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It’s My Birthday

Though the crowd swelled early, the tavern air stilled as the cool night waned. People huddled together in small clusters, talking in more and more hushed tones- save for the few people who’d imbibed too much.  

Darcy, alone, swirled the remains of her too-warm ale and took a small, bitter sip.  She hadn’t really wanted to drink ale so much as not to be alone with her thoughts.  She didn’t regret breaking things off with Ian at all, but every now and then ‘alone’ crossed the line to ‘lonely’. She missed her parents and old friends more at holidays and special days and found the bustle of strangers gave slight comfort.  She ran a finger through warming condensation on the old wood of the bar.  The punchline of a joke across the room put a slight smile on her face.

One of the men further down the bar finished his drink and stood, stretching, “Well, unlike you, I need sleep.  Hard to stay this handsome without it.”  

Darcy looked at him and ranked him as a stunner. The African American man had a gorgeous grin, as attractive to Darcy as his muscled forearms.  Darcy speculated to herself that he must sleep a lot, if that was what he attributed his looks to.  Dude was fit.

As he  tossed cash down on the bar in front of his friend, he looked around carefully.  “I got this. It’s almost the 4th.  Happy Birthday, Man.  G’night.”

Darcy turned her eyes to the seated man, an even more stunning, scruff-faced guy who offered a wry grin and a tip of his glass to his departing friend. 

“NIght, Sam.  Thanks.”  His accent was American, with a hint of Brooklyn.

The floor boards squeaked as the first man strode past.  He winked at Darcy, grinning as he noticed her ogling him and then his friend. She ducked her head.  Darcy cut another glance at the seated man.  Handsome.  His leather jacket creaked as he lifted his mug to full, sensuous lips.  He had nice hands, strong and capable looking. She nibbled at one of her own lips as naughty fantasies flitted across her mind’s eye.

After the bell on the door quieted, Darcy shifted down and turned towards the handsome stranger.  “Is today your birthday?”  Her face burned as her impetuous actions caught up with her. She held her breath, waiting to see if he would welcome her query or not.

He looked at her in a friendly manner, shook his head, and kept his voice low.  “Nope. It’s not quite midnight yet. Tomorrow.”  He shifted on his stool, averting his handsome face, cautious.

Darcy giggled, “Born on the 4th of July?  Who are you?  Yankee Doodle? Captain America?”  She felt anxiety charge the air between them as he tensed.  His blue eyes went wide for a second before he shook his head unconvincingly.  Darcy sucked in a quick breath.  “Wait. What? Get out!”  She studied his face carefully and nodded, recognizing the truth of her random guess.  “Oops.  You’re pretty nice looking for the world’s most wanted man.” 

His eyes crinkled for a second as rueful amusement showed clearly. “Please, don’t tell anyone…”

She snorted, “I don’t think the crime of wanting to help people and save the world is all that bad, Birthday Boy.”  She liked the half smile she’d put on his face.  The desire to see a full smile and hear him laugh put a twinkle in her eye. Goals.

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Imagine choosing a wedding cake with your fiance, Tom. This is one particular aspect of wedding planning he’s been looking forward to most, as he has quite the sweet tooth. The bakery brings you various cakes and frostings to sample, with limitless combinations. You and Tom take your time creating the perfect cake, savoring every delicious morsel. You feed him your favorite combinations, and even practice smashing the cake into each other’s faces.

WinterThunderIronShield (Quick Fic)

I just want you to know, I hate you guys for doing this to me. But I love this so (ugh) I reluctantly welcome another ship into the shenanigans that is my blog.

Enjoy :)

“We need to have a talk.” Tony ripped his sunglasses off his face, tossing them onto the couch and folded his arms over his chest.

Bucky, Thor and Steve all looked at each other guiltily, then up at Tony as innocently as possible.

“What’s wrong, Tony?” Steve asked, dropping the recliner foot rest and leaning forward with a concerned look on his face. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Bucky quit stuffing his face with a sandwich and wiped his hands on his jeans.

“Anthony, surely you know you can tell us anything.” Thor offered, sitting up from where hed been lying on the floor.

“Don’t act innocent with me!” Tony snapped. “The three of you have been… conspiring against me and I am done with it.”

“I have no idea what you are referring—”

“Can it Rogers!” Tony pointed a finger at him. “You, Big and Blond, have been taking my t shirts and replacing them with ones that smell like you. I am starting to look homeless wearing your huge ass shirts all the time. And you, Dark and Scary–” he jabbed his finger at Bucky. “Have been moving everything in the kitchen up to the top shelves so I have to ask you for help every damn time I want to eat something.”

“That is disgraceful.” Thor said, frowning, and Tony whirled on him.

“Oh no. No no no Thunderhead, don’t get me started on you. You have been leaving Mjolnir places where I have to be just so I have to call for you to move her. And then usually you don’t even move her, you just pick me up like a fucking cat and move me!”

“Like a cat?” Bucky muttered and Thor shrugged sheepishly.

“Not entirely like a cat, Anthony. I don’t pick you up by your neck, I simply scoop you into–”

“Stuff it!” Tony yelled. “Now I don’t know why you guys are making life difficult for me, but it stops NOW.”

“Tony.” Steve coughed. “We aren’t trying to make things difficult for you, we just want–”

“Um, we are trying to make it seem like—” Bucky hesitated. “I mean, we are only trying to–”

“You need us.” Thor said simply. “And if you need us, then the transition into a romantic relationship will be much easier on us all.”

Tony stared at him for a full minute, the muscle in his jaw jumping as he ground his teeth. “My brain just broke.” He said finally. “It’s broken. I can’t process this right now. You are telling me, that you three giant dummies have been messing with me for weeks because you want to… you want to…. I can’t even say it. I literally can’t say it. My brain is broken. I’m going to go get a drink. You three stay away from me.” He turned and stomped away.

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Truth Or Dare

This is an Avengers crash/crack fic. It is absurd and Loki is here.

“This is an emergency. Everybody report to the living room at once- auth. Tony Stark,” announced JARVIS.

 This caused a bit of chaos around the tower. JARVIS repeated the announcement with double the urgency.

 Thor burst into the designated room, vanilla icing smeared on his face, brandishing Mjolnir.

 Steve followed, sprinting into the room showing clear signs of having hurried into his uniform- his shirt was inside out.

  With a poof, Loki teleported beside Tony wearing nothing but a pair of bright green briefs with gold L’s on them, socks and his helmet.

 Bruce had just finished Hulking out in his special cell. He hurried in, holding up his recently enlargened pants.

  Nat followed Bruce, looking collected and alert.

Last of all, Clint, soaking wet with with shampoo bubbles in his hair and a patterned Iron Man towel around his waist ran in, holding a cluster of arrows he had haphazardly grabbed.

  “What’s happening?” he asked, waving about the arrows. “Loki lost his conk again?”

 "No,“ said Tony. "But I’m flattered, Legolas.”

“What- oh,” said Clint, looking at his towel and going red.

  “Loki- you have personalized boxers?” asked Nat with a snigger.

 "May I ask what your ardent interest in and about my boxers is?“ shot Loki, smirking.

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If anyone needs me I’ll be silently eating a slice of Bruce’s birthday cake in a fort built from several blankets with Clint. That is all.


So I’m curled up in bed this morning thinking about the cake I made yesterday and contemplating having some for breakfast and I suddenly think…What Would Tom Hiddleston’s Characters Do?  What would they say?

William Buxton: “Did you earn the money to make that cake or did it come from your privileged and anti-progress father?” *adjusts cravat*

Dr.Laing: *paints the cake grey and then smashes it all over himself*

Freddie Page: “I say, old thing, this reminds me of a cake I once disposed of back in ‘41…”

Adam: “Zombies.  Zombies are crazy about cake.” *despondently strums guitar*

Bill Hazeldine: “Cake is so beautiful, isn’t it?” *takes drag* “You have flour and eggs and sugar and mix it all together and boom…cake.  Cake is always right, that’s why it’s…cake.” 

Sir Thomas Sharpe: *whispers* “We can only eat the cake if Lucille isn’t watching.”

Edward: “But…but…shouldn’t we find out if the cake actually wants to be eaten? What if it’s the wrong decision?!”

Captain Nicholls: “This is the last piece of cake I shall eat for my country.” *wipes away lone tear and offers a nibble to Joey*


The Great Escapo: *hides behind cake and tries to flee the room*

Estate Agent: “Wouldn’t you rather sell the cake instead?”

Magnus Martinsson: “Save me a piece, have to answer the phone.”

Jonathan Pine: *strides purposefully into room in order to liberate the cake*

Captain James Conrad: “Cake is for weenies.  Wanna see my gun?”

Hank Williams: “Ya got any ketchup to go with it, darlin’?”

Prince Hal: “CAKE AND WINE AND REVELS FOR EVERYONE!” *laughs lustily*

F. Scott Fitzgerald: *begins writing Coming of Age tale about the futility of trying to bake cakes*

Loki: “If Thor wants that cake, I’m going to make him think that I ate the whole thing, but I’ll actually save it and keep it in my room for when I need to feel loved.”


Henry V: “Thou canst only embark on this action if the Archbishop of Canterbury informs thee that the eating of the cake is thy right of birth and sanctioned by our Lord.” *crosses self*

And the man himself:

I love eating cake.  I have no problem with eating cake.  Here’s the thing is, I think eating cake is a genuine pleasure and so I don’t feel guilty about it.  Very happy to eat as much cake as I choose.  And I think people should eat more cake if they want.  Don’t if you don’t.  I try not to feel guilty about pleasures.  I think if it’s a pleasure that’s not hurting anyone else, I think you should indulge it and not feel guilty about it.”

So, WWTHCD? Employ this method when you are faced with a decision.  It won’t help you decide, but it will entertain you!

Cooking together Thor x  Reader

Originally posted by fuque-boi

You had been invited to the Avengers complex by Thor for his birthday. He was throwing at party on Saturday so he asked you to go on Friday. Of course someone from SHIELD picked you up from your apartment and took you there in a van since you weren’t allowed to know the exact location of the complex. It was classified. Gosh, how much you hated that word.

Sadly, when you finally got to the complex at noon you were told that Thor had been forced to go to Asgard for some political stuff but he would be back in just a few hours. It was a bit disappointing but you didn’t let it affect your mood since you knew he also had many obligation back in his world. You actually went there with him once but you didn’t like the way people, especially women, looked at you so you just decided to let Thor go alone and you would wait for him back on Earth.

Since everyone in the complex was busy or missing you decided to make a cake for your boyfriend’s birthday. At first you thought you would make the classic chocolate cake but it was Thor’s birthday and he wasn’t a ‘classic’ person. So you decided to make a rainbow cake. It was a bit tricky but you had done it before.

You were actually surprised to find all the ingredients in the kitchen so when you had it all ready you just started making the batter for the cake. Since you were alone you decided to turn on the radio and as soon as one of your favourite songs came up you started dancing and singing alone.

“That’s a wonderful birthday surprise”, you heard at your back when you were dividing the mix to make the different colours. Surprised, you turned around to find Thor leaned against the door with a huge smirk on his face.

“You’re back!” You said happily.

Dropping everything you ran towards him and jumped on his arms. Due to his job as an Avengers and all those trips to Asgard you two didn’t get to see each other as much as you’d like so every time you saw him it was like the first time. He caught you and you wrapped your arms around his waist at the same time you kissed him.

“I’ve missed you”, he said pulling away just a little.

“I’ve missed you too”, you replied smiling at him before kissing him again. Chuckling he walked into the kitchen and set you down on the counter.

He was the one pulling away even when you just wanted to keep on going, but when you saw him looking around you remembered the cake.

“No! You’re not supposed to see this!” You said suddenly pushing him away.

“What? Why?” He laughed coming closer again. “A cake?” He asked looking at you with bright eyes.

“Yes…” you mumbled. “It was supposed to be a surprise”, you added. He laughed and hugged you kissing your head.

“May I help you to prepare my surprise?” He asked.

Smiling a little you looked up at him and nodded. That could be fun. Quickly, you explained how was the cake like and why you were dividing the mix. Also you told him how to mix the batter and the colours until it was uniform.

“Just tell me when you’re done. And don’t add too much colours or the taste will be weird”, you said as you started preparing the frosting.

Next time you looked at him you couldn’t help but laughing. He had been doing that for just three minutes but his hands were already covered in purple and his hair had some red strings.

“Come here”, you said taking one of your hair ties from your wrists. He moved closer to you and bended down so you could pull his hair up in a man bun. “Go on, Gordon Ramsay”, you laughed shaking your head.

“Who’s that?” He asked frowning still mixing some blue.

“A famous chef”, you explained as you were preparing the frosting.

“Oh, so am I good at this?” He asked proudly which just made you laugh a bit more. “What?”

“Asgardian are not known by their use of sarcasm right?” You asked teasingly.

You expected him to snap at you but since he said nothing you turned your head just in time for him to cover your face with the purple mix.

“THOR!” You yelled and looked at him.

“And you’re not too known but you use of fun right?”  He teased.

Narrowing your eyes at him you took the frosting you were making and you threw at his head while he walked back to his spot. He stopped and looked at you raising an eyebrow and smirking.

“That was a joke, remember”, you said starting to walk away as he came closer to you. “No! Don’t take that!” You exclaimed as you saw him taking more frosting from the bowl.

“You know I’m faster than you, don’t you?” He smirked as he walked closer and closer.


You started running around the counter and he followed you. At that point you two started a war. When you ran close to the mix you would take a handful and throw it at him while he tried to catch you. You were yelling at him to stop but obviously he wanted his revenge and he wasn’t going to stop.

“What the fuck is going on in my kitchen?” You looked at the door to find a very mad Tony looking at the mess you had just made. That distraction helped Thor to catch you but you both slipped and fell down at the same time he covered your whole face with the mix.

“Oh my!” You screamed. Opening your eyes to find Thor above you with a big smile you just started laughing. “You’re an idiot!” You laughed hitting him.

Smiling down at you and ignoring Tony’s constant comments he leaned down and kissed your lips slowly but this time you were the one deepening the kiss by placing a hand on his neck. You could feel his smile against your lips as he ran his hands down your body slowly.

“And now sex in my fucking kitchen!? Get out of here!” Tony suddenly screamed making you laugh out loud.

“Calm down, Iron Man”, Thor laughed getting up and helping you up. Tony really looked like he could kill both of you at that moment so you just grabbed Thor’s hand and took him out of the kitchen giggling. “Hey! What about the cake?” Thor pouted at you. You smiled and pecked his lips.

“I guess we will have to buy one”, you laughed.

Here at the Tower, we have enough apple pie, cakes, and hot dogs for an entire week. And that’s a lot, since we have two super-soldiers on our team, a Hulk who loves to eat everything in sight (Bruce, not so much), an Asgardian God, and not to mention everyone else currently living here. Feeding our team for a week is almost completely unheard of. 

Cap says Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, while we say thank you for the lovely food you all prepared for us (and a happy belated Fourth of July too, to those who celebrate). 

Bones (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Can I have a Bucky x reader where they are married and he comes home after a long mission to see her in the kitchen cleaning and she runs and hugs him because she missed him so much that she starts crying. He notices that’s she scarily skinny and pale (like Steve used to be when he was sick). So he asks her if she’s sick as she says “I don’t sleep or eat when you aren’t here because I’m afraid HYDRA will get you again and I can’t live without you.” And him comforting her and just lots of fluff😘

Words: 1,085

Warnings: Mentions of starving yourself 

You had been putting it off for weeks now. It was something you had been dreading to do, even though you told yourself that it would get done. You thought that since you liked to keep yourself busy while Bucky was away on missions that cleaning the kitchen would be something that would’ve gotten done in only days of him gone. But of course, you procrastinated doing it and filled your schedule with other tasks, like shopping on Amazon or binge watching Grace and Frankie. 

You woke up this morning with no plans of cleaning kitchen, once again, but after you walked past the kitchen and realized what a disaster it had become, you decided it was best to throw on your sweats and grab the cleaning supplies. It was shameful how messy it was, after all the baking you did you just didn’t feel like cleaning up. 

You baked for everybody. You baked cupcakes for Nat, cakes for Tony, doughnut balls for Thor, cookies for Clint, cake pops for Sam, brownies for Steve, pies for Bruce, you baked everything for everybody. But not yourself. 

No, you simply just didn’t have time to eat, you were filled up on anxiety worrying about Bucky. Sure, you’ve gotten a little thin but nothing to worry about. You occasionally had a bite of cookie dough, every once and awhile. 

Baking took your mind off things and it was a great pass time, it could kill a whole afternoon. Your friends didn’t mind, they enjoyed all the yummy treats that would show up at their homes out of the blue, although they worried about your sudden interest in baking, they never mentioned it to you. 

You finally worked up the courage to shove on your cleaning gloves that went up to your elbows and blast your favorite Pandora station as you started cleaning the kitchen of horror. 

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Icing On The Cake

TITLE: Icing On The Cake


AUTHOR: chris-venom


Imagine working with the Avengers and Loki also lives in the tower. But he is still seen as a villain and no one trusts him. 
One day happens to be your birthday and no one remembers. No one except Loki, who surprises you by baking you a small cake. He wishes you happy birthday, kisses your cheek and then leaves you standing with the cake in the middle of the hallway, your mouth hanging open in surprise.

RATING: Everyone

NOTES/WARNINGS: Heyyo its chris again! I saw this adorable imagine and HAD to write a fic! I hope you like it!

 I can’t complain too much. I know I’m not that important of a team member, but it still stings a bit. Sure, I don’t beat up Hydra agents, I can’t fly, I’m a terrible shot and I can’t gain 500 pounds in muscle when I get mad, but The Avenger’s job would be pretty difficult without me there, always watching the monitors when they’re on missions to warn them of any incoming attacks behind them.

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valentine’s prompt #2


2,500 wc anniversary fic

Thor did not know what to expect upon entering an arranged marriage, but he thought conversation at least would be part of it. Yet in the privacy of their shared quarters Loki remained most entirely self-contained, lost in a world of their own making.

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