thor 2 tv spot



yeah some loki and jane foster scenes in thor the dark world! also the new one!


the 4th pic by “whereareyouravengers” tumblr

Loki in Chains

Can I just say I’m really disappointed with Marvel for putting Loki in those chains? Put handcuffs on him, okay, but the collar or whatever that chain leading up to his neck is attached to? That’s just degrading. And unnecessary. They stuck Loki in prison, they tied his hands, okay, point made. No need to treat him like a complete lunatic who’s hell bent on destroying the universe (unless, of course, they want to change him into that lunatic, ‘cause somebody has to destroy Asgard… Ragnarok and all, but that’s so beside the point…). They’re effectively destroying whatever there is left to destroy in him… 
And I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but seeing stuff like this, I really can’t understand why some people ship Thorki (again, not attacking anyone, you’re free to ship whoever you want)…


what is that rumours that there’s a scene loki shapeshift into thor! 

and make a joke to jane , kissing her while she’s thinking she is kissing thor , and the camera moves away and show “thor’s back” and suddenly the hair start to change the blond to black, and finally is loki! and there the scene cuts

i heard that in facebook , and the people says that they read it on tumblr 

i was asking myself is that scene? well SPOILERS! this is in london, when jane and loki and thor teletransport from svaltalfheim, and they stay in jane’s departament until malekith arrives to earth again

and how tom said there is a scene when they take the stole dark elf ship and drive it to fast from somewhere on earth

im just freaking out in this moment, i need to find that post! 




ohh my lokane  feels :3 


 I bet that the only person who care about loki is jane

Yeah she punch him, but I think she didn’t know he was possessed

Later she will know and hear stories of loki childhood

And she knows how it feels to lost a mother

When she was young she lost her father and mother, so she knows it

And understand him

 I think that is the reason that loki protects her, she is the only one who cares now for him and also frigga died protecting her

just my thoughts


Thoughts about loki and how  he is with jane

 i was thinking in the trailers loki is very fond with jane, i just think he feels lonely and need companion, even if he don’t admit it, i remember the scene when loki said how make to think you can trust me? and thor said i don’t, i really feel the heart broken , and when thor says hope not longer exist to protect you

so in that moment he realize that without frigga he’s completely alone

and unconsciously he start to search for a new companion, and he found jane, a person like him, lonely, smart, quiet, (maybe with the fact that his mom died protecting her)

and you know the most recent scene when loki is protecting her, but not just protects her, is with his body!, so he don’t care about himself, he don’t care if he gets hurt or something else, he want to be sure that jane is safe , that’s all

so that gesture is very significant!

i repeat Is not fact he’s protecting her, the important thing that he’s doing that with HIS BODY! he could have protected her with a shield of magic but he didn’t



IM SO EXCITED!!!! im in the university now, and this poster is in the metro and very metro station! and i saw in public transport as well 

yeah i think i’ll not put attencion to the class today 

im so happy because too , the release date is 7! a one day before!!!!

the time is a 7 pm!!!!! i can’t wait!!!! 

this the first time i’ll see it LOKI IN A BIG SCREEN!!!!

yeah the past year i was having a problem so i couldn’t  go to the cinema to the avengers! :C!!!!!

but this day is my revenge!!!!! hehehe

oh i’ll scream like a little girl when i see loki! LOKIIII!!!!

tom hiddleston is beautiful!!!!!! he’s not human is like a god haha

and im a lokane shipper soooo oh my god!!!! *i must to controll myself* 

hehe thats what i’ll say when the lokane moments *-*-*-*!!!!!

thor well thor is thor! but for the start is loki! and jane!!!!

and im dying to see frigga and loki!!! oh my god i’ll cry seriously!!!!! 

so not much makeup e.e 

well  I CAN’T! WAIT! and you see the newspaper???  it was a adventure!!! to find it!!!!! yeah it was rare when i found it, was dove near to it, like a divine signal hahaha it was weird

this paper is free they distribute it in the metros, i had a heart attack when i was in the station and the next station all the people to arrive to the metro was having one! and i was like AHHHHHH!!!!!!! 

haha that was fun! “counting hours to meet you in the cinema”!!! loki xD