thor x storm

When Tony set it up he thought what a great joke this would be: the god of thunder with the mutant who could control the weather, perhaps even rival Thor’s thunder and bring her own storm. 
As Tony toured the X-Mansion, stroking his chin in mock thought, Charles smiling at his side, he watched from the corner of his eye as Nat and Clint pushed Thor towards Ororo. 
“Guess what,” Clint grinned, “she can control the weather.”
“Oh.” Thor looked at the woman, her snow-white hair a stark contrast to the beautiful chocolate of her skin. “How exciting it is to finally meet another goddess.”
Clint choked and Nat chuckled. Tony and Charles shared a glance as they moved forward towards Charles’s office, leaving them to their game.
“I’m a mutant,” Ororo replied cordially, “not a goddess.”
“Oh,” Thor repeated, even more surprised than last. “You’d have me fooled.”
Thor chuckled nervously, his heart restless in his chest, and he looked behind him with an awkward, “Well…”, in search of his friends. To his horror, Nat and Clint were already walking further away from them down the hallway, a girl with a buzz-cut in between them, chatting as if they had not just left Thor to die – yes, even the god of thunder could be dramatic.
“Oh,” he said it again, as if it was his catch-phrase now, “they’ve just left.” He laughed uncomfortably as he looked towards Ororo, unable to quite meet her gaze.
“Would you like me to show you around?” Graciously, she gestured down the hallway. “Mr. Stark has gone with Charles, your friends with Ellie, and I fear they might be dead by the end of the day; I suppose it’s just you and me now.”
“Just… you and me.” Thor didn’t know whether to be elated at the chance of being alone with such a beautiful, powerful woman, or to be worried. Awkwardly, rocking on his heels, he smiled and nodded, “Wonderful. Lead the way, my lady.”
Ororo made a small noise, like a laugh, and yet almost like an amused scoff, before falling at his side and gesturing him to walk with her.
As they walked, they happened to pass Charles’s study, from where Tony peeked out from around the door with a sly grin.
Charles chuckled from inside and, when Tony returned, asked, “Has it been done? Are they alone?”
“Yes.” Tony rubbed his hands together in glee. “You know, when I came to admire your school and your work, I didn’t expect I’d be setting Thor up with one of your teachers.”
“Nor did I.” A smile spread across Charles’s face. “But I love this idea as much as you.”
“So,” Thor smiled down at Ororo, “where did you come from?”
“I was brought up in Harlem and Cairo,” Ororo answered. “My mother is a tribal princess from Kenya.”
“A princess.” Thor nodded. “I thought so.”
Ororo smiled. “What does that mean?”
“You have too regal an air not to be royalty.”
“Oh.” It was her turn now to be flushed. “Thank you.”
“You remind me a lot of my mother,” Thor continued, smiling into the distance, “she was as powerful as she was gentle; you’re a lot like that.”
“She sounds like quite the woman,” Ororo smiled. “I would love to meet her.” And she meant it; but Thor could not bring himself to say she was gone. It was nice to have another woman like her again by his side.
“Perhaps someday.” Thor looked down at his boots as they stopped at a large window. “Perhaps, I might take you– well, everyone, to Asgard. And as you have so kindly shown me your wonderful home, I might show you mine.”
Ororo nodded, averting her gaze from the expansive gardens beyond the window, to Thor’s face. The sunlight kissed her skin, brightening her eyes which crinkled ever so slightly when she smiled, and Thor’s heart faltered. “I’d like that very much.”

The next time they saw each other, was in battle. As Thor landed on the ground, the tar of the road cracking under his feet, his eyes found the flow of white hair in the air. He frowned, shocked, as Ororo flew into the beast, her eyes as white as her hair, lightning striking around her. The bolts of electricity danced around her form, licking in anticipation, and she shot them forth from her hands towards her enemies.
Thor’s breath caught in his throat. “She can fly?”
“Did I forget to tell you?” Clint asked, approaching, his bow in his hand. 
Tony landed at his side. “What a wonderful day to fight aliens, isn’t it boys and girls?”
A form of red and blue whizzed past, webs shooting forth from his wrists, and Thor just stared.
Tony called after the form, “Be careful, Peter.”
As soon as Tony was gone, flying after the spider-boy, Tony turned to Clint and asked, “Has Stark finally found his long lost son?”
“Huh?” Clint laughed. “Nah, that’s Peter, Tony’s protégé.”
“Ah, I just thought, since he is quite the playboy, he might have a small army of children we are not aware of.”
“I could say the same of you.” Before Thor could argue, Clint disappeared into the fray, a small whoop rising from his mouth.
Thor shook his head and whirled his hammer in his hand. He jumped into the air and flew forth, slamming into a beast and sent it to the ground. As he rose, his eyes met Ororo, who smiled down at him in recognition, floating above the ground, before returning to the fight. Thor watched her and sighed dreamily. What a woman, he thought. What a warrior.
“Oof!” The alien beast awoke from its daze and tackled Thor, in his own daze, to the ground. His hammer fell and skidded away from him. With his hands, Thor pushed at the beast, groaning as his muscles rippled and ached at the own might of the beast, but the god’s strength was unchallenged, and Thor threw the beast away. Ororo swept down and sent lightning from her fingers to the beast, and it lay still.
“Hi,” she smiled at Thor, gently landing on the ground at the beast’s side. 
“Hi,” Thor responded breathlessly. Quickly, he gestured to her and said, “Nice outfit.”
“Thank you,” Ororo looked down at herself, a little frown at her brow, but a smile on her lips.
Thor smiled awkwardly. “It’s very, um, badass. Like, ha,” he punched the air, “come at me, I will destroy you.”
Ororo nodded slowly, her smile never waning. “That is exactly what I was going for when I made it, thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
Clint ran past, cackling. “Ha, ha, you’re so bad at this!”
Nat ran after him. “Clint, you’re bleeding, come back!”
“No, I don’t trust you with a needle!”
Ororo laughed, the tension falling away from her all at once, her face softening, her chest heaving. Thor just watched, smiling as if in a dream; he was struck by how lovely mortals were, more so than even all the gods combined. Her hair spilled over her shoulders as she bent over. 
“You’re all so funny,” she whispered.
“Funny-good, or funny-bad?”
“The best.” She smiled up at him. “The greatest.”
“Call me Ororo.”
“Ororo.” It sounded wonderful on his tongue, as sweet and beautiful as she was. “If you’re free… if you want… I was wondering if, after this, you’d like to spend some time together… just us…”
With a tilt of her head, Ororo smiled sweetly at the god. “Like a date?”
An explosion lit up behind Thor, from which Tony flew up punching an alien, screaming, “Not my son, you bitch!”
Thor saw only Ororo. “Like a date.”
Ororo approached him slowly, their eyes never leaving the other’s. “I thought our walk through the mansion was our first little date.” She stepped closer. “This is our second.” She stepped closer. “Our next can be a little more normal, I think. What would you like to do, other than fight invading aliens?”
“I quite like ice cream,” he answered as breathless as ever.
“I like ice cream, too.”
“Oi, love birds!” Clint called from the sidewalk, Nat holding him down as she wrapped a cloth around his leg, Ellie - Negasonic Teenage Warhead, she would remind them often – waiting impatiently at their side. “There are aliens invading, kissy time can wait!”
Ororo laughed and looked back up at Thor. “You heard the man, kissy time can wait.”

“I like chocolate,” Thor said as they walked into the ice cream shop, the dirt and grime from the battle still clinging to her uniform, Thor’s armour, and their bodies.
“Oh?” Ororo smirked, but it was lost on the alien god.
“Yes, it’s my favourite.”
Ororo continued to smirk at him regardless of whether he understood the joke or not. The New-Yorker took their orders without even a trace of surprise on his face, as if it was just another normal day, just another pair of normal customers, but he did smile flirtatiously at Thor as he held out the chocolate ice cream, to which Ororo thought, I can’t blame you, I agree.
The two of them sat on the kerb, their ice creams melting, almost forgotten, in their hands, their laughter and smiles a distraction. 
And from atop the building behind them, Tony stood with his hands on his hips, a victorious smile at his lips, an “I did it. I told you so,” on constant repeat; Nat and Clint nodding in approval; Peter sitting at the edge of the building, kicking his feet back and forth over the edge, blurted out, “Mr. Stark, did you really call me your son?”
The god of thunder had fallen in love with the storm.


*List features both finished and upcoming works.

One Direction


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The Path Between Fanfic


Years ago highly trained operative Y/N has been a S.H.I.E.L.D agent since she was sixteen. As punishment for a op not by the book she is sent to babysit a prince. A simple job goes wrong when Russian soldier is sent to take her out. As the man with the metal arm pursues her things shift he now needs her help.After a month on the run and his memories back Bucky and Y/N are tracked down. Y/N escaped due to Bucky’s help but Bucky was captured wiped and refrozen. Seven years later Y/N is joining Maria Hill by working for Stark after the collaspe of S.H.I.E.L.D. Late one night a man is following her from a distance she turns to confront the man only to be confronted by a ghost from her past.

  1. The Path Between: An Unexpected Friend (Chapter 1)

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

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Where the Line Blurs Fanfic


When Y/N, a reformed mercenary who worked as a SHIELD operative, is asked to rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D. she has her own agenda, find the people who betrayed her and eliminate them. With a special request of Agent Coulson she teams up with an unsuspecting Steve Rodgers, who does not fully understand the lengths this newly emerged Hydra will go to. Y/N and Steve clash due to their different perspective to handle their enemies. With a few coveted secrets of her own Y/N begins to see the appeal Captain America has and opens up. However, when Y/N discovers a traitor nestling their way into the reborn S.H.I.E.L.D agency she brings the news to the attention Steve, Sam, Natasha and Clint only to discover that they believe she is the traitor. Y/N takes it upon herself to rid S.H.I.E.L.D of the last of Hydra so she returns to her mercenary identity to infiltrate Hyrda. As the spy game wears on the only thing to be called to question is where the line blurs while the war between corruption and freedom wears on.

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Luke Hemmings

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Michael Clifford

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anonymous asked:


Name: Gale Munroe-Thorsdottir

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Zendaya Coleman

Personality: Very goofy and always cracking jokes. But she’s quick to anger, and holds grudges.

Special Talents: Power over weather from a very early age (causes hurricanes and storms when upset.) She also inherited Thor’s strength other demi-god powers, along with her mother’s resistance to weather/temperatures and telepathy.

Who they like better: She thinks both of her parents are embarrassing, but she loves them both.

Who they take after more: Thor.

Personal Head canon: A major goal in her life is to get Wolverine to laugh. So far, no luck.

Aelin: Don’t worry, I have everything under control

Rowan: Is that why everything’s on fire?

Marvel Seven Minutes in Heaven

I was reading a few of these last night so I decided to create my own!!! There will be a smutty version at a fluffy one. Links with be at the bottom once they are posted :-) have fun!


Tony’s party was in full swing, Avengers, X-Men and even the fantastic Four where all squished into one room with others. Everyone was enjoying themselves and drinking, even you say at the bar with a drink in your hand. Half way through the night Tony clambered up on stage with a drink in his hand and took the microphone.
“Can I have everyone’s attention.” The music and chattering died down as all eyes went to Tony.
“Time for a party game!” He announced, and there was a collective groan around the room. There was only one game that Tony wanted to play at his parties. Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Tony grabbed a black velvet bag and started collecting items from everyone, coming to you last,
“You can go first, maybe you’ll get a boyfriend out of it.” He grinned.
“Screw you, Tony” you have him a sarcastic grin, reaching into the bag.

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if [s]he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

How was it at at the beginning of time, Odin only directed this magnificent power to male members? There were plenty of women that could possibly pick up Mjolnir right in Asgard. In Marvel’s history, several women have successfully lifted Thor’s hammer: Black Widow (as seen above),

Jane Foster, 




and if you want, you can include Wonder Woman.

Being that both genders have successfully lifted Mjolnir, the word “he” should officially be changed to “thee” on this mystical weapon.

I might be a little off my game but hopefully this is what you were looking for. I rather enjoyed writing the dialogue for this so I hope it suits the characters. This was requested by thegirlwiththeimpala so enjoy! I hope there was enough fluff for you - I decided to shake it up and not write a kissing scene. I think it would have been too out of place at this stage in their relationship but let me know your honest opinion, I appreciate the feedback.

Prompt: Can you do a oneshot were Steve and you are watching a movie together and fall asleep on the couch and the avengers (Tony and Nat!?) find you in the morning (cuddled up) and think it´s really sweet and taking a picture. When you and Steve see the photo you admit you like each other. Really fluffy. <3

“The Photograph” (Part 1)

“Well that film absolutely sucked.” Steve snorted as the credits began to roll. Kicking the blanket away with your feet, you heaved your legs off of his lap. The minute you did so, your calves missed the gentle touch of his hands which he had been resting atop the blanket.

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?” You giggled as you approached the DVD player.
“Yes, (y/n), it was. Frankly, the plot was predictable and the relationship between Reed and Susan was stale.” You rolled your eyes as the device spit the DVD tray back out, almost as if it was rejecting your “The Fantastic Four” DVD. You still didn’t understand why it was so disliked – you thought it was quite an enjoyable film.
“Oh, what would you know about love and all that jazz?” You laughed. You didn’t notice the way his eyes stared longingly at you in silent response to your question. Eventually, he was forced to say something else.
“Don’t even get me started on the actor who played the fire guy – what was his name? Johnny Storm? He was awful.”

“Well alright then, you can pick the next DVD if you like.” You replied. Having returned the disc to its case, you gestured to the small selection of films you had extracted from your ever-growing collection.
“(Y/n), it’s nearly midnight.” Steve pointed out with a smile that suggested he didn’t really care.
“I didn’t say we’d watch all of it… Even if we fall asleep here, I’m not letting up until you have watched a film you don’t complain after.”
Steve’s eyes pored over the films you had piled up on the coffee table in front of him – nothing really jumped out.
“Oh, I don’t know, why don’t you just choose?” He asked rhetorically.
“Because every time I do, I get a bloody monologue afterwards telling me why it’s such a crap film. Now pick something so I can’t be held responsible.” You demanded. Steve smirked at the authority that you were showing.
“Fine. That one.” He said, jutting out his index finger at a box halfway down the pile. Following the direction in which he was pointing, you saw the faces of Gary Sinise and John Malkovich looking back at you.

Of Mice and Men.

“Good choice.” You said before dealing with the disc. As the DVD whirred into action, you picked up the remote and returned to your position on the sofa, draping the thick blanket over your legs. Steve turned to you.
“What are you doing?”
“Well, when people place their asses on a surface and stay there it’s usually referred to as ‘sitting down’. Didn’t realise that was such a novelty in the 40s.” You muttered whilst adjusting the blanket. After playfully hitting you as punishment for your sarcasm, Steve explained.
“No shit Sherlock. I meant that you’ve moved further away.” He sighed. Without realising, you had indeed sat next on the seat next to him as opposed to how you’d initially sat – with your legs across his lap which he fondly stroked. He held up his arm so that you could crawl next to him and you obliged.

“I’ve read the book and I know how this ends – if it’s as sad as I remember then I’m going to need you here to comfort me.” He smiled wistfully.
“This coming from the man who fought Nazis-OW!” You yelped. Steve had pinched you in the rib to stop you being sarcastic.
“Bravery has nothing to do with sentimentality…” He chuckled. With your arms wrapped around his torso and your head on his chest, it was difficult for you to look up at him though it didn’t stop you from trying.
“Wow, that’s actually, surprisingly deep, Steve.” You giggled.
“I do have a brain, you know.”
“Really? Well, let me know if you ever fancy using it.”


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STORM VOL. 2 #5 (Prelude to “Bride of the Panther)

Teenaged Storm; the morning after making love for the very first with her first love: prince T’Challa, the future Black Panther.

hurricane // a Thor Odinson/Ororo Munroe fanmix


i. Holy Weather // Civil Twilight ii. Crashed (Remix) // Chris Daughtryiii. Washout // Bissen and The Crossover iv. Utopia // Within Temptationv. Lifeboats // Snow Patrol vi. Never Be The Same // Mark Shulz ft. Carrie Skipper vii. Violet Hill // Coldplay viii. Carnival of Rust // Poets of the Fall ix. Just the Way I’m Feeling // Feeder x. Certainty // Julian Vincent ft. Cathy Burton xi. Up In Flames // Colplay

Caught In the Rain // Revis