thor 2 special features

Hi guys! Some of you seemed confused about the special features content in the Thor 2 DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D. Personnally, I bought the DVD because it was cheaper (20$). It only include an “Exclusive look” at Marvel’s Cap murica 2 and one deleted scene (Jane and Thor).Basically, don’t buy the DVD if you want good special features.Tho On the Blu-ray edition, there’s a shitload of cool shits, here’s a list:

All hail the King - A Marvel One-Shot (it’s about the fake terrorist in Iron Man 3)

A brothers journey - Thor & Loki (p.1)

A brothers journey- Thor & Loki (p.2)

Exclusive look - Cap ‘murica: The Winter Soldier

Scoring Thor The Dark World with Bryan Tyler

Deleted & Extended scenes: Extended Celebration scene

Deleted & Extended scenes: Jane learns about the aether

Deleted & Extended scenes: Loki: The First Avenger

Deleted & Extended scenes: Thor and Frigga discuss Loki

Deleted & Extended scenes: Dark Elves prepare for battle

Deleted & Extended scenes: Extented Vanaheim scene

Extented Celebration scene commentary by Alan Taylor & Kramer Moregenthau

Jane learns about the aether commentary by Alan Taylor & Kramer Moregenthau

Loki: The First Avenger commentary by Tom Hiddleston

Thor and Frigga discuss Loki commentary by Kevin Feige

Dark Elves prepare for battle commentary by Kevin Feige

Gag reel

Thor The Dark World audio commentary

Notes: Some of the special features above might be only for the Blu-ray 3D Comba Pack. I know it’s stupid, they should all be on the Blu-ray edition but yea, that’s marketting. Have a nice day! - Jade

thewinterizzy  asked:

re: Thor 2 DVD, the only special features on the DVD version are the special preview of The Winter Soldier and one deleted scene. If you're into special features and have the option, I'd definitely go with the Blu-Ray. Unfortunately the DVD isn't worth it if you want more than just the film even though Blu-Ray costs more.

Info for those who are curious about what special features are on the Thor: The Dark World DVD.