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Just One Dance Pt. 1 (Peter Parker Imagine)

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request:Can you do an imagine with Peter and Reader where they are just messing around until te reader says “I will give you 50 bucks if I can take you to Christmas dinner and tell my family we’re together.They always ask if I’m dating and I can’t have that conversation again.” Peter says yes they go they do a great job but Peter ends up liking her she does to and they end up a relationship. Sorry it us so long thanks you ! Love your writing!!!” (requested by anon)

short summary: after you find yourself making a hasty bet with flash about getting a date for homecoming, you need Peter to help keep your end of the bargain. (this will be a multipart series partly bc i’m tired and partly bc i wanna develop this more)

length: 2k words 

warnings: some swearing & it’s so teen angsty i’m sorry i truly am aaaa sorry 

A/N: i kinda loosely followed the request bc like it really gave off a “im in my mid-20s and my old fashioned ass fam thinks ppl need to be married by now” so i kinda edited a bit to be more realistic amongst teens hope it worked soz it’s short but it’s gonna be a series

You were always stubborn. A lot of people called you a bitch for it, but you just called it taking no shit from anyone, and never backing down from a challenge.

So when Flash started running his big mouth during homeroom at your expense, it took everything in you not to smack him in the face. You tried to ignore it at first, as you worked on your calculus homework, you truly did. But Flash always liked to get a rise out of you because he knew he could get under your skin.

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hey kids, here’s faith with your daily ridiculous (but very possibly true because it’s all backed up by facts) agent carter theory!

in an interview, hayley stated that if they went forward with a season 3, the plot would have to be big. like, as big as her finding out steve’s still alive big.

what is that big? what could genuinely be that big? maybe finding out that bucky’s alive? and beyond that, a hydra experiment known as the winter soldier?

after all, it was confirmed by the people behind agent carter that fennhoff begins the winter soldier program with arnim zola, presumably after the events of the first season of agent carter when they’re both locked up.

it makes sense that we went to los angeles when we did, we got a time skip and touched on another plot–that’s what shows often do, before bringing back the first season something-or-another in the 3rd/later season to show the hero that there are ~repercussions~ and whatnot

(this part is fuzzy so bear with me) so fennhoff and zola have had time to break out? get accomplices? something? and collect bucky’s body and start using zola’s science and fennhoff’s brainwashing on him. 

and surely they have a common enemy; even if they haven’t made the connection between fennhoff’s carter and the ssr and the connection she and the agency had to steve, they’re both very aware of howard stark.

you know, the howard stark who (presumably, based on clippings in captain america: the winter soldier) bucky/the winter soldier eventually kills.

so, you may be thinking–”why now faith? why do you think they’re going to do this plot now? you did want this plot for season two a year ago, i remember, you wrote that whole script!” yes. yes, i did. but do you remember how season 2 just ended?

a man came in and (presumably) assassinated (or at least shot at close range) jack thompson, a well-known ssr man, connected to peggy, connected to howard. a man who has files that have some deep dirt from the war, as we’re lead to believe. files that the assassin picked up before stepping out.

and he had two black gloves on so we couldn’t see his hands.

you know. helpful for a guy who could be hiding that he has a metal arm.

now, i’m not gonna come here and say 100% that man is bucky barnes. but there’s something in my gut, something in the back of my mind that’s hearing that big marvel saying of “it’s all connected” and thinking…

it definitely could be.


A Look Across the Partially Melting Waters of Bow Lake to Mountains and a Glacier (Banff National Park) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
A look to the southwest while walking around the Simpson’s Num-Ti-Jah Lodge area. The mountainsides and peaks on either side from left to right are Mount Thompson and Mount Jimmy Simpson. Bow Glacier and the Wapta Icefield are towards the image center. By keeping the exposure more to the right, I was able to capture some of the details in the overcast skies above and bring out some richer colors to the setting on an otherwise blah kind of a day.