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Since some of y'all can’t get over charlie doing blackface even though she apologized and stopped here are some offensive shit other alum have done / still do that they never got called out for, continue to do or even defend -

thorgy thor is white and has dreads

Manila is half Filipino and constantly appropriates other east Asian cultures. Here she’s sexualizing the kimono and wearing a fan as a headdress.

Stacy doing blackface for her Monique character. She won this challenge.

April doing blackface - she still does this and even did a photoshoot recently in black and brown face.

Alaska wearing a swaztika - before becoming super famous her and Sharon would always wear Nazi symbols.

Sharon doing blackface.

Nina pretending to be a native american, appropriating and sexualizing indeginous culture. I believe this photo is captioned chief tittytaka or something like that on ig.

Phi phi pretending to be a ‘cholita.’ Twice.

Raja also pretending to be a cholita, in her music video called cholita.

Raven dating profile were she says she doesn’t date / isn’t interested in black or Asian people.

Willam doing blackface - she also wore a fat suit in this.

Trixie appropriating east Asian culture while also wearing a fortune cookie and a take out box.

Carmen Carrera in her fat suit for the comedy challenge in which she made fun of fat people and made jokes about how fat people are dirty and she wishes she was fat so no one would question her for being dirty.

Miss Fame pretending to be some nondiscreet Hindu goddess.

Raja sexualizing and appropriating native culture.

Thorgy wearing a fatsuit. Wearing something people are harassed and bullied for is so offensive because this thorgy look was so well received while actual fat people are bullied for their weight daily.

Bianca wearing a turban. When Indians wear turbans they’re called dirty and laughed at.

Laganja wearing braids that African Americans get harassed for wearing. She also acts ghetto and ‘black’ a lot.

Magnolia wearing a hijab - you know something actual Muslim woman are killed for wearing.

Adore and Willam both wearing dreads.

Idk either accept that drag isn’t PC completely or call out and hate every queen who isn’t 100% PC. Tired of seeing people harassing Charlie after she stopped doing blackface and apologized while stanning for these queens who have 1) never stopped 2) never apologized 3) defended what they’ve done.


Hope I remembered your favorite couple from 2016 ;)

“Morning After” Series!

So while my internet was gone ( insert you don’t know what you have until you lose it quote here) I got an idea about starting a new series. It will be called Morning After series and it’ll consist of drabbles -okay, maybe a bit longer than drabbles-  about multiple characters, and it’ll focus on…well, you know, the morning after their first night with the reader ;) I haven’t planned the whole thing yet, but characters might be as followed;

Dean Winchester x Reader

Sam Winchester x Reader

Castiel x Reader

Charlie Bradbury x Reader

Matt Murdock x Reader

Karen Page x Reader

Jessica Jones x Reader

Steve Rogers x Reader

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Thor x Reader

Loki x Reader

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Logan (Westworld) x Reader

Negan x Reader

Daryl Dixon x Reader

So, which ones would you like to see first? I’m so excited, I hope everyone will like it! <3 

Kisses, Dream :*

October 15

Yondu is depicted as a blue-skinned male with a large red fin protruding from the back of his head and back; he is a spiritual warrior who can control his killing arrows via sound waves, most commonly by whistling. Yondu joined Vance Astro and other survivors of the Badoon attack on Earth’s solar system in the 31st Century, who became known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. As part of the Guardians, Yondu traveled to present-day Earth and became an honorary member of the Avengers. Yondu first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (October 15, 1968).

Good Enough // Thor x OC AU P3

Pairing: Thor x WOC (Charlotte “Charlie” Bailey-Thomas)
Word Count: 1k+
Warning: Angst, Language, Prejudice, Mild Violence

Summary: It’s not a national holiday until somebody pops off.

A/N: I’m really loving the response I’m getting to this story. It’s both wonderful and kind of sad how easily relatable the story is with you guys. Thank you for all your lovely words :D. I know this is a little longer, but when you read it, you’ll understand why (i hope). heheh. Happy Thorsday and happy reading! (This is also un-beta’d so pls forgive an writing mistakes, it’s 6am and I haven’t slept yet.)


The sound of crashing and the shrill voice of Hattie Mae pierced everyone’s ears. Great aunts Mags and Rosie shook their heads in disapproval as they made their way out of the kitchen. Even though Hattie was the eldest of the three sisters, she was also the most overly dramatic. Charlie visibly winced as memories of irate grandmother flooded back. Some things never change.

“I will not stand to be disrespected in my own damn house! You will either apologize or get the hell out!” Hattie’s voice echoed through the manor. Nicole groaned outwardly, squared her shoulders and walked stiffly towards the unpleasant sound. In spite of all the tension, Ellie giggled. Charlie looked sharply at her younger sister.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“You can’t tell but that’s her ‘give me my booze or I’ll disown you’ voice. The doctor says she’s not allowed to keep drinking as much as she does but you know there’s no one person on this earth who can tell Hattie Mae Bailey what to do,” Ellie replied. Charlie’s eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“Has her drinking really gotten that bad?”

“Oh yeah,” Josephine interrupted, “she’s been going through two bottles of vodka a week. Honestly, we like her better when she’s drunk. She’s less likely to throw things.”

“Good lord.” Before Charlie could think to say anything else, Thor found his way to the kitchen with a bemused expression on his face.

“Thor? Honey? What’s wrong??”

“…Your grandfather just asked if I was a white supremacist…,” he laughed.

“He said what?” Charlie demanded. Shock and anger coursed through her body. Her patience for her family was getting real fuckin thin. The sound of glass shattering against the wall sent everyone rushing from the kitchen. Charlie was stunned to find her uncle and namesake, Charles trying to defend himself from the drunken blows of their grandmother. Thor immediately stepped in to pull her off the shaken up man.

“Did you just try to control me with your white hands?!” Hattie Mae shouted.. Ellie snorted in disbelief.

“Mama, please, calm down!” Nicole implored her mother.  Charlie had never seen her mother looking so anxiously haggard. She stood there wringing her hands, her normally perfect hair in disarray. Her beautiful red dress was now torn. Charlie guess it was from trying to keep her grandmother from doing any serious harm to either herself or her uncle. Hattie Mae whirled her steely gaze on her daughter and actually growled out loud. It was suddenly clear to Charlie what Josephine meant. Sometimes it was easier to  just placate the demons.

“It’s not a national holiday until Grandmother loses her shit,” Ellie said absentmindedly. Hattie Mae turned to face her great granddaughter with a narrow gaze. Charlie was infinitely thankful she wasn’t the one on the receiving end of Hattie Mae’s wrath this time. This was too much. This life was too much. Scarlett stepped in front of Ellie, effectively blocking her from view and handed her grandmother a vodka tonic.

“Here you are, Nana.”

“Thank you,” Hattie Mae said icily, “at least someone here knows how to treat a lady.”

“Yeah, because you’re such a fuckin lady,” Charles seethed. Scarlett threw her hands up in frustration and left the room. Josephine followed quickly behind her. Hattie Mae opened her mouth to tell off her son, but thankfully, decided against it.

“This has been such a tiring day, I think I’ll retire to my chambers,” she said. Gathering up her things, she strode from the room, drink in hand.

“It’s a bedroom, Mother. Stop being so fucking pretentious,” Charles hissed at her retreating figure. Hattie Mae simply waved him off and disappeared into the hallway. A collective sigh of relief echoed through the sitting room when she was gone. At long last, a moment of peace.  

After the over-excitement in the sitting room everyone decided it would be best if they went their own ways for the rest of the night. Nicole lead Charlie and Thor to her old bedroom so they could settle in.

“So…” Charlie started as they unpacked their suitcases. She was sitting on the edge of her old bed, filling the empty victorian trunk once again with her belongings.

“Yes, my love?”

“You ever going to tell me what you meant about my grandfather calling you a white supremacist?” she asked worriedly. Thor chuckled in response. After putting away the last of his clothes, he walked over to sit next to her. She pulled his hands into her lap and kissed his cheek. He smiled tenderly.

“He was particularly wary of me when I introduced myself. I can’t say I’m too surprised since I’m a fairly large white man with the last name Odinson. Given his age and experience, I imagine he’s met too many in his lifetime.”

“Are you okay?” she asked. Thor nodded and kissed her temple.

“In spite of my initial impression, your grandfather is really quite interesting. There’s a lot more to him than what meets the eye.” Charlie exhaled a laugh in agreement. For as long as she could remember her grandfather had always been this foreboding yet well dressed man of mystery. It disappointed her deeply when she realized Thor probably knew him better than she did.

“Now,” Thor said as he stood up and unbuckled his pants, “what do you say we climb into bed and watch some Netflix?” Charlie laughed and agreed. Seemed like not matter how insane her life got, she’d always have Thor to keep her grounded.

Hattie Mae Bailey could never resist an unlocked bedroom door. Especially not the one that belonged to her only daughter.

Creeping silently into the room, she quickly surveyed the room to confirm it’s emptiness. Satisfied, she made a beeline for Nicole’s jewelry box on the vanity. Her daughter might not confide in her anymore, but she definitely kept her secrets somewhere. Taking a long swig of her vodka tonic, Hattie Mae settled into the bench for some snooping. She never could have guessed what she would find.

The bottom drawer of the jewelry box had been sloppily closed. Naturally, that’s what caught Hattie Mae’s eye first. Aside from a few buttons, single hoop earrings and a folded piece of paper, there wasn’t much of interest in the drawer. A shiver went up Hattie Mae’s spine when she picked up the paper. Unfolding it, she discovered it was nothing more than a birth certificate. She almost put it back immediately until a name caught her eye. Scarlett Marie Bailey. Taking another swig, Hattie Mae perked right up. Why would Nicole keep a copy of Scarlett’s birth certificate in her bottom jewelry box drawer? Especially when everyone has always kept their important documents in the office. Why only hers?  Upon further reading, Hattie Mae had her answer. 

This wasn’t Scarlett’s birth certificate. It was her daughter’s. Hattie Mae dropped her drink in shock, shattering it on the floor.

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Good Enough // Thor x OC AU (P2)

Pairing: Thor x WOC (Charlotte “Charlie” Bailey-Thomas)
Word Count: 880k+
Warning: Angst, Language

Summary: Thor and Charlie meet the rest of the family. 

A/N: This one is going to be told from both their points of view so it’ll be a little longer. I forgot to mention in the last chapter but the house the Baileys’ live in is more or less a mansion. They’re very rich and v e r y snooty. Happy reading!


“Charlie come help in the kitchen,” her mother Nicole ‘suggested’, “You can leave your little gentleman friend with the rest of the menfolk.

Charlie groaned inwardly. She didn’t have enough time to warn Thor about how obnoxious her uncles and cousins were. Squeezing his hand in reassurance, Charlie reluctantly left him to join the other femmes in kitchen. Thor watched her leave and felt a brief pang in his heart; he didn’t like leaving her to fend for herself in this pack of wolves. He didn’t have much of a chose in the matter, however. Inhaling deeply to steady himself, Thor squared his shoulders and prepared to face the men the love of his life called family.

Thor’s POV

He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when he walked into the room. As soon as his 6’6 frame crossed the threshold, all eyes were on him. At his height, he was used to being the center of attention; he’d never felt more uncomfortable than the moment he had to meet the traditional and conservative family of his love. There were four men sitting around a fireplace smoking cigars. The room reeked of smoke and expensive scotch. If Thor didn’t know any better he’d think he stepped back in time. All of them men were well dressed in ridiculously expensive suits. They each had a matching hat that rested on the top of their chairs (thrones). He got the distinct feeling he was being sized up like a sirloin.

“And who might you be?” came a raspy voice. Thor’s eyes snapped to a frail looking older man sitting in a red velvet chair in the center of the room. No one else dared to speak. Clearing his throat, Thor made his way towards the man.

“Odinson. Thor Odinson, sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The old man assessed Thor shrewdly. Hattie Mae’s heavy gaze didn’t hold a candle to the old man. He didn’t just feel uncomfortable, he felt completely exposed. He suspected the old man and his own father had a lot more in common than they’d like to believe.

“Odinson, eh?” the man wheezed, “Isn’t that one of them white supremacist names?”

Thor was completely taken off guard. “Excuse me?”

Charlie’s POV

Well, well, well…look what the cat dragged in,” Charlie’s older sister, Scarlett sneered, with her hands on her hips. She practically reeked judgement. Charlie definitely didn’t miss her all that much.

“Scarlett, be nice. We haven’t seen your sister in years,” their mother warned. Scarlett scoffed and rolled her eyes. Charlie tried to smile but all she could manage was an extremely painful grimace. Breathe in, breathe out.

The women standing tall in the massive kitchen were every bit as snooty as she remembered. Her great aunts Margaret “Mags” Bailey and Rosalie “Rosie” Bailey looked like they just stepped off a croquet court for stuffy black people. Despite being dressed in ‘cooking’ clothes, they dripped old world money and class. Their thick perfume was definitely more expensive than what she made in a year. It was enough to make Charlie want to tuck tail, grab Thor and run for the hills.

Her two older sisters Scarlett and Josephine stood shrewd, proud and bitchy. Her entire family was basically a walking Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana advertisement. Charlie felt underdressed in her off-brand dress and second hand shoes. It was painfully obvious Charlotte was the proverbial (though if you asked her older sisters they’d say literal) black sheep of the family. She sighed; one day back home and she was already counting down the minutes until she could leave again.

“Charlie!!” her baby sister shrieked as she raced into the kitchen. Charlie couldn’t help but grin as Eloise launched herself into Charlie’s arms.

“Ellie!” she giggled as she caught her sister.  

Eloise Mae Bailey-Thomas was the only family member Charlotte ever really got along with. Adopted as an infant a couple of years after Charlie was born (from where, no one seems to know for sure), she knew first hand what was like not to fit in with this stiff upper lipped, stuffed crust family. They formed a tight bond from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

“Holy shit!” Ellie exclaimed, “you look damn good!”

“Eloise Mae!” their mother chastised, astonished (not really) at her choice of language.

“Oh come off it, Mother. I don’t mean any harm,” Ellie waved her off with a roll of her eyes.

“I won’t stand to be disrespected in my own house, child.”

“Last I checked…this was Grandmother’s house, Mother,” Ellie challenged.

Charlie widened her eyes at her younger sister’s boldness. Where had this come from?? Had she really been gone that long? Ellie was always the braver one of the two but this was a new level. Gently tugging on her sister’s hand, Charlie non-verbally pleaded for her to back down. Ellie shook her head no and tugged her hand away.

“Mother, please,” Scarlett intervened, “let’s not fight today.” Nicole narrowed her gaze at her eldest daughter. There seemed to be something happening between them that Charlie couldn’t quite catch. With a huff, Nicole backed down. Ellie stepped back with her arms crossed defensively.

Very well. ‘Tis Christmas after all.”

Suddenly, a loud crash echoed from another room. Oh, hell, Charlie thought. What is it now?

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