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So I’m slowly catching up with the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe and really looking forward to “Infinity War”…

… only to start wondering what will happen if Guardians meet Avengers.

Drax meeting Hulk.

Groot wanting to jump from building to building like Spiderman.

Rocket getting interested in Bucky’s arm.

Peter and Tony sassing the hell out of everyone.

Gamora and Natasha rolling their eyes at “their” idiots.

Mantis being absolutely delighted by the “weird” way Thor talks.

Kraglin seeing Hawkeye shooting arrows and trying to imitate it with the Yaka. 

Especially since I like the family dynamic between the Guardians more than that between the Avengers, I really do wonder how that will add up if we mix those two groups up. Will it help, especially the Avengers - or will it result in utter chaos?


WITH THE POWER OF PROCRASTINATION I have created this way too damn extensive sketchdump of me trying to figure out how to draw Loki Disney-style xD I still haven’t quite got it right :l but I also have 6 deadlines left to go, so ye xD

  • person: don't
  • me: fine i'll say it
  • person: dont
  • me: the get down ACTUALLY got cancelled because of the lack of (2 SECONDS OF) lgbtq+ poc representation and gay shit and lack of thizzee and those WHACK ass comic strips as filler ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

my cousin’s pitbull puppy figured out how to escape his pen and climb the fucking babygate. they should have called him houdini tbh


There is a difference in losing something you knew you had and losing something you discovered you had. One is a disappointment. The other is truly a loss.

Gayle Forman, Just One Year (2013)

darjavine  asked:

How do you feel about the characterization of the Maximoff twins in AOU? I mean, I know Whedon screwed up erasing their original heritage, but I think there was concern that he would write Wanda like mystically powerful yet waif-ish… you might know what I mean, I guess he's written some female characters like that in the past, but I didn't seem to notice any of that in Wanda… basically, in your opinion, what were the pros & cons of the Maxioffs' characterization?

On the whole, I did like the Maximoffs, though I don’t see why he had to erase their heritage. They could have slipped something in there, even just a passing comment that their parents were lighting the candles, which would imply they were gathered for the start of Shabbat for the Jewish side of their background. Or even just have one of the twins mutter a prayer or something rude in Yiddish. It wouldn’t have to be much, but it would be something. I don’t know enough about Roma culture to know what they could have included for their Roma heritage, but I know I could find out by asking people of Roma heritage for advice.

It frustrates me so much when film makers imply that it’s so hard to include diverse cultures. It’s not. It’s not difficult at all to put little glimpses of a culture in, even if it’s a marker that maybe only members of that culture will see and recognise. What is significant is that it’s there. It doesn’t matter if not everyone realises what it means. What matters is that the culture is represented, and the people of that culture have that moment when they see something of themselves on the screen. And, of course, we didn’t get it in this film.

Still, I very much liked the fact that Wanda was very clearly the one in charge, despite looking so much smaller and frailer. She’s the one who made the decisions about what they were going to do, and Pietro seemed more than happy to follow her lead. She came across as the brains of the operation, which was definitely unexpected. I’d been wary of the power-waif trope (see Buffy, River Tam, several of the Dollhouse girls, Fred), but thankfully, she seemed to avoid it. She was a grieving orphan who became angrier over time.

I don’t know if anyone else felt it, but to me, Pietro didn’t seem to get as much development as she did. He was mostly just wise-cracking and making faces, while Wanda got moments of vulnerability and doubts and fears all over the shop. I suspect this was because they planned on keeping her, but had no such intentions for him (mostly, I suspect, because we have Quicksilver #1 who was in X-Men last year).

For the most part, I liked the backstory they were given. However, I was incredibly unhappy with the fact that they ‘volunteered’ for HYDRA. Especially given in the extended canon of Agents of SHIELD, it is pretty much stated that HYDRA was abducting powered people for their experiments, and the end credit scene on TWS implies that the twins were not willing participants, given they were locked in glass cages.  

If they had even implied that they were manipulated or coerced into it with the promise of revenge, fine. But the way Whedon framed it was that they actively signed up, knowing who and what they were working for. I just… I dislike that he knowingly took characters who were canonically the children of a holocaust survivor and made them sign up to let Nazis experiment on them. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

Otherwise, I liked the “you killed our family, prepare to die” motivation, but I was somewhat miffed that it went nowhere. All their rage against Tony Stark was turned on the Avengers. Why all of the Avengers? Why not just go after Tony himself? He was the one responsible after all. The other guys had no part in weapons manufacture at any point in the past. Also, this plot point went literally nowhere once they came back to the good-guy side. Tony was never actually told that his weapons killed their family. There were general accusations, but nothing specific, and I think that was needed, especially given how much he cocked up with Ultron.

Oh, and there’s a thing: Tony’s vision was all the people he cared about being broken and dead and his world collapsing around him. Wanda wasn’t pulling punches with that vision. She pretty much showed him exactly what he did to her and her family. And yet, the only scene where he was confronted with it, he went “that wasn’t my life”. Excuse me, Mr “we call it the Jericho” Stark. You lie.

But back to the twins: mostly, I liked them, but in a film that was a trainwreck of inconsistant and awkward characterisation (specifically Natasha, Bruce, & Tony), muddy plotting, clumsy pacing, and relationships that are being built in the most amateurish way possible, I couldn’t bring myself to care a great deal about anyone (except Steve and Peggy, because oh lord, that scene took my heart and smashed it).

It genuinely saddens me how disappointed I was with the film as a whole. The action was spectacular, I’ll give it that, but as someone who studied film, is a professional writer (one whole novel! Whoo!) and does meta based on characterisation and storytelling, I came out feeling like it was a film from a completely different franchise. Since Avengers, the ante has been upped. The films have followed on, with increasing tension and darkness and humour. This film felt like it was ignoring all the development made through IM3, Thor 2, and Cap 2.

Still, I know people enjoyed it a lot, and fair play to you if you did. I just know it’s a film I won’t be watching again. And given I saw the first Avengers at least 8 times in the cinema, as we all as Cap 2 five times, IM3 twice, and Thor 2 twice, it tells you just how much I didn’t enjoy this film.

Imagine the only reason Loki looks Asgardian (not his regular Jotun appearance) is because Odin cast a spell on Loki when he stole Loki. After the events of The Dark World (Thor 2), Odin is still on the throne but Loki is simply on house/palace arrest. However, as part of the punishment, Odin reverses the spell and Loki is stuck in his Jotnar appearance. Distraught, he refuses to ever leave his bedroom.

You have been Loki’s long time lover/friend and even with Loki’s appearance, you refuse to stop loving him. Eventually you manage to convince him to let you into his room where you embrace him and kiss him passionately, refusing to let him think of himself as a monster and fiercely promising to protect him from any hateful looks. At first Loki doubts you but concedes to let you stay.