thor 2 the dark world

loki month : day 13-16 prompt -> relationship

Frigga, loki and thor

OK I know I am late, but look at all the efforts I have to put into this piece!
I love the relationships between these three, and frigga's unconditional love toward her sons. Here is what is wrong with odin-- his love is conditional, his son has to prove they are worthy of his love, which sometimes will lead to a child's self doubt or even worse.

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Guys, you can’t understand how much i need College!Jane Foster headcanons.

  • like, when people always said “astrophysiWHAT?? that’s so hard! you’re never gonna make it!/that’s for men/you should just quit” and Jane yelled at them ARE YA SAYING I CAN’T GET A PH.D IN PARTICLE PHYSICS?? WatCH mEE, BITCH. 
  • Jane sneaking with her friends into the roof to stargaze.
  • smoking while listening loud music (90′ music ahem) and doing science
  • awkward kisses in the mouth and writing papers in the middle of the night
  • little papercuts and always carrying 17.3 pens in her pockets
  • doodling planets absent minded in her arms, notes and like everywhere

just college!Jane Foster.