Imagine Being Asked to Join The Avengers

22. Mother Nature in My 100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

“I didn’t do anything!” You insisted, nervously shifting on your feet as the team stared at you.

The red haired woman stepped up, glaring you down as she watched your facial expressions. “You just saved half of the city. We’re not mad. But we will be if you keep lying to us.”

The blond man in the star spangled outfit straightened his back and watched you. “If there’s anyone who can help you with your powers, it’s us.”

“Yeah, you’re like fricken Mother Nature of something.” One of the dark haired men spoke up, giving you a cheeky sort of grin.

“Stark.” The blond haired man glanced at him. “Not helping.”

You bit your lip and sighed softly. “No, he’s right. I…have the ability to control elements of the weather…But it sort of comes out whenever it wants to.”

“You can control lightning? Like Thor?” The other dark haired man’s eyebrows raised in curiosity, motioning to the long blond haired man who was wearing a cape with his weird outfit.

“You have a very special talent, my dear Lady.” ‘Thor’ bowed his head slightly in your direction, giving you a gentle smile. “I would gladly do my best to help you control the lightning.”

You blushed a little as everyone started speaking at once, all of them offering to help you. They soon properly introduced themselves by their names.

The blond haired man, or as you knew him now as Steve, stepped up next to you, and offered his hand. “We couldn’t have saved so many people as we did without your unexpected help. I’d like to ask you to join the Avengers Initiative.” 

Your eyes widened as you looked up at him and then at everyone else at the team.

“We’ll keep you safe until you can do it yourself.” Natasha smiled at you, her eyes softening. “Clint’s definitely going to like you.” She stated, smiling and making you wonder who this ‘Clint’ guy was.

“Unless you try to set one of us on fire. Or ask the ground to like, swallow us up or something.” Tony shrugged, pulling out a package of m&ms behind his back and snacking on them.

“Tony!” They all groaned, shaking their heads, making you laugh.

“So what do you say, Lady (Y/N)?” Thor smiled at you. “Join the team? Control the skies with me?”

You smiled and looked at Steve’s hand, biting your lip nervously. “Sure. Sounds fun.” You exclaimed, putting your hand in Steve’s and shaking it gently, everyone cheering.

Thors #2 Review

So last month, Jason Aaron’s Thors series kicked off with a story all about numerous versions of Jane Foster (who is currently the actual Thor, keep up) being brutally murdered in order to generate some male agency. Awesome.

Looking back on the debut issue, using the maggot-infested corpses of women to give male heroes something to strive towards still veers dangerously close to fridging for my tastes. More oddly, it seemed like such an uncharacteristic change compared to Aaron’s previous Thor series where Jane was an active and compelling protagonist. (And, y’know, not dead.)

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Somebody open a bottle of champers and organise a house party because this is it, ladies and gents! 12 pages on a Microsoft Word document that didn’t want to kill itself and it might have gotten a bit fluffy at the end but it’s done. I struggled a bit with the “what-happened-next” scene so let me know what you thought. Many thanks and apologies to theunlikelyavenger​ for being patient with me and my tech whilst processing your request. I hope this is what you were looking for (I’m willing to change it a little if it wasn’t). :) Also I had prompts from nerd-kat–hell-yes​ and floating-balloon​. Enjoy, my darlings! I’m going to go and pass out somewhere with a cup of tea. 

Prompt(s):  You nailed it. Abso-lutely nailed it…  I NEED PART THREE ASAP. PLEASE MAKE IT LENGTHY. 
Please please please have the reader end up with loki. Pleeeaaase
Is there going to be part three for strength?!

One-Shot: Strength (Part 3)

Part 2

It had been a long day. Your chat with Loki had created as many questions as they had answered and you couldn’t focus without knowing the answers. You found yourself seeking advice from the once person you never thought capable of giving it.

“Hey, Tony. You here?” You asked, walking into the seemingly empty lab.
“Yeah, over here.” He said. A hand shot up from behind the countertop and waved. You circled around it and saw that Stark was on the floor, gathering up pieces of paper. Kneeling down, you helped him gather them together. Once they were collated and tidily arranged on the table, Tony conjured a packet of blueberries from somewhere and hopped nimbly onto the side.
“What’s up kid?” You took a deep breath and released it.
“Has Bruce spoken to you at all? About me, I mean.” Tony ripped the top of the silver packet, shaking his head.
“Well, he’s been acting a little strange – I’d go as far as to say skittish – around me.”

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Agent Director Peggy Carter in the 21st century AU where she’s living in Avengers tower and ‘Oh look, Thor’s left his hammer on top of those files I need. Silly bugger.’

Thor and Steve walk into the room as she picks it up, retrieves her stack from the coffee table, nonchalantly places mjolnir back down. “What are you two gaping at!?” Thor shakes Steve’s hand and proceeds to parade her around the tower on his shoulders, loudly declaring her worthiness.