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Can you req me some dark!Tony fics? Thank you!

I now have sooooo many dark!Tony fics in my bookmarks alskhdfl and so many of them are explicit or mature aldhfasdf but that makes sense bc of the content, soooo

Going in an… order? Of least Dark!Tony to… definitely most Dark™

And then some bonus Dark Aesir Tony below these :>

  1. Love Is My Disaster- This was amazing, and just. It was fascinating.
    “Loki doesn’t plan to be denied. Tony doesn’t plan to deny him. Anything.” (official description bc it’s shooooort yay!)
    Explicit, No Warnings, 2 chapters, 4383 words
  2. Whispers in the Dark- A damn good fic, amazing, FEELS
    Loki is… kinda employed? by SHIELD and he and Tony are in a secret relationship, that was supposed to be no strings attached.
    Teen, No Warnings, 1 chapter, 2330 words
  3. Let’s Make a Deal-  Nice. A twist on other Dark!Tony fics.
    Tony and Loki strike a deal upon their first official meeting.
    Teen, No Warnings, 1 chapter, 528 words (yes, it is a short fic, but still thoroughly enjoyable)
  4. Mine and My Stuff- :> :> :> :> This is… p much just smut alkdhfa, but Dark!Tony is heavily applied to this, imo
    Tony is… possessive about his things. And the world is definitely his. And Loki might be too.
    Explicit, No Warnings, 2 chapters, 2186 words
  5. Entrapment and Allurement- Aaaa, this was a good one, and though Tony isn’t necessarily “””dark””” in here, the reason I have it halfway down the list is because of how he… reacts to something, I guess I could say.
    (Borrowing a line from the tags of this, because it describes it perfectly): Loki and Tony love each other and show it in the best ways.
  6. Avengers: Dark and Twisted- Noice
    Tony isn’t all he seems, and the Avengers finally realize some important facts.
    Mature, No Warnings, 1 chapter, 4973 words
  7. Pay me a visit, here on my throne.- Another of the first fics I read, and is anyone noticing a trend here? I am.
    Tony and Loki are… rather close allies (wink wink nudge nudge)
    Explicit, Creator chose no warnings, 1 chapter, 3613 words
  8. The Best Kind Of Surprises- Dark. V, v, v, dark. Serial killer dark.
    Loki looks to get rid of the Avengers, only to find that his job is already taken care of for him, courtesy of Tony. Warning: Lots of blood and gore, though not super vivid descriptions? But. It still is pretty prominent.
    Mature, Major Character Death, 4 chapters, 6395 words
  9. Avengers: A Deal With The Devil- Honestly the only reason this one beats out the previous rec is because of the sheer hatred emanating from Tony, along with the… violence. Lots of violence.
    Explicit, Graphic violence, 52/? chapters, 212359 words


  1. These Names of Gods and Science- Boi, this was like. The greatest read of my week.
    Loki and Tony are flirting frenemies, much like canon at this point aflasf
    Teen, Chose no warnings, 1 chapter, 1308 words
  2. Gods and Monsters- Short, but sweet.
    The penthouse goes a bit differently than the original.
    Teen, No warnings, 1 chapter, 1542 words

Marvel AU: After absorbing the Aether, Doctor Jane Foster finds herself in Asgard, where she meets the Lady Sif again. Despite the trying circumstances and the differences between them, they soon bond over their mutual struggles and strike up a friendship that begins to transform into something else as they spend more time together. Once Jane learns of the Aether’s true nature, she joins forces with Sif in a journey to rid herself of the gem and save the universe from the Dark Elves.

Action movie directors are so weird. They insist on having romantic subplots even though often they feel tacky and are in the middle of “too little time dedicated to make it believable/interesting” and “too much time to not get annoying”. Apparently because romance sells even if the movie is not genred as romance.

And, you know, to a degree it works; I watched Thor: The Dark World largely because of the romance between Thor and Jane, and that was what made me like Thor over time as well. While I often am a “slow realistic burn” romantic, sometimes I want to just be a “meant for each other, fated by destiny, together against all odds” romantic, and that was what the Fosterson ship was for me.

And then for the final instalment of the trilogy, after a movie where it was discussed that Thor should not be with Jane and Thor repeatedly fought for their relationship and Jane also showed that she missed him and cared for him, they throw her away and try to make me believe another woman will be as significant a love interest, just because she is “badass”.

And hey, if this had been hundreds of years later, or a new franchise, or they hadn’t spent an entire movie making Fosterson this “star-crossed lovers against all odds”, I might not have minded. But damn it, if you INSIST on having romance in your action movie, don’t make it so casual that you think it is as easy as just changing the love interest and nobody will notice/care; those that don’t notice/care didn’t need the romance subplot to be interested to begin with, and those that do notice and care will be put off.

I mean, I literally have no interest in watching this third movie because Jane Foster won’t be in it. She and her forbidden lovestory with Thor was what kept me interested despite my superhero fatigue. If they didn’t want her actor back, then that’s BS, but fine let us pretend that’s all right (it isn’t but let us pretend). Why can’t you just do it like in Avengers where they mention her often, at least? The new love interest can still be there, but either be platonic so they fill their “Strong Independent Woman” quota, or have her help Thor make a point that he will only love Jane till the day she dies, and Valkyrie respects that. (hint: this is why I am not a writer)

I guess I am just annoyed because I’ve seen some cool GIFs from the trailers, but I can’t be bothered to get interested in the movie because I was drawn to it by the romance and it’s no longer there. At least until somebody tells me the movie handles the break-up or new romance respectfully.
Unwitting Matchmaker - Chapter 5 - kipli - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 5/?
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
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Relationships: Loki/Tony Stark
Characters: Tony Stark, Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Clint Barton, Odin
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Post-Thor: The Dark World, Grief/Mourning, Fluff, Humor, Crushes, Sad hunk of muscles Thor, understanding Tony, Fanboy Tony, Pining, Work In Progress

AU set after Thor: The Dark World, Thor returns to Avengers Tower to find solace after his mother and brother’s deaths. Only, no one but Tony Stark will listen to his stories of Loki’s bravery. Stories that soon leave Tony with a mild crush on a dead guy. A heartbroken Thor eventually seeks closure by looking for Loki’s body, only to discover he still lives. WIP
Between Thunder and the Dark - darklittlestories - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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For @raven-brings-light. Dear one, you deserve all joys and celebrations today. (I hate that it’s been a bumpy start.) I hope some Ragnarok speculative storyweaving is a little brightening thing. I wish now I had written some fluffy honey but I hope some fraught drama is still enjoyable.

I’m so happy we’ve met and I’ll never stop gushing about how much you’ve improved my writing. You’ve given me new tools to see storycrafting and I don’t know how to begin repaying that gift.

And more thanks (so much) to @chrisshemsworth for beta reading and hand holding<3

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Big love to you, Raven! 

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A walk down the memory lane, and the adorable OTPs that came out of MCU’s vault. 
Steve & Bucky, Thor & Loki (this is a photo manip found online) and the most recent twisted chemistry between Stark and Ultron. Sad thing is Marvel Studio boss has also confirmed that besides Quicksilver being 100% dead, totally dead, not coming back kinda dead, Ultron too will never get a LMD or retcon.
Between Thunder and the Dark - darklittlestories - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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New chapter! I LOVE this one because I got to share a nerdy thing about translating a word from Old Norse that rocked my fucking world but I HAD to save it for a story. 


“Oh, Ymir’s balls,” Loki says. “We’d best get this done quickly.” He opens space in the now-familiar gesture, and two flasks appear. Loki tucks the golden one into his complicated clothing and takes a deep drink from the silver. He sneers just a bit, blinking rapidly.

“Dwarf made liquor. Tastes like acid and piss.” He offers it to Thor, twisting a hand in the air and freeing Thor’s right hand.

“Norns, will I need it? What are we doing, Loki?”

Loki laughs then, a mad, unhinged giggle. “I think it’s better you don’t know just yet.” He pulls an even worse face as he takes another drink.

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so I was making a gifset with some thor’s speaking lines and i keep coming back to this

I think this moment gets lost a bit because that scene is so quick and we go right on to more revealing arguments and fighting, but this is so interesting, especially when you look back at the very start of the movie where Thor and Loki talk about Jotunheim and Loki tries - and mostly succeeds of course, with the only glitch in his plan being that he is dragged along - to manipulate Thor into going there, then the scene when Thor is captured by SHIELD and Loki comes to him, telling lies about Odin’s death and about what Frigga said.. it’s generally made to seem like Thor has no clue about Loki’s tactics except-

he kind of clearly does, as he says here. The thing he apparently doesn’t realize is that Loki is willing to use them on Thor. (this is my cue to sob and sniff a bit if that wasn’t obvious)

and then, think about the way they work together in the Dark world, where Thor very much uses various tricks to get his plans to work, including using other people’s (Loki’s included, but not only) expectations of him being incapable of doing so to fuck them over. And Thor is not bad at it at all. So I guess we could say that Thor spent his youth watching Loki’s tricks and lies and manipulations and mostly just chose not to use such tactics himself, but when the need arose, he could. And he knew all this time what he was seeing Loki do and he likely even enjoyed it, loving his brother and simply trusting him not to do it to Thor.