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I have wanted to get a tattoo of an old (14-15 century) woodcut for a long time now. my favorites are the weird looking creatures that look cobbled together out of lots of other bits and pieces of animals and the snails fighting knights... If you were to choose a woodcut or drawing for a tattoo what would you pick?

I’m a terrible person to ask this, because I’d probably end up with, like, the physiologus panther, or a rampant crow, or the most disproving marginal fish of all.

But I do kind of like the worried rabbit riding a man-snail into battle on the right.

[BL, Yates Thompson 8, fol. 294r]

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Nah, Peggy/Angie will never be canon. They cast and crew are just queerbaiting, but there's no way they'll make a Marvel protagonist bisexual (they'll have a lesbian protagonist first, I predict). And seeing how this show has a total disregard for historical truth when it comes to portraying the huge diversity 1940s NYC had in race and sexual orientation so far I doubt they'll make Angie queer. Would love to be proven wrong, of course, as I love Cartinelli but I have no hopes.

“There’s no way they’ll make a marvel protagonist bisexual” ok

No need to make one bisexual, they already have.

first part will be mostly cartinelli; second part is mostly POC/queer representation. so if anyone wants to continue this discussion with me (big deer eyes, please do) you can either comment on all of it or only the keynotes or ye; (this is like 1.5k meta on marve’s agent carter jsyk)

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