystals. You didn’t normally spend a lot of money on such trivial things but you figured what the hell.

     “I know it’s been a long time but you haven’t forgotten how-”

     “Dammit Natasha that’s not the point he’s a god! And I’m me and I’m human and I’m gonna disappoint him!” Sighing you fell back onto your unmade bed and stared up at the ceiling as the silence roared in your ears. Looking up you couldn’t believe your eyes Natasha was fuming you nearly jumped out of your skin when she pulled you off your bed.

      “When the hell did you turn into a fucking teenage girl? You are the Blue Lotus you’ve helped take down hydra, an egomaniacal god, and you work with Tony Stark on a daily basis, a feat might I add that I can’t even manage. You cannot disappointed it’s not in you.” With that she pushed you out the door.

      “Now go down there and get some asgardian tail.” You laughed but she was right. You are a goddess in your own right and you needed to start acting like it.  Standing a little straighter you walked down the stairs and were surprised by the lack of people. Tony was known for his lavish parties yet the living room held only the team, Nick Fury, and a few other S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

      Some soft swing music was playing over the surround sound as everyone chatted. You headed over to the bar where Bruce was serving drinks. He had popped back up on the radar a couple months back, nobody really knew what had happened while he was gone. He refused to talk about but he seemed happier.

       “Have I stepped into an alternate dimension?” You asked while Bruce just smiled and set your usual Jack and Coke in front of you.

     “It’s crazy right but Tony said it was just family tonight, said he had some big news.” Big news with Tony had a fifty-fifty chance of being disastrous. Before you could ask anything else Bruce’s face lit up and you knew that you had just lost him to Natasha for the rest of the night. Shaking your head you sipped your drink and leaned you back against the bar so you could watch your family, a family you never thought you would have. Bruce, Tony, Natasha and Pepper were talking while Sam and Scott were making fun of Steve and Bucky’s taste in music. You could see the way everyone tensed when Tony caught sight of Bucky but it quickly turned into an unsettling feeling.  Everyone was still trying to figure out how to handle Bucky’s history with the Starks.  

    “You look beautiful tonight my elska.” Goosebumps covered your skin at the sound of Thor’s deep voice and his hot breath on your cool skin. Taking a breath to try and calm your rapid heart you moved so your back was pressed against his chest while his arms formed a vice around your waist. 

    “Well it’s a special occasion.” You purred seductively, you could feel the confusion emanating from him.

      “And what is today drottningin min?” He pressed a gentle kiss to your bare shoulder as his hands slid to your hips. You had no idea what he was saying but anytime Thor spoke asgardian it turned you on, yet you fought through the lust driven haze, you were in the mood to play tonight. Freeing yourself from him you took a few steps away to fully clear your brain, you looked over your shoulder at him and smiled.   

  “You’ll just have to wait and see after Tony’s announcement.” You gave a sly wink before taking a seat next to Natasha who was drinking with Clint, both were grinning ear to ear after witnessing the encounter . You smiled and squeezed her hand a silent promise that you would tell all later.

     The next few hours passed by agonizingly slow with heated looks and feather light touches that left trails of fire on each others skin. Not a word was said but his eyes never seemed to leave you. His intense stare was starting to break your resolve, you sent up a silent prayer when Tony and Pepper finally took their place at the makeshift stage.

      “Thank you all for coming tonight, I know you’re all very busy, but I pay for all the cool toys so you owe me.” You couldn’t help but chuckle as Steve glared at Tony.

     “But I wanted my family here tonight and no matter how screwed up we all are I consider every person in this room family…” Smiling at Pepper Tony took her hand and placed a kiss on her palm.

    “So I am very proud to announce a new addition to our crazy family.” As the words left his mouth a huge picture of an ultrasound blew up behind the too. The room erupted with cheers and applause as they crowded to get a better look at the tiny stark. Taking this opportunity you sent a very unsubtle wink at Thor and made an escape to Thor’s room knowing he was hot on your heels. 

    When you finally reached the room you kicked off your heels, then stripped off the little black dress. You did this until you had a nice little trail from the door to the massive bed in the middle of the room. As soon as you had settled yourself under the silk sheets you could feel electricity sizzle in the air. Your heart started to race as Thor’s bronze chest was illuminated by the moonlight from the floor to ceiling windows. Biting your lip you let the sheet fall from your hands and your nipples hardened when your hot skin was exposed to the air. Within a second Thor was on the bed with his lips against yours. You moaned when you got a taste of him, he didn’t really like human alcohol so he kept a flask of asgardian liquor with him, the taste was a mixture of mint and something sweet yet you could never figure out what it was.

     Lacking oxygen Thor broke the kiss and tangled his hand in your hair until he had a good grip then he pulled back exposing your neck. He trailed kisses from your jawline to your collarbone. Untangling his hand from your hair he trailed his kisses lower settling at your breasts. Now it was your turn to pull hair as his lip latched onto your nipple. With a loud pop he released your breast and smiled up at you before moving to your other breast. You ground your hips into the bed to try and alleviate the pressure building within you.

     “God Thor please I nee-.” Replacing his mouth with his hand his lips silenced you while his other hand moved to the inside of your thigh. Your body trembled as his fingers traced patterns in your thigh and his tongue explored your mouth. When his fingers moved up and grazed your clit your body jerked against him. Sensing your need he went back to tracing patterns but you were to your limit with games. Snaking your arms around his waist you used his weight against himself and flipped him onto his back. You could feel his erection against your thigh and you couldn’t help but groan you needed this man and you needed him now. With one hand tangled in his hair you used the other to grip his cock his body tensed and he pulled back his blue eyes burning holes into your Y/C/E eyes. 

   “Are you sure you want this my elska?” You smiled wickedly as you lifted yourself up and took all of his cock. You both moaned as you adjusted to each other after a few minutes you began to wiggle a little letting him know you were ready. His hands settled on your hips for leverage as he began pumping into you. You met him stroke for stroke but his stamina was far greater than yours. Within minutes you were screaming Thor’s name you didn’t care if all of New York heard you. Taking charge Thor flipped you onto your stomach and continued to thrust into you only increasing your pleasure when his hands tightened on your hips you knew he was close. 

      “Thor please fuck me please!” Dirty talk was one of Thor’s favorite things and with one final thrust he screamed your name and lightning crashed outside the windows. And from what you could tell it had blacked out most of the upper east side. Falling onto the bed you were both panting as the sweat dried on your bodies. Thor’s arms had loosened some so you were able to turn and face him. His blue eyes were soft as he pushed a piece of hair away from your face.   

   “I love you.” You almost whispered he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before mutter something in asgardian. Settling into his arms you yawned.    

    “What does that mean?” Your eyes were heavy and his scent was so calming. You couldn’t stay awake anymore.Thor looked down at the woman in his arms and smiled. Placing another kiss on her head he pulled her closer.    

 “It means will you marry me?”    


elska= love

drottningin min= my queen


Y’all, I needed this in my existence.

Not that I even ship SamCap x LadyThor–like, seriously, I don’t. But these four pages blessed my heart.

1) The mounting White Tears over poor Steve Rogers and Thor Odinson being replaced, respectively as Captain America and Thor; the writers don’t think that foolishness is cute. At all. And every time they mention that little running gag, they are MOCKING the butthurt fanboys who simply refuse to enjoy a new, different-looking face in the hero seat. And it does my soul good.

2) Thor handled that like a bona-fide boss. It wasn’t some cute, blushing kiss, like some goofy tittering fairy, nor was it a dirty, sloppy affair like some two-bit, trashy femme-fatale seductress. This is genuinely a lady enjoying herself, and feeling more than confident enough to acknowledge that she thinks Sam Wilson is attractive. In turn, Sam was attracted not only (or even primarily) to Thor’s beauty, but her adventurous spirit, and the strength of her self-assurance.

3) The obvious, because as a Black man, it feels sometimes like Blackness is most often seen through this lens of ugly, dark, mean and scary. It’s nice to see the Black guy viewed as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ or worthy of flirtation (even though I’d much rather see Sam Wilson shipped with Misty Knight).

[All-New, All-Different Avengers #4]

So, I work in a comic store.

Today, TWO people came in, and complained about how Marvel is “ruining everything,” and cited “making” Wolverine and Thor into females as examples.

I politely pointed out that BOTH the mantles of Thor and Wolverine had been taken over before – Thor had been replaced by Eric Masterson for years, and had also been replaced by Beta Ray Bill, who is a FREAKING SPACE HORSE. Wolverine was replaced much more recently, when his illegitimate son, Daken, became the Dark Wolverine on Norman Osborne’s Dark Avengers. And at least Logan is dead this time. They both agreed that all of those changes were acceptable, but “makin’ Wolverine a female? C’mon!”

And when the conversation shifted to Captain America, both of them hated that Sam Wilson had taken up the mantle – They were both fine with John Walker (now the USAgent) taking over as Captain America in the 80s, and Bucky/Winter Soldier taking over after Civil War. One of them even said, “Bucky  makes sense, ‘cuz he was Cap’s sidekick, and he got promoted.” But when I pointed out that Falcon was ALSO a sidekick of Cap – So much so that at a time the book was retitled to “Captain America and Falcon,” neither was having it.

(In fairness, one guy said that he liked Falcon, he just didn’t like that Sam switched codenames. I disagree, but I can respect that opinion.)

The best, though, was when the new-guy-in-training came over and gushed about how much he loved Miles Morales. “When you’re a mixed-race kid like me? Getting to see myself as my favorite super-hero made him THAT MUCH COOLER!” I thanked new guy, afterwards.

“So it’s like people want to see themselves represented in their heroes, huh?” I said, half-sincerely, half-smarmily.

The WORST part is, the guys wouldn’t even TRY to buy the comics. They just decided that the change was stupid, and they were going to be stubborn and remain ignorant of stories that are actually pretty cool.

Sorry, old white dudes. You had your turn as being almost every fucking superhero for the last 75 years. It’s time to let some other people enjoy the hobby. You just keep collecting your overpriced back issues.

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Hi! For the Bucky-fest, I was hoping for something with Bucky and Izzy in the "Hawkeye and Anklebiter" 'verse. If you don't feel like writing in a 'verse that would feel strange for you, feel free to ignore this request. I just think a piece of day-to-day life (What happens after Izzy comes back from school having learned about biology and nervous systems? Many, MANY young girls idolize boybands, what does Bucky do when Izzy happens on a preteen crush on a boyband "bad boy"?) would be fun!

Aw, I love Bucky and Izzy. I went for something a little younger, hope that’s ok…

Title: Tea And Superheroes
Rating: G
Summary: Nothing can shake Izzy’s faith in the superhero Bucky Barnes.  

Clint had done his best, when Izzy was small, to shelter her from the realities of his life, and when he joined the Avengers he tried to keep it up, but the older Izzy got, the damn cleverer she became, and he just couldn’t hide everything. 

Especially the action figures.

Good Christ, the action figures. 

Tony, damn him, had put all of their likenesses under his protection and licensed them appropriately, and thus Tony was the one who got big boxes of merch every time some new marketing venture took place. Fury had sent Izzy one of the very first Hawkeye action figures as a birthday gift, but since then, thanks to Tony, her collection had grown extensively. She liked to set them all up at one of her dolly tables like some kind of deranged Last Supper, serve them tea, and make them pretend to have argument with each other over who got to save the My Little Ponies. 

“How come you don’t have an action figure?” she asked Bucky one day, after she’d hijacked him into having “tea” with her. He spread some almond butter on a cracker and offered it to her.

“Because I’m not a superhero,” he said, his voice neutral. 

“Izzy, leave Buck alone,” Clint called from the kitchen.

“She’s fine, Barton,” Bucky called back.

“You are so,” Izzy argued, getting up from the table. 

“Iz, where are you going?" 

"Just to the bookshelf, Poppa,” she replied, standing on her toes to take down one of the books. She carried it back to Bucky and presented it to him. 

It was a pictoral history of Captain America, one of Phil’s books, and it was, Clint had to admit, chock-full of Steve looking heroic and Bucky in the background looking amused. 

“See, there’s Steve, and there’s you, and that says heroes,” Izzy said with the air of a lawyer during closing arguments.

"Well, I’m unemployed right now,” Bucky said, with what Clint recognized as his driest smile. 

“Are you gonna be a hero again?”

“Maybe one day,” he said, offering her another cracker. 

“But who’s looking after Steve?” she asked.

“Hey, it takes your Poppa and Auntie Natasha and Bruce and Tony and Thor to replace me,” Bucky said. “Steve’s just fine.” 

Izzy looked sullen. “You do it better. The book says so.”

"Thank you, zaichik,” Bucky said. “But I don’t do it right now." 

"I’m gonna be a superhero when I grow up,” Izzy said.

“No you aren’t!” Clint called.

“I am so, Poppa!”

“Not if I have any say in it!" 

I’m gonna be a superhero in space,” Izzy confided to Bucky in Russian. “You can be my sidekick if you want.”

It would be my pleasure,” Bucky replied. “Clint, you’re going to have to tie her to some heavy furniture.”

"That can be arranged!”

It’s okay, I’ll come break you out,” Bucky whispered. Izzy beamed and hugged him, smearing almond butter in his hair. 

RIP Fantastic Four Artist Paul Ryan, 1949-2016

I was very, very saddened to hear that one of the artists on my favorite comic of all time, Fantastic Four, Paul Ryan, passed on yesterday (no relation to the current Speaker of the House). I would, without hesitation, number Paul Ryan in the top five Fantastic Four artists of all time, alongside  Byrne, Weiringo, Carlos Pacheco, and (of course) the legendary Kirby/Sinnott team.

Now, let me be clear: Paul Ryan did art on Fantastic Four during the 1990s, with Tom de Falco and others, maybe one of Fantastic Four’s most forgettable, “treading water” eras, what TV Tropes calls a “Dork Age.” He was the artist on some of the collectible hologram foil covers, a concept so marketing driven, so douchey and cash-grab cynical that it makes my fists tighten thinking about it. He was the artist working on Fantastic Four when the Thing started wearing a helmet after a guest-appearance with Wolverine scarred him terribly. His most notable stories were the fake-out over Reed Richards’s death at the hands of Doctor Doom (a death done for cynical attention in the era when Superman’s death was the event of the year), and the reveal that the Alicia who married Johnny Storm was, and always had been, a Skrull shapeshifter spy. He is infamous for creating the Invisible Woman’s skin-showing outfit with the “cleavage four.”

In short, Paul Ryan worked on FF at the nadir of the existence of the “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine.” That sobriquet only made sense if you were being sarcastic. 

I came to praise Paul Ryan, though. And here is what made Paul Ryan special, and what makes him one of my top five FF artists of all time: he did amazing work, he drew cleanly, correctly, heroically. His layouts were superb, his men and women handsome and beautiful and showed inner nobility. His art made Fantastic Four feel classical and grandiose. He even gave Namor’s ill-advised ponytail some heroic dignity. He had the classic Marvel energy of Bob Layton and the detail of George Perez. In an era full of EXTREME art that emphasized absurd, impossible anatomy, he kept it old-school cool. Sue Storm may have had a cleavage-four, but she never had a Liefeldian rubber spine. Never was there a greater contrast between the goofiness of his subjects and the skill he had designing them.

Paul Ryan is my hero because Paul Ryan drew his heart out in a time when no one cared what he was doing.

He reminds me of Rik Levins on Captain America, who’s incredible, old-school art skills were spent on a decadent era that isn’t fondly remembered, stories like the Superia Stratagem and the Cap-Wolf arc. There’s a certain injustice in the fact that because their great classic art was spent on less than classic era, it is extremely unlikely his art will ever be reprinted and he will ever be rediscovered.

To fully understand  the situation Paul Ryan’s Fantastic Four was in, which makes his determination to be the best artist he can be all the more stubbornly noble, you have to remember that while Marvel may currently be the white-hot epicenter of pop culture and entertainment, in the early 1990s, Marvel were seen as has-beens, just like stodgy, square DC had been when Marvel burst onto the scene.

In the early 1990s, the company where everything happened was Image, which had Marvel’s most popular artists, though not necessarily their best. Image had energy and novelty. It had youth and coolness on its side. Image Comics sold by the millions, which is absurd even for bestselling novels and slick magazines.

This is unthinkable to consider now, but the Avengers, Fantastic Four, what today we would call the “core Marvel Universe,” was sidelined and peripheral. The classic characters felt stodgy, lame. The only two books that kept white-hot heat were Spider-Man and the edgy, cool X-Men, who provided the template for nearly every Image character. The core Marvel heroes who are today unstoppable merch juggernauts were sidelined and replaced with more aggressive protoges, driven more by vengeance .  Thunderstrike replaced Thor, War Machine replaced Iron Man, aggressive superpatriot US Agent replaced Captain America.

God, can you even imagine this? Today, a million suburban soccer moms have a thing for Chris Evans’s Captain America, but in the early 1990s, he was an afterthought.

In the middle of all of this, Fantastic Four, which was coasting on momentum from John Byrne’s multi-year run and Englehart and Walt Simonson’s great work that followed, was an afterthought. It was a square comic that dealt with outer space.

But here’s a question a lot of people haven’t asked: was Fantastic Four at this time all that bad?

Take for instance, the one thing everyone remembers from this era of FF, Sue Storm’s 4-cleavage costume.

People go after it as a pointless miscalculation, which shows they weren’t really reading FF at this time. Sue Storm wore this outfit for an in-story reason that was far from gratuitous: after an encounter with Psycho Man, there was a slow burn subplot where Sue started to feel her evil personality, Malice, start to come out in her everyday life. The fact the outfit didn’t feel right was the whole point: it was meant to be a sign something wasn’t right. This is not obvious if you just collect the Marvel Trading Cards or read team ups, where it just looks like a schlocky choice.

Even Reed’s death, cheesy as it was, allowed for the characters to flex their muscles in a new situation. Susan Storm became leader, and even attempted to rekindle her romance with the Submariner. The trouble with FF is, because the roster never changes, it’s difficult to see characters in different situations.

I’m not saying this era was good or even great, but I am saying that because of the strength of the central concept, Fantastic Four is nearly always readable, something I can’t say for every comic.

In the end, the greatest compliment I can give to Paul Ryan is this: he’s the artist who made me want to be one myself.

If we can learn only one thing from Paul Ryan’s Fantastic Four, it is this: just because everything around you is bad is no excuse for you to be bad.

In the wake of Image Comics, there were a dozen Liefeld imitators all over comics. None of them really worked much when the decade came to a close. Which is why it didn’t surprise me in the least that Paul Ryan continued to get work in a medium very suited to his talents: the Sunday Phantom strips. Quality always rises to the top, coolness and edge never has the longevity of classic sophistication, and there will always be work for talented artists. Paul Ryan will be missed. @fantasticfourforever, @dailyfantastic

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Thorki, 8

8. A Love Bite

“Stop that.” Loki admonished as two strong arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him flush against a broad chest. “We are already late for the feast.”

“Mhmm.” Thor mumbled noncommittally, but made no move to step back and release his hold on Loki. Instead, he nuzzled against Loki’s cheek, his beard scraping lightly the soft skin of Loki’s face, sending a light shiver down Loki’s spine. “It would be a shame to miss it.”

The words were more breathed than said against the shell of Loki’s ear, the warmth of Thor’s breath and the barest scrape of teeth against his earlobe heating up Loki’s blood, and drawing yet another shudder from his body.

“I am not jesting, Thor.” Loki tried again, but his voice came out far too breathless to be taken seriously. It made Loki grit his teeth in annoyance. But he still made no move to extract himself out of Thor’s hold. If anything, he tilted his head to the side, allowing Thor better access to his neck. Thor seized the opportunity immediately, his lips sliding soft but demanding down Loki’s jawline. “We need to leave.”

Loki could actually feel Thor’s grin against his neck. “Are you certain?” He teased, his voice low and sultry, going straight to Loki’s groin. “You could come up with an excuse for father to explain our absence.”  

For all his obtuseness, Thor had this infuriating habit of being damnably perceptive when Loki wanted it the least. He also seemed to know Loki’s body in a way that was as unsettling as it was pleasurable. A barest touch and a whispered word, or a heated look, and Loki’s heart rate increased and his breathing turned shallow. Thor, the damned bastard, knew this. Knew this, and used it often.

It was annoying and inconvenient, and it left a bitter aftertaste in Loki’s mouth. It also frightened him, down to his very core. Thor had too much power over him. Possibly more than even his arrogant, self-assured brother suspected. It was not a little tiring and frustrating, the constant struggle to keep up with his older brother in the eyes of their father, in the eyes of Asgard, only to watch helplessly as the distance between them grew more each day. To melt at the simplest of Thor’s touches, well, it added another level of pathetic to a relationship that was all but equal.

“No.” Loki said, voice even and stern, despite the distracting slide of Thor’s lips down his neck. “I will not lie to father simply because you have no self-”

His words dissolved into a surprised gasp when Thor replaced his lips with teeth, turning the kiss into a bite.

“You fool.” Loki hissed, extracting himself out of Thor’s hold with more force than necessary. He knew, of course, that he would have never been able to break out of Thor’s hold without Thor allowing him to do so. He threw a glare at his brother, who returned it levelly, looking utterly unperturbed and far, far too smug.

Swallowing a curse, Loki conjured up a small mirror to examine the latest idiocy his fool of a brother deemed a clever idea, frowning at the red marks Thor’s teeth have left on his neck, just over the collar of Loki’s ceremonial armour.

Loki’s eyes narrowed and he sent another glare Thor’s way. Subtle Thor was not, but if the satisfied glint in Thor’s eyes was any indication, subtlety was not what Thor was aiming for.

Releasing a deep breath, Loki raised his hand toward the bite mark, the words of a spell already ready on his lips, when he felt fingers wrap around his wrist, the hold gentle but firm.

“Do not.” Thor demanded hotly. Then, at the narrowing of Loki’s eyes, he added in a softer voice: “Please, brother.”

“I am not your property, Thor.” Loki forced through gritted teeth, trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice, and failing miserably. “You can have all you wish, you can leave marks upon my flesh, but I am not yours.”

Thor’s eyes darkened, turning grey, the color of the sky before the storm. “Yes, you are.” Thor said, low and fierce. Fury rose in Loki’s chest, robbing him of words for a brief moment and allowing Thor to continue in the same tone of voice: “As I am yours. Until the day I draw my final breath.”

With that, Thor released Loki’s wrist and took a step back, waiting.

Loki’s eyes widened and his breath caught in his throat as his heart beat a wild rhythm against his breastbone.

Loki’s fingers trembled against the marks on his neck, his eyes locked helplessly on Thor’s as he waged internal war with two equally strong impulses. To go against Thor’s wishes and gain some ground for himself, or allow himself to believe, if only for a moment, Thor’s words to be true.

Loki knew well what he should do, but the knowledge did not stop him from lowering his hand and stepping forward. Toward Thor.  

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Thorki + 23

23. A sexy touch in a not necessarily sexy place

The battle is over but they are both breathing harshly, filled with unspent energy. It was an ambush and it shocked them, speeding up their hearts and filling their thoughts with the worst kinds of murderous expectations. In the end, they felled their attackers rather easily; perhaps too easily. Either there is yet another attack coming or they have been severely underestimated – a mistake which they themselves didn’t repeat, slaying their enemies with brutal strength.

Thor gulps down air and looks around, eyes scanning the darkened landscape. It seems quiet, but then again, so it did before they were jumped upon.

“I sense no presence,” Loki says eventually and Thor turns to him just in time to see the unnatural flash of bright green fade from his eyes. A spell, then, to make certain. Thor relaxes slightly, but his eyes remain upon his brother. There is a smattering of blood on Loki’s cheek, standing in stark contrast to his pale skin. Thor looks away, certain that he is too covered in cooling blood of those who though they were a match to the sons of Odin.

They heap the corpses onto a pile and move away, walking for more than an hour before they choose a spot to make a new camp, away from the rot.

The blood is still there when they settle on the ground to sleep and Thor can’t bear it anymore. He wets his thumb with spit and reaches out to rub it away. Loki’s skin is soft underneath his touch, but tainted and roughened by the drying blood and Thor presses on, trying to rid Loki of the offence. He is so focused on the task he doesn’t notice Loki watching him at first, but when he does, his breath is driven from his lungs. Loki’s eyes are glowing again but this time, it’s no spell.

It’s… does Thor dare name it? Aye, he does.

It’s desire.

He wipes off the last speckle and rubs his fingers against the grass before, hesitantly, bringing them back to Loki’s face, tracing his cheeks and then his lips.

Perhaps this was the attackers’ ultimate plan – to drive them into madness, Thor thinks as he replaces his fingers with his lips.

If so, then it certainly worked.