thompson sisters week

Announcing Liz and Patty Week 2016!

It’s about time we showed some love to our favorite sisterly duo! Liz and Patty week will be running from Sunday September 4th to Saturday September 10th. That’s right! Seven nonstop days full of brand new Thompsons centric content!

Day 1 - Childhood

Day 2 - Home

Day 3 - Found Family

Day 4 - Sugar and Spice

Day 5 - Sisters

Day 6 - Protector

Day 7 - We’ll Always Have Eachother

Make whatever you like! Art, fics, graphics, fanmixes; so long as it fits the themes of the week anything goes! You may also feel free to include your favorite Liz and or Patty ships in your content, but make sure to keep it centered on the sisters! This week is all about them after all! Otherwise, have fun and be as creative with the themes as you like!

On the dates above post what you’ve made and tag it as lizandpattyweek or thompsonsistersweek so that we can find it and share it on the blog! Tagging @thompsonsistersweek works well too!

Please reblog to spread the word and thanks in advance to everyone who plans on participating!