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His Iced Beauty

TITLE: His Iced Beauty
AUTHOR: myboysfanfics
WHICH ACTORS/CHARACTERS: Tom Hiddleston as Loki Laufeyson and Emilie de Ravin as Belle French
SUMMARY: The battle of New York is over but a new trouble arises for the princes of Asgard. With it comes a lovely distraction for Loki.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: So sorry it took so long for me to get this down. But here it is ladies! Depending on the kind of response I get, this may become a multi chapter. So here ladies…
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Loki and Thor looked around confused. The Tesseract had not taken them home to Asgard as it should have. Instead it appeared they were in yet another Midgardian town. Loki could see beneath this small town’s surface though. The amount of magical energy that flowed through it was similar to walking across the Bifrost. Movement across the street drew Loki’s attention. A gorgeous brunette had walked out of a nearby shop. Though the muzzle was a hinderance, Loki couldn’t help but smile hungrily at the gorgeous creature before him.

“It appears this does not work as Father thought it would, eh brother?” Loki glared at Thor briefly and merely growled. Thor chuckled. “A bit infuriating not to speak, is it not?”

Loki turned his gaze back to the maiden to find the street empty of all but a blonde in a leather jacket. Loki was impressed by her, though she was carrying one of those ridiculous Midgardian “weapons”, she was simply holding her hands up in a manner quite familiar to Loki. This woman wielded magic.

“Look, I don’t know who you guys are, or how you got into town but we’ve got enough problems right now without you adding to it…”

“Peace, my good lady. We wish you no harm. I was simply transporting my brother home to pay the penalty for his crimes. Somehow we ended up here.” Thor spoke, his voice quieter than Loki had ever heard it. And there she was again, his beauty reappeared, accompanied by two black haired women, a man who resembled Frandral without a mustache and a dark haired man with a hook in place of one of his hands. Thor nudged Loki and held out the Tesseract.

“Come brother. We must be going.” Loki took hold of the handle and turned it. Nothing happened. Thor frowned.

“Again.” Once more Loki turned his handle. Again nothing. Thor growled in frustration as Loki’s eyes lit in mischeivous excitement. They were stuck.

“Are you sure you’re doing it right?” Thor grumbled in frustration and Loki merely glared at him, unable to speak. Of course he was doing it right but something was blocking them from leaving. Stupid oaf knew nothing of the Tesseract or magic.

“Again Loki.” Another turn of the handle proved to be as useful as the rest, still nothing.

“Argh!!! Stupid, useless relic!” Thor roared. Loki gestured to the muzzle, trying to get Thor to let him speak.

“Fine, but one false move and it goes back on, understood?” Loki sighed and rolled his eyes before he nodded once. Thor removed the device and Loki took a deep breath through his nose, catching a whisp of the dark haired beauty’s scent. His pupils dilated in response.

“I believe someone is preventing our departure by way of magic. They’re quite powerful too.” One of the black haired women approached them, with the way she held herself he guessed her to be someone of great power.

“What do you mean? Is that a magic portal or something?” Loki smiled.

“Of sorts. It works in the same spectrum as magic. Although it creates its own energy, it must be activated by an outside force. It appears we are stuck here.” Loki’s smirk was unmistakable this time.

“It appears we will be staying. I do not trust Loki to be unattended but I also do not wish for a cell. Can anyone accommodate us until we can figure this out?” Loki smiled wolfishly as the brunette raised her hand. Oh, this would be good.

“I have the room. I think with a containment spell we could keep him in well enough. And I don’t spend much time there anymore.” Her voice was laden with sadness. Thor extended his hand to her.

“I thank you my lady. I am Thor Odinson, Prince of Asgard. This is Loki.”

“I’m Belle.” How fitting. The stunning woman was named ‘beauty’ in a Midgardian language.

“Welcome to Storybrooke gentlemen. My name is Regina, and I’m the mayor.” The woman with longer black hair offered her hand and allowed Thor to kiss it. It appeared she was used to the custom.

“Emma Swan. I’m the sheriff.” The blonde said, shaking Thor’s hand like a man. This woman was quite peculiar.

“I’m David and this is my wife, Snow White.” The one who looked like Frandral said, introducing the woman with short black hair.

“Killian Hook, but you can just call me Hook. Pleasure to meet ya mate.” Loki snorted. How original that the one with a hook for a hand would be called Hook.

“Is there any way that we could move this along so I can rest? Not that I’m not enjoying this little party but honestly, I’m not.” Thor rolled his eyes.

“What would Mother say of your manners, Loki? Although I admit I am feeling weary as well. Please lead the way, Lady Belle.” Emma hugged Belle, obviously having a whispered conversation. Emma then walked up to Loki, fire burning in her eyes.

“You step out of line once, do anything to screw with this town or my family and I swear I’ll blow you apart from the inside out. Are we clear?” Loki smirked, she certainly was fiery. She reminded him a bit of Lady Sif.

“Crystaline, my lady.” Loki made a dramatic bow to her, just to make a show of it. Thor pulled on Loki’s arm, causing him to stumble.

“Come along brother. Our hostess should not be kept waiting.” Loki and Thor followed Belle down the street, Thor’s strong grip keeping Loki close. One of the other women (Regina, or something?) followed along as well. Once Belle had shown them her empty rooms, one of them holding only a bed with a lock on the outside. Loki couldn’t help but wonder what purpose this room had once had to need to lock from the hallway instead of the inside. Regina cast a blood magic containment spell, damned witch. And then Loki was left alone.


Weeks went by with no change in their situation, and no other sitings of his lovely hostess. To top it off, Loki could feel someone watching him constantly, which left him on edge with very little sleep. But without fail, almost every time he did sleep, books would appear in the doorway. Various authors writing everything from stories of knights and princesses, to tellings of Midgard’s history. Although his favorite ones were the stories of William Shakespeare. Then he caught the mystery gifter. He had laid down and pretended to sleep, with the express purpose of catching whoever it was. Belle was kneeling in the doorway placing more books on the floor.

“What ARE you doing, pet?” Belle jumped, Loki’s voice startling her.

“I just thought you could use something to pass the time. Books are my favorite and after I noticed how fast you were reading them, I couldn’t help but bring you more. I was simply trying to be nice. Why, is it a crime to be kind to a prisoner where you’re from?”

“A criminal of my magnitude? Yes. I’m quite certain that when Odin gets his hands on me I will lead quite the solitary existence.”

“That sounds awful. Well I’m glad that I could at least show you kindness before that happens.”

“That and more, lovely Belle. I thank you.” Loki reveled in the blush that colored her face. “So how goes work with the Tesseract?”

“You mean you don’t know? Has Thor not told you?” Loki’s face twisted in anger.

“Yours is the first face I’ve seen since being brought here. A welcome and lovely one at that. My meals simply appear. I had thought that perhaps Thor had left to find his wench since he’s stuck here.” Loki practically growled the last part, seething at the thought of Thor running about freely while he was caged in a room like an animal.

“If Thor left, he wouldn’t be able to return to town. There’s been some difficulty figuring it out. Thor’s knowledge of the Tesseract is limited so we have very little to work with.”

“That book you brought me, what was it called? A Wrinkle in Time I think… Anyway, it works a bit like that. I learned much about it from my time… In the void. Perhaps I could help?”

“I’ll talk to the others, perhaps we can at least get you out to stretch your legs.”

“That would be nice, thank you.” Belle nodded her head and turned to walk away. Loki stepped into the doorway, almost touching the barrier.

“And Belle?” She stopped and turned back to him.

“Thank you for the books. And your kindness. Not many would waste their time with me.” Belle smiled warmly and stepped so close to him that only the barrier separated them. Loki towered over her.

“You’re very welcome. I wanted to show you that I see the real you. Underneath that mask of anger and hatred is someone who is good. You want approval and recognition, although your view may be skewed sometimes.” She reached up hesitantly and reached through the barrier, cupping his cheek gently. Loki closed his eyes and leaned into the soft touch, feeling a warmth spread through his body. Her kindness was like a magic unto itself, seeping into his body from her touch. He pressed a soft kiss to the inside of her wrist before she pulled back and stepped away, her smile lighting up her face.

“I’ll be back soon. I promise.”

“Hurry darling. I long to taste those lovely lips of yours.” Belle colored at his words before hurrying away. He heard the door close behind her and leaned against the door, letting out a deep sigh. That’s when he felt the feeling of being watched intensify, as well as something else, and knew that he had company.

“Good to see you again, Dark One.”


thor x daenerys | skyfall
by dancewithwolvesx

God of Thursday

(Happy birthday Courtney!!!)

The god of Thursdays is not having a good day.

It began with his father Chuck’s long-awaited ceremony to name him the official heir of Asgard.

Father should have known better, Castiel reflects as he falls towards Earth. He should have known Gabriel would mess things up.

And Gabriel had.

Castiel shakes his head as the wind rushes by. His brother and he had never really seen eye-to-eye on the future of Asgard, and Chuck should have realized that making Castiel his heir would cause trouble.

He should have distracted Gabriel, thinks Castiel. He should have sent him a cake. And some women. 

But Chuck had hoped his sons would reconcile and rule together, Castiel leading and Gabriel advising. He’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this, one son thrown in the dungeon and the other–

There’s a THUD that resounds for miles as Castiel hits the ground.

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Just some pencil fan art I doodled of some of my favourite moments from Coneycat’s Housemates fanfic series (found here: Clockwise from top:

1) Loki and Tony Stark

2) Mitchell (Being Human) and Pepper Potts… who couldn’t resist helping him with his tie.

3) Annie Sawyer (Being Human), Coulson and Loki going undercover as Vanir servants. 

And there’s a reason Loki’s all straggle-haired and beardy.

Expect more!

 Just a few precious moments to herself. These moments where she could be herself. Cherry loved to dance and had since she was a child. Things now made it hard though to dance now. She could in this moment. Laughter bubbling up childishly as dancing became leaping and swinging arms. She was lost in the moment and oblivious to any watchers.

Blast from Her Past

Part 2 of ?

   “There have been some serious criminal acts in Gothem recently. The cliche drugs,sex, murder. The person behind all of it is still unknown.” Natasha finished.

 “ Thats where you come in, Y/N.” Fury started. “You know better than anyone what it’s like to be a villain in Gothem. The damn city was your bitch, and someone has taken it from you.”

   “Fine, I’ll do it.” Y/N said. “Good you leave tomorrow. Pack your things and be ready by 5am.” With that everyone left the meeting room and went back to the living room.

   “Hey?! Care to explain?!” Tony yelled. “I already did.” Y/N stated blankly. “No! I want answers! Real ones! Like why the hell you called yourself Harley Quinn if your name is Y/N Y/L/N!” Tony continued rambling until Y/N cut him off.

“I called myself Harley Quinn so no one would guess i was me. As for how and why I went crazy in the first place, I would rather not talk about it.” Y/N finished by flipping Tony off and going to her room to pack.

So after seeing Ghostbusters (which is AWESOME!), I thought about it for a minute and decided that a Ghostbusters/Thor crossover would be amazing.

Like, you have Jane and Erin talking science and Abby being so impressed that Jane has been to another planet and broke into sealed areas to recover research and Abby is all “you want a job?” and Jane is all “IDK, the aliens were already pretty weird, but I could ride along and see how it goes.”

Then you have Holtzman and Darcy in another corner flirting so hard that no one can stand it and Holtzman’s all “so you used a taser on a god?” and Darcy’s like “yea” and Holtzman’s like “Awesome, can I upgrade it?” and Darcy just falls in love because let’s face it, everyone does.

And then you have Thor and Patty discussing Norse myth and history and Thor telling Patty which parts were true and Patty’s writing it all down and asking about the suspicious deaths and ghosts and Thor loves listening to Patty’s stories because Patty knows the weirdest stuff about this small planet and Patty wants to know EVERYTHING about Valhalla and they end up writing an entire book on Norse history together in just a few hours.

And of course Thor is very perplexed by the dumb human who kind of looks like him and treats Kevin like a puppy. He tells Kevin that he is very pretty and very strong.

Then Kevin picks up the hammer to put it away.

The Wife

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by uruvielnumenesse

Words: 1811, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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