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ittybittytortugatitty  asked:

I have wanted to get a tattoo of an old (14-15 century) woodcut for a long time now. my favorites are the weird looking creatures that look cobbled together out of lots of other bits and pieces of animals and the snails fighting knights... If you were to choose a woodcut or drawing for a tattoo what would you pick?

I’m a terrible person to ask this, because I’d probably end up with, like, the physiologus panther, or a rampant crow, or the most disproving marginal fish of all.

But I do kind of like the worried rabbit riding a man-snail into battle on the right.

[BL, Yates Thompson 8, fol. 294r]

Historiated initial ‘N’(el) of Dante and Virgil in a dark wood, with four half-length figures representing Justice, Power, Peace, and Temperance, with the arms of Alfonso V below, at the beginning of the Divina Comedia, Italy (Tuscany, Siena?), 1444-c. 1450, Yates Thompson MS 36, f. 1r

from the British Library

Dante Alighieri died today in 1321 (13th September), a fact which may  @commedia-divina may observe