thor lost his head and loki lost his heart


where the brave shall live forever

thor ragnarok, loki pov, spoilers

after the fall of asgard, loki finds his brother praying for his fallen friends and decides to give him a bit of hope. 

a/n: based on that one comment about how loki might have banished sif (as a in-universe reason for why she wasn’t in ragnarok)


‘…nor shall we mourn but rejoice for those that have died a glorious death.’

once again, he ends up intruding upon his brother praying for the lost, eyes closed, head bowed, shoulders not quite slouched in defeat, but more in anguish. he decides not to interrupt him this time, letting him have his private moment.

after a few more minutes, thor slowly opens his eyes- eye (and it will take loki a while to get used to it) and sighs. when he looks up at him, loki can see the deep sadness in his brothers heart.

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