thor and the warriors four


Katie: Wait, let me guess, you’re Thorse. Half Thor, half horse?

Beta Ray Bill: I am Beta Ray Bill.

Jack: Yeah, but you’re a horse with the power of Thor, right?

Beta Ray Bill: No, I am from an alien race called the –

Katie: Do you know a horse named Whitey?

Beta Ray Bill: I’m not a horse!

Katie: Can I ride you?

(Thor and the Warriors Four #2)

Reading "Thor and the Warriors Four"

A.k.a. the most perfect comic ever made. I can’t stop laughing, this is great and cute and funny. 

I mean, seriously. Just look at this sexy nurse:

Yup, totally Loki, trying to trick some children into doing some bad things for him. 

Of course the plan is totally ridiculous and it involves mainly turning everyone into babies:


The Warriors Three

Even Thor, who ends up hitting on baby Idunn (and pulling her hair, because that’s something he does when he likes someone. Just saying…)

Loki being the worst brother ever. I can’t deal with this panel, seriously. I love it so much.

Spanking Thor was totally the hidden purpose of this. Not killing him. Spanking him.

And of course, the plan backfires terribly. “Oh, poo” indeed.

Baby Loki still loves books a lot. Baby Enchantress is not so sure if she likes her boyfriend anymore.

Ok, this was a rather useless and silly post, I’m sorry. I just loved this a little bit too much.