thor odinson cosplay


Birthday Weeks | Legendary Week (Post of the Year)

Lady Thor (center on the last), Loki Laufeyson (left on the last), and Thor Odinson (right on the last) from Marvel Universe

Legendary Post: Lady Thor from Marvel Universe


Photographer: York In A Box [TW | FB | IN]


Winners of the NYCC Marvel Costume Contest for the second year running!

Our group was so big that they had trouble getting everyone in the photos (poor Thor) and we all got split up in the final photo of all the contestants.

Please let me know if anyone got any other pictures of us/the contest!

Quicksilver - @pantydragon
Pepper Potts - @jessschultz
Tony Stark - @elegantfeatherduster
Black Widow - @moonriot
Captain America - @ifyouwannabesteveslover
Peggy Carter - @thelast-centurion
Loki - @thespoopysilhouette
Thor - @haizenthlay
Hawkeye - @ko-no-yo


Pictures from MCM Comic Con

1. 3 Thors and 3 Lokis!

2. 2 Awesome Thors!

3. getting some bitches to Kneel


5. Predators! :O Amazing!

6. A lovely Jack Frost from “Rise of the Guardians”!!! Saw five of these and 1 Pitch! Great Costume!

7. Another awesome Jack Frost with a lovely Toothiana from “Rise of the Guardians”!

8. and 9. Spidey and Loki! Spidey was making me Laugh ¬_¬