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Thorki New Edition!!

Loki is in prison but thanks to an encounter with Thor, he becomes pregnant. Odin is willing to kill their son but Thor prepares a plan of escape. On the run, Loki gives birth to the firstborn of Thor: Fenrir.

Loki está en la cárcel, pero gracias a un encuentro con Thor, él queda embarazado. Odin está dispuesto a matar a su hijo, pero Thor prepara un plan de escape. En la huida, Loki da a luz al primogénito de Thor: Fenrir.

A gift for Monz Loveless

Face Our Destiny / Age of Ultron & Ragnarok

I can’t see you but I feel you

…you are the faith that make me believe 

……there’s always hope at the end of despair.


the final version is done qvq

sorrrry i prefer put them a little closer together///

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Another You (Another Way) :

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Stony Prompt #41

Anonymous sent: Hello! Can you write a high school au where the avengers and their classmates go on a school trip for couple of days? And at nights they (all 6 of them) sit around in each other’s rooms and talk? And Tony gets so nostalgic and sentimental at some point, because he LOVES those people to death. But he’s scared about what will happen soon, because they finish High school in couple of weeks. He is afraid of being alone. They see how anxious he is about something and make him spill his guts (lots of fluff pls)

I can most likely write this! thanks for sending me this prompt - and sorry that it took so long ;7;)/<3

They’re all gathered in Tony’s room. The sun just vanished from the sky; last bits of orange still piercing through the dark clouds that creep up at the horizon.

Tony is almost sitting in Steve’s lap already, but the blond doesn’t mind one bit. Clint and Natasha seem to be one argument away from getting into an awesome fight – Thor loudly cheers on them already. Bruce is the only one who sits quietly, a bit off to the side but obviously enjoying himself as well.

It’s comfortable and just like Tony imagined it. The trip is one of the last big events they have before high school will be finished; a thought that the brunet pushes away. It’s their third night at the cheap hostel already; three more are still ahead. As always they have met up in one of their rooms, talking until the teacher comes in and reminds them to actually go to bed.

Steve nudges his shoulder, giving him a wide smile. “Hey, want to bet I can beat Clint in an arm wrestling match?”, he asks and Tony finds it hard suddenly to focus on an answer. His crush on Steve is almost embarrassingly obvious – for everyone but for the blond.

Clint looks up, or at least he tries to. Natasha has him in a headlock, but he’s not fighting back. “Unfair, Cap!”, he calls. “With these muscles I’ll most likely break my arm trying to beat you!”

Which is true. As the Captain of the school’s football team, Steve has a very nice body, with defined muscles. No doubt he’ll grow up into a very handsome man – Tony might have run calculations on this. He’s a genius, after all – and right now he dreads this fact. His father already disapproved of his decision to join high school at all. He’d wanted to send Tony off to college right away.

And now…. Now they only have this trip, a couple more weeks filled with exams and prom left.

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the sun keeps burning deep

Thor/Loki pre-slash ficlet. Really just a heap of pointless angst and fluff - baby (not literally) Thor and Loki make each other cry and Odin is a dick. 1,4k words.


Today is Loki’s birthday, a milestone one, in fact, and Thor spent almost two weeks getting Loki secretly the perfect gift – or so he thought. There is a cluster of caves in Vanaheim that are the home to a rare bird, one that possesses many magical properties.

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