thor 2 spoilers


Ok. So do you know how in the original Thor: the dark world script Loki was supposed to die but in the last moment they changed it and added the last scene with Odin (Loki) and Thor because they realized how popular Loki was?

This means that when they first filmed Loki’s death scene they didn’t know he was going to be revived. In that scene Loki was really dying. For real. No tricks. Loki was being sincere about his last words because he was supposed to get redemption through his death (yeah, cliché as shit) 

So when people says he is lying in these gifs:

He was actually being genuine in the original script (of course with the new added scene this gets a totally different meaning but at least we can say Tom’s acting here was 100% sincere, when he said “I didn’t do it for him” he wasn’t thinking “I did it for myself hehe”)

In this interview ^ Alan Taylor says that initially this scene was very different from the final result. I think the reason is because at first this scene was *LOKI’S DEATH*, It had to be really important and dramatic because he is a well loved character and that was his last time in the Marvel franchise AND ALSO BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE A GREAT TRAUMA FOR THOR AND THIS WAY HE WOULD GROW AS A CHARACTER.

But with the changes (aka. Loki lives) they had to tone down the drama because “why all the tears and drama? he is still alive, let’s cut this or Thor will look like an idiot for crying and not realizing he is being tricked again! Let’s get over this quickly, plot plot plot!”

I am not saying the final result is non-dramatic, but taking into account what Alan said I think this is what happened and it bothers me