ppl who hate tony: well thor hates him too!

thor: except for this one *paps tonys chest* theres nothing that cant be explained!

taika: thor got his humor from hangin out w tony so much

ppl who hate tony: okay then, nebula fuckin hates him. she’ll ditch his ass in space lol

actress who plays nebula: and nebula has a new bff in the movie! gosh im excided for this! (new trailer reveals her new bff is tony)

ppl who hate tony: but!! shuri! she MUST hate him right! right! she roasts his tech all the time and calls him stupid right!

shuri herself in shuri #4 (2019): hey tony i have this world-ending issue lets solve it together cause we’re both smart but would be smarter together

just saying. youre all alone on this hill you chose to die on, pals

Peter: due to personal reasons I’m going to have an existential crisis

Steve: didn’t you have one yesterday?

Tony: *hisses at Steve*

Tony: shut up! He’s finally being vocal about what’s bothering him

Tony: *turning back to Peter*

Tony: go ahead, I’ll make sure the fridge is stocked with ice cream

Peter: chocolate chip cookie dough?

Tony: of course


Peter: Angst, angst, angst, angst, angst

Loki: Are you ok, child?

Peter: Huh? Oh, sorry, just scrolling down ao3.

Tony and Stephen are the couple that accidentally get married in Vegas at like 3 AM and only realize it the next morning when they see the wedding papers and that they’re wearing wedding rings.

Thor and Bruce are the couple that have each planned out their proposal a hundred thousand times and they end up popping the question to each other at the same time under the stars and have a nice quiet wedding somewhere pretty and peaceful.

The one thing both couples have in common is that, no matter how it happened, they’re thrilled, completely over the moon, to be married to the person they love.

Tony: As a child, when faced with a dilemma, my Aunt Peggy encouraged me to ask what would Jesus do? The answer to that was always love thy neighbour. But my neighbour had a toupee, so that wasn’t going to happen. But that’s why I changed it to, what would Spock do?

Bruce: Did you find that helpful?

Tony: Yes. Oh, for example, three years ago when I discovered Thor was eating all my Pop-Tarts, instead of getting angry or vindictive, you know, I got a floor safe.

Thor: I knew I could smell ’em.