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Steve trips and falls on his face in front of the Avengers. Someone will help pick him up, though, right?

“He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’s fallen on his face.”  Tony smiled.

“I thought he was Mr. United States?”  Clint added.  

Steve could hear Sam and Natasha giggling somewhere behind him. He didn’t want to turn over and see them gloating.  He hadn’t hurt anything more than his pride.  In front of a large crowd.  And cameras there for a public appearance while all the Avengers were in their gear.

He’d tripped on the edge of Thor’s cape.  Or maybe it was the end of Clint’s bow.  Or the toe of Tony’s suit.  He didn’t know.  

Thor’s hand came into view and Steve grasped it.  Thor hauled him to his feet.  And then over his head.  

“To lift such a National Treasure, I must truly be worthy!”  He managed before cracking himself up laughing.  

“Oh my god, Thor’s been listening to me.”  Tony’s delight was at odds with the stoic face plate of his suit.  

“This is the best day ever.”  Sam was beaming.  Cameras were flashing.  It was only a moment or two more, and then Steve was laughing, too.  

Thor: Ragnarok Loki was such a big mood

- Like think about it, his first reaction to seeing Hulk was to immetiately try and get off the planet.

- He remained bitter about getting slammed into the ground numerous times by Hulk years ago and cheered when it happened to someone else.

- Says no to something his brother suggests then gives in immediately after (example: “No, we are not doing ‘Get Help.’” *four seconds later* “GET HELP, MY BROTHER IS DYING! HeLP HiM!”)

- Starts grinning to himself when him stabbing his brother is mentioned

- Bets AGAINST his brother in a good ol’ way of saying “You may be my brother, and I love you, but I’m not about to waste my money on you because you’re gonna lose.”

- *smiles lightly to himself when he sees that Thor has a chance of defeating Hulk*

- Thor, arriving unannounced: Father.

Loki, disguised as Odin as he sips on wine from a golden chalice: *whispers* Oh shit. Thor! My son!

- *intentionally implies to Banner murderous tendencies while smiling as creepy as possible*

Like I dunno Loki is just great, I love him.

Empathy Series, part III. Part II can be found here.

A/N: Here it is! Part III, which is also the final part of the Empathy Series. I decided it was time to wrap it up so I could make time to start on the holiday imagines (which reminds me, I still have requests open until the Monday after Thanksgiving!). Thank you for all of the love and support, and I’m very excited to start my new fic “When Fire Meets Fire!”

Words: 1,660 

Warnings: implied smut… I think that’s all, actually.

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