thor 2 gifs


I’m like… 84.32% sure that this clip of Thor is actually of Loki. First of all, since when does Thor sit like that? I know we’ve never seen him on the throne before but his posture is so ‘loki-like’ here! Second of all, since when does he *talk* like that? The way he talks also sounds more like loki’s sassy demeanor. “You’re just… the worst” = “I’m not saying I don’t like our little talks I just… don’t like them”

Finally, Maybe she came back to claim the throne in a deal with Loki for bringing him back. So loki is saying “I would love for someone else to rule” maybe because he’s tired/bored of being on the throne after all this time and it wasn’t what he thought it was. It didn’t bring him the satisfaction he thought it would. “Satisfaction is not in my nature.”

Maybe he’s pretending he’s Thor so that she wouldn’t try to fight him since Thor is stronger and more threatening.

I don’t know. This is all clueless speculation lol