thor that is rude


(Credit to imagine-loki for the idea.)

“Who is she?” Loki asked his brother while pointing towards the girl across the room with the bright purple hair. 

“Her name is Y/N. An agent of SHEILD.” 

“Is she from Midgard?” Loki’s curiosity was getting the best of him and he found himself wanting to learn more about the girl with the purple hair. 

“Of course! Loki, you have yet to see many midgardians. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.” Thor placed a hand on his brother trying to get his full attention but it didn’t work. 

The girl with the purple hair had turned around and noticed Thor and Loki looking in her direction so she waved and sent them a smile. 

Thor waved back but Loki stood still. “Loki, don’t be rude. Come, let’s introduce you to the others.” Thor began to walk away but Loki stayed in the same spot watching her. 

“Loki, are you alright?” 

“Brother, I don’t think I can move. I feel as tho my heart as stopped and my stomach aches. I must see doctor.”

Thor laughed loudly at his brother and pulled on his arm, “there is no cure for those symptoms, I fear.” 

“Then what am I to do?” Loki looked at Thor with a worried glance and Thor just laughed once more. 

“You must face one of the scariest things this universe has to offer. You must talk to her.”

With that Loki’s eyes widened and the nervousness in his stomach had returned. 

Imagine that Thor takes you to visit Asgard and you meet his brother, Loki.
One day a guy makes a rude comment about you and slaps your behind. Loki hears and sees it all and wanting to protect your honor, Loki invites him to duel. This surprises you greatly because men on earth don’t do things like that and you don’t know whether you should be frightened or flattered.
Few days later, right before the duel begins, you ask Loki why did he do it. He barely knew you. He caresses your cheek gently as he says that a beautiful lady like yourself should never be called like that.

Instead of getting Civil War next year, what it Marvel gave us Civil THOR

A 2 hour movie in the MCU about Thor teaching the audience how to be respectful and courteous. There is no action or plot but Stan Lee makes an appearance as “rude passerby #2” and Thor proves that even though he may be unpleasant, you can still treat him civilly



Y/n : Why are you all weird today ?

Steve : Oh no she asked…

Bruce : You two were kinda…

Thor : Cheesy

Clint : Noisy


Natasha : Don’t be rude !

Y/n : Whaaaaaaat ? That’s not true !

Bucky : Don’t mind them, they’re just all old grumpy persons

Request Open

sometimes people try to write fic about darcy without jane, but still post-thor.

which is very, very weird and rude and not thought out

because darcy’s motivation? is jane

darcy’s entire reason for being involved in any of this crap? is jane

you cannot have darcy without having jane in at least some capacity, even if the plot ends up taking darcy elsewhere