thompsons gazelle

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okay well i volunteer at a zoo so i have a few stories okay 1. i literally told everyone to not pet our hedgehog//cut to some lady asking how he feels i say i don’t really handle him much without gloves so she reaches out and touches him and then complains that he’s not fuzzy 2. i do an entire presentation on snakes vs legless lizards//cut to literally everyone going “look at the snake!” as i bring our legless around 3. countless people calling our thompson gazelles baby giraffes (i have more dw

My favorite was the family that kept telling there kids to look at the llama when it was the alpaca exhibit. The kids tried to correct them, so did the staff but they kept telling the kids to look at the llama.



Figured I’m due a new family photo since I’ve had quite a few new additions! 

Ungulates: Yak, Zebu, Pig, Thompsons Gazelle, Blackbuck antelope, Sheep x 2, Roe deer, Fallow doe, Young Red deer buck, Yearling muntjac, older muntjac, Mouflon Ram.

Canidae: Coyote, Grey fox, Red fox, Domestic dog (dachshund)

Mustelidae: American River Otter, American Badger, American mink, Skunk, Weasle.

Rodentia: Beaver, Porcupine, Muskrat, Brown Rat, Hamster, Mouse, Grey Squirrel. (complete articulated rat skeleton not shown)

Birds: Jackdaw, Crow, Wood Pidgeon, Mallard duck, Woodcock, Razorbill

Felidae: European shorthair cat, Alaskan bobcat, Alaskan Lynx

Misc: Racoon, Rabbit, Possum, Human Caucasian female, Siamese Crocodile, Common Map Turtle shell, Rock Hyrax

Note: The human skull is over 100 and was owned by a family friend of ours who was a surgeon and used her as a medical study skull. Due to her age she is legal to have without a licence. I never thought I’d even have a skull like her aaaAAAHHH!

My boyfriend got me a beautimus Thompson’s Gazelle skull! I really liked it as it was though it was mounted and painted a rather insipid white, so I decided to try my hand at restoring its natural boney goodness and have succeeded! There are still some little flecks of paint left to scrape out of pesky little ridges, but considering the paint wasn’t soluble I think I did a pretty bang up job!

Look at those horns!