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↳ “You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.”


Thor Week Day 07:

  • Thor as a leader and/or king
Morning (Alrik Lokison x Reader)

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Warnings: None

Pairing: Alrik Lokison (Marvel OC) x Reader

Prompt:It’s morning and Alrik doesn’t want you to leave the bed just yet.”

Word Count: 300

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i just want you to know that i headcanon asgardian fashion to be ugly as fuck next to vanir fashion. asgardians wearing random bits of armor on their every day clothes???? nah man. the vanir don’t have time for that shit armor is uncomfortable and they’ll only wear it when there is a period of mourning or in battle. they have embroidery fucking down. everyone wears silks. there are long flowing dresses, breezy, comfortable, and ceremonial robes. colors. oh my god there is an array of colors (why do i pretty much only see the random asgardians is pastels tho???)that mean things. blue and purple are special to the royal family and are their official colors. green honors nobility. everyone looks good simply bc the clothing is better designed on vanaheim.


me watching new justice league footage: wow I can’t believe batman’s going to be in the new aquaman movie

  • Me: *sees the civil war set pictures with the casket with a union jack flag on it*
  • Me: Ah. So Marvel's going to introduce a new British character only to kill them. There is no possible way this could be a preexisting character. Definitely not.
  • Me: *sees the funeral program that literally says funeral of Margaret 'Peggy' Carter 1921-2016*
  • Me: Yes. A new character. Who will die. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE OTHER EXPLANATION.

                                                   something about you is unsettled , bones just slightly displaced ——— like everything under the skin has been shifted just a millimeter to the right. undetectable to the naked eye , but wrong. he doesn’t try for a smile. doesn’t know how it’d turn out. lets his fingers press against the edge of his thigh.     if you’re trying to blend in –     says it slow , each word catching over teeth ; he doesn’t want to look at him directly ,    “ – you’re missing it by a mile. 


Because when you’re lying on a bed and tossing a cup up, it sort of alters your perception of the horizontal axis. And most times I was able to flip up the cup and catch it in front of my face, and then, on one particular occasion, I just missed, and a steel mug slammed me right in the forehead. 

-Thor 2 commentary from Tom Hiddleston.


So I was watching Thor 2 again, and something occurred to me…

Does anyone else think that it was Kurse’s blood that saved Loki’s life?

I mean, let’s look back at this scene

Malekith stabs Algrim with the knife which would probably be either a death wound or near close to it, but then he uses the rock (I’m not sure what it’s really called) and puts it inside the wound, thus healing Algrim. It’s only until Algrim takes out the rock and destroys it that he turns into Kurse.

So then when Loki gets stabbed by Kurse, the blade is already coated in Kurse’s blood and thus gets into his system (which would also explain why Loki’s skin turns all gray and chalky). So it may be possible that Kurse’s blood had the same effect on Loki as the rock did on Algrim and saved his life. However, I’m not exactly sure what other effects Kurse’s blood may have on Loki, if there will be any other effects.

IDK, someone may have already come up with this theory since the movie came out so many months ago, but I figured I’d share it.