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The year is 1978. Taking advantage of the first crime-free Saturday night in the history of New York City, Spider-Man (as Peter Parker) takes his girlfriend, Mary Jane, to see Saturday Night Live, where he improbably thwarts an attack by Silver Samurai with the help of the cast. It is worth noting that Silver Samurai normally battles the X-Men, and the SNL cast normally battles drug addiction.

The plot involves a magic ring on John Belushi’s finger which the Samurai wants to steal. Luckily, Bill Murray spots him, and within one page, makes the decision to sneak up on a henchman, knock him out with a prop Thor hammer, steal his clothes, and infiltrate the Samurai’s gang in disguise. And it works.

In fact, the only reason Murray doesn’t singlehandedly dismantle Silver Samurai and his gang is that Spider-Man starts a clumsy fight which fills the room with steam. In the confusion, Bill is tackled by Jane Curtin and Gilda Radner. Either the entire cast of Saturday Night Live was recruited from special forces, or they were on so much cocaine that they lost all sense of danger.

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