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September 13 - “Are you jealous?” Darcy/Thor for @webuiltthiscityonescargot smutty and/or fluffy

Written by @iamartemisday

A/N: This story takes place after TDW but is not Ragnarok compliant.

Darcy Lewis was absolutely not the jealous type. Ask anyone. Whenever she and a friend liked the same guy, she lived by the holy commandment of Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Best Friend’s Crush. Such is why, when Jane got through her science boner and started making goo-goo eyes at Thor, a.k.a. Literally The Hottest And Best Guy Darcy Had Ever Known… she’d said, ‘okay.’ She’d done as the song said and let it go. Jane deserved a sexy god boyfriend more than anyone, herself included.

Ever since their skirmish with the Dark Elves, Jane had been disappearing for hours at a time for last minute 'conferences’ (read: hot raunchy god sex). Erik was away on a six month long vacation for 'spiritual betterment’ (read: to not go insane from all the superhero shenanigans), so Darcy was left alone to worry about what time Jane would be home every night. While she waited, she could imagine what a great time Jane must be having with Thor holding her, kissing her,  pounding her into the mattress until the bed broke.

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