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I started reading the second Magnus Chase book by Rick Riordan (author of Percy Jackson) and was pleasantly surprised to find a character that is explicitly gender fluid and transgender (ofc they are a child of Loki).

But not only that, it appears (I’m only a little ways into it so I will report back later) that the main character has a crush on said trans character. These books are really popular, so I can’t tell you how awesome this is.

Imagine lifting Mjolnir at Tony's party

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An: I liked the idea that the hammer would be picked up by someone who believed they were unworthy, and it comes as a surprise to them. Sorry if this causes triggers, just wanted to warn you.

As you stepped forward for your turn, all eyes were on you.

It was so silent you could’ve heard a pin drop, which did not make anything better. You were against trying to do this as it was and all the attention was making things a hundred times worse.

It would mean that they would all see your failure.

You knew there was no way in hell you would ever be able to lift that hammer. You were horrible, pathetic, weak, broken …not worthy and not being able to pick up Mjolnir would just confirm what you already knew .

Out of all the people in the room you were the least likely to be able to lift it.

Taking hold of the leather grip, you took a breath. Well, lets get this over with you thought, then pulled with all your might. 

There was so much strength and force that you almost threw the hammer across the room by accident and would have if you hadn’t stopped just in time.

Shocked, you stared at Mjolnir for a second then looked at the stunned faces of the avengers around you, Thor most of all. 

“How did you do that?” Tony asked

“I don’t know. I shouldn’t have been able to.” you replied

“Well, it seems you are worthy” Thor’s deep voice rumbled

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You stared at Mjölnir, Thor’s precious hammer, memorising its ancient sigils as it dangled at Thor’s side. 

“It’s really awesome, Thor.” You said and finally looked up, a smile on your face. “Can I hold it?” 

He chuckled and put the hammer with a thud on the ground. “If you are worthy, [Y/N], then you shall lift Mjölnir.” 

With a brighter smile, you stood up and wrapped your fingers around the handel. The texture was cold, firm and soothing at the same time. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, before your arm moved upwards, lifting the hammer off the ground with no effort.  

“Oh shit, didn’t expect to lift that thing.” The words left your mouth in no time. “I have to show that Tony. He’ll be super pissed.” You grinned at Thor, whose facial expression turned into something that resembled confusion and disbelief.