thor's hammer

Viking Thor’s Hammer Pendant, 10th Century AD

Silver pendant in the shape of a stylized hammer. The obverse side engraved with interlaced bands. The suspension ring in the shape of an eagle’s head. Rare evidence of the veneration of Norse gods from the early period of Christianization.

To those who have been telling me that Natasha Romanoff isn't worthy to pick up Thor's hammer:

Okay, I would like to clear one thing up (because A LOT of people have been saying Natasha isn’t worthy).

The hammer looks at your intentions. If you’re pure of heart. It doesn’t look at your past.
Remember when Thor couldn’t pick it up in “The Avengers”? It was because his intention wasn’t to go back and help the Avengers. His heart wasn’t in the right place. Only when he decided he would help did the hammer go to him. Or in “Thor” when he found it, but couldn’t pick it up? It was because his heart was still heart, and his intentions selfish. Only when he changed was he accepted.
We have seen that Natasha has good intentions. In “CA:TWS” she made the sacrifice play - she put all her past, all her secrets, all her sins online for the world to see. She knew it would mean assassins and people of power would hunt her down, countries would demand they turn her over for execution or inprisonment, that she would constantly have to look over her shoulder. But she did it anyway, because the world was more important then herself. That is good intentions and a pure heart.

Yes, Natasha has killed people, but NONE of the Avengers are innocent. And the hammer doesn’t judge someone by their past.

Thor use to be a war-loving, immature prince. He put the lives of his friends and his people in danger by attacking the Frost Giants. They weren’t at war, but he was bored and short-tempered. He killed innocent Frost Giants and started a war.

Tony Stark was a weapons dealer. He sold dangerous ammunition to bad people. We saw proof of that in “Iron Man”, and we heard the story of what his missiles did to the Maximoffs in “Age of Ultron”.

Bruce Banner was a mad scientist. He played and experimented with dangerous chemicals. He put people’s lives in jeopardy for a chance to make science’s next big discovery - or re-discovery. And as the Hulk, he hurts people; sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, sometimes by destroying their homes.

Steve Rogers was a soldier. Yes, he was always been pretty morally good, but even the First Avenger has blood on his hands. He killed Hydra agents, and opposing military forces. That was his job.

Clint Barton is an assassin. His job is to kill people for a living. He dedicated his life to S.H.I.E.L.D. and that means selling his soul to keep people safe. He was sent to kill Natasha, and countless others because that is what he does.

(I would just like to state that I LOVE all the guys mentioned above, but that doesn’t change the fact that none of them are innocent.) The whole point of the Avengers is that none of them were strictly good or pure in the beginning, but that anyone can change their ways. Even Natasha, a girl who was trained from when she was a child to be an assassin.

She is trying to go straight. She would risk her life for her teammates, and innocent people (see: “CA:TWS). She tries to atone for the blood on her hands (see: "The Avengers”). She commits to doing the thing that is best for everyone, even if she has to destroy herself in the process.

Natasha Romanoff is worthy because she is pure of heart, and that’s what the hammer looks for.