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Mayday Part 7: A Hard Pair We Will Be

Your training is going exceptionally well and you are getting very strong. There seems to be surprises all around, especially from Tony and Bucky.

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Rated R. Violence, swearing, implied smut, mental illness.

It took a few attempts, but Tony ended up making me some spectacularly effective gloves. The first pair, as we all know, shorted and knocked me out. Bruce told me I was lucky that I absorb power or the short might have stopped my heart. The second pair Tony made… well lets just say they were defective. One of them caught on fire on the first test run and I had to tear it off, ending up with a few burns on my right hand. The third try worked all right but if I gave them too much power, they’d fizzle out. It wasn’t until the fourth attempt that they were exactly right. Tony made me three pairs of them. We teasingly called them the “Mach 4, Mach 5, and Mach 6.”

Having this new found weapon at my disposal, not to mention being able to get rid of excess energy at will, gave me a new sense of confidence and purpose. I threw myself into training harder than I ever had. I was determined to be useful next time the team went anywhere; next time Bucky went anywhere and might be in danger. I knew he’d been a one man army, assassinating people, for the last 70 years, and that he was tough as nails, but now that we were sort of together, I felt protective over the guy.

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IN A WORLD OF YOUR OWN (Prompt Requested by Anonymous) 

Hope you enjoy it!!

Warnings: Slight language, much smut.

Prompt:  Could you do a AOU PietroxReader(powers) Where the reader is trying to get Pietro attention and the only way that she knows how is to start and kiss him everywhere ( like up and down his stomach and all the way to his V line) and when Pietro thinks that he is going to get more than that the reader says something smart like “just kidding” or “Oh, I forgot Tony and Bruce need me to run test.” Then she just walks away so proud of herself. And Pietro is just sitting there like what just happened.

It was one of those days where absolutely nothing is happening. There are no missions to be completed and everyone is STILL working. I lay on my bed with Pietro at my side reading a book with his adorable reading glasses as I lay here staring at the ceiling wasting the day away.You sit up and crawl your way to the end of the bed. “I’ll be right back.” You say looking at Pietro. Pietro looks up from his book, nods and returns back.You roll your eyes and make your way to the bedroom door. Exiting the room you make your way to the kitchen to see Clint and Thor eating mac n cheese.“Oooooo, give me some.” You say walking over to pour yourself some. Clint bobs his head. “Yeah go right ahead.” Thor looks at him.  “Mac n cheese is for everybody hawk.”Clint gives him a look. “Yeah I know, I was joking.”You turn with a full bowl of mac n cheese at Clint. “It’s ok, didn’t take it to heart.” You kiss his cheek. “LOVE YOU!!” you throw some mac n cheese in his face causing him to gasp and get up chasing you around the kitchen island.Thor just sits there laughing and shoving mac n cheese in his mouth. After you both relax, Clint had gotten you in the face smearing it all over.You set your finished bowl down on the countertop and go to the bathroom to wash your face off of cheese and macaroni.When you come back, you see Thor putting your bowl in the dishwasher.“Thor you didn’t have to, I was going to come back.” With a frown on your face.“It’s alright beautiful. I don’t mind.” Thor says sending you a toothy grin.You smile back and give him a giant hug as he laughs.You turn and skip back to your room.When you arrived you hoped to see Pietro watching tv or something else.But nope. He’s still intent on his book. It was a book on war. Not that it was a bad book, you would just never read that kind of book.You go to your closet and change into a white crop knitted crop top and black high waisted lounge pants. Pietro is laying there leaning against the bedpost with his ankles crossed, pajama pants and shirtless with his eyebrows scrunched completely focused. You say his name, he does nothing.  You slump your shoulders and wear a frown on your face.You make your way to the bed and lay down in your spot staring up at the ceiling again.  You try to think of a way to get his attention.“Pietro, do you wanna watch a movie?” You ask him.He looks up from his book, “As soon as I’m done this chapter.” Before scrunching his brows once more.“Ok” You turn toward the ceiling once more..You get up after a minute to go pick a couple movies to watch.You picked a variety of different genres.As you finish looking through your endless collection of movies and setting selected ones on your desk you look at Pietro and then to the clock.Noticing it’s been about 20 minutes since Pietro said he would watch the movie you speak up.“Piet…..” He smiles. “I know, I’m almost done I promise.” You sigh. You go to visit Wanda in the meantime figuring he’ll come find you when he’s done. Arriving in Wanda’s room you see her painting her nails red.“Can I join?” You say sitting pretzel in front of her.She looks up from her nails. “Of course, but only on one condition?You raise an eyebrow.“I get to do your nails.”You smile. and grab her nail box,You begin to look through all the colors when she shuts the lid.“Ah no. I choose the color, and it’s red.”You chuckle. “Well ok then.” She laughs and continues.She grabs her hand only seconds later and starts painting your nails.“Thanks Wanda, I actually really like this color. It’s super bright but…”You hold your hand in front of you observing your nails.“Good. I knew it was your color.” She smiles at you.She closes her box and starts cleaning up the floor.“So, has my brother been good to you?”You look up at her.
“Yes, of course, he could never be better.”
You begin helping her.“I’m glad. He always talks non stop about you, he really loves you Y/N.”You smile at that while looking at the floor picking up pieces of cotton balls.“Ya know, you could’ve just used your powers to clean this mess up.” You wipe your hands together.Wanda pauses then laughs.“Your right.”It’s been an hour and Wanda and yourself have been chatting away laughing at almost everything when you realized the time.“Jeez, it’s already 10:00pm.” You look at her with eyes widened.She laughs, “Time flies.”“I should probably get back to my room but were definitely doing this again, don’t forget.” You point a stern finger at her as you walk to her door. She laughs. “For sure. I like girl bonding. Never really had that having only a brother and all. You don’t forget.” In the span of time you were hanging out with Wanda you became really good friends and made up a stupid handshake, but you loved it.Pietro is still sitting on the bed reading that god damn book. You breath in deeply and make your way to your side. He doesn’t seem to notice.You lay your head on his stomach trying to get his attention. Nothing. You start rubbing his stomach soothingly. Nothing. You close your eyes to come up with another idea. You open your eyes. You smirk knowing he cannot see you. You start giving very light pecks on his abdomen causing him to shiver but still get no big reaction. You press a little harder guiding yourself up to his chest tearing the book from his hands. In shock he looks down at you smiling at him. He goes to grab his book but you throw to the other of the bed where he can’t reach it. You continue your trail to your straddling his waist yet not sitting on him with your face awfully close to his. Smirking you seductively leave a gentle peck on his slightly opened lips. He just continues looking at you wondering whats going to happen next. You bite your lip gently and tilt your head to nuzzle his neck where you leave kisses. He lays his hands on your sides as you hover above him. Pietro closes his eyes in satisfaction with one hand layed on your side and the other nestling itself in your hair. you pull back and look him in the eyes. “Ya like that?”You smile slightly. He smirks and leans in to give you a rough kiss which you gladly return as you smile into the kiss.Your hands roam into his hair and down to his shoulders, down over his pecs, to his abs and down to his the waistband of his pajama pants. You pull them slightly earning a groan from Pietro. He has his hands wrapped in your hair kissing you breathlessly. You pull away from the kiss and kiss down his stomach down to his v-line. You brush your lips over causing Pietro to suck in a breath. You smirked to yourself and quickly stand up making your way to your desk chair and grabbing your winter cardigan wrapping it around your body. Pietro scrunches his eyebrows in confusion.Without even looking at him, you make your way to the door.“Wait!.” Y/N where are you going.?”You turn your head to look back at him. “Bruce and Tony told me yesterday around 11 o’clock that they need me to run a test for them” Pietro gives you a confused look.“A test? On what?” You giggle. “Oh, nothing important”“In fact” You say walking back over to the bed and placing your palms on the sheets. “It might take a while, you don’t have to wait up.” You smile before pushing yourself off, blowing Pietro a kiss, and walking out the door to Tony’s lab. Pietro sits there confused more than ever. His hair tousled looking like he just woke up, pants hanging pretty low and slightly sweating. “What just happened?” As he tries to recall the previous events that had just taken place. 

I hope you like it!  I tried to fit the story into exactly what you requested.

Hope you’re satisfied!!!!