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Yo Matt! Been wondering all throughout Superfriends what some good superhero games are. I know that the Hulk game and that Thor DS game are pretty good but what are some of your favorites?

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, for both console and DS.

Ghost Rider

Ultimate Spider-Man

Batman Brave and the Bold


Batman Arkham Asylum

X-Men 1 & 2 for Genesis

Marvel Lego

DC Batman Lego 2

X-Men Origins Wolverine


Captain America Super Soldier

The Punisher for PS2/Xbox

Spider-Man Friend or Foe

Justice League Task Force for SNES

Batman Returns SNES

Batman NES

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"Can my friend try to lift your hammer?" Kid Sherlock asks upon meeting Thor. "Yes, young child," Thor smiles and puts the hammer on the floor so Sherlock's shy friend can try to pick it up, "but it's very heavy." John steps out from behind Sherlock and puts both hands on Thor's hammer, he lifts it off the ground as if it's as light as a feather. "I thought you said it was heavy," John says looking up at the Asguardian. "It is, unless you're worthy to wield it's power," Thor says impressed.