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To celebrate Venom reaching 150 issues in May, the return of Eddie Brock as Venom, and this blog reaching over 2,000 followers, I pieced together all 150 Venom titles into one image. Thanks for all the support guys and long live Venom!

Witch Hunt

“Jesse sent out an email to the pack while you were out.  People should start arriving soon.”  Mercy explained quickly.  Honey and Ben both nodded in recognition of the fact. “I think the goal is easy enough.  We find them, before they take one of us.”

“I saw Goody Cornick with the devil.”  Her daughter said off-handedly.  She pushed back her hair from her face and grinned when people had turned to look at her.  “Just if we need a starting point.”

“If you’re suggesting we hang Leah Cornick at the gallows, I really don’t think that’s a brilliant idea.”  Warren chuckled warmly.  Trust Mercy or her step daughter to lighten the mood when it got tense.  Ben looked at him, confused, and he explained.  “The Crucible.  It’s a play by Arthur Miller about the Red Scare.  I’ve seen it once or twice now, thanks to trips to New York with Kyle.  I recommend it, and that’s saying a bit.”

“They show American theatre in England.”  Honey laughed.

“I have a feeling Ben didn’t go out of his way to see it.”  Warren smiled.  “Though for someone who claims to be fairly well-read, I’m surprised he didn’t know about it.”

Ben shrugged.

“Real witches,”  Adam refocused everyone.  “We have a problem with real witches, not communists right now.”

“Did you put Ben in a pilgrim hat?’  Mercy choked, entering the living room with cookies for the pack that was gathered there.  Ben was one of the few in wolf form, there would be a few members that way at all times now.

“Don’t ask where I found it, just marvel at it.”  Jesse smiled and turned back to the wolf to pat him.  “He’s going on a witch hunt, he has to dress for the occasion.”  

Ben wasn’t going to mind the attention, he was self-centered and often full of himself.  He knew he was a pretty wolf, he’d wear a hat if it mean people would look at him.

Mercy could only laugh, she wasn’t going to ask where her daughter had found the hat.

Okay, I’m book pushing again, and it’s a book series that I know I’ve pushed before but seriously guys, more people need to read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.  The characters are great, funny, realistic, and memorable, no one is portrayed as infallible, and moral dilemmas are often brought up and reacted to with many people acknowledging that there may not be a perfect solution but accepting that decisions still have to be made. 

The pacing is great as well.  It gives you action and when it does it moves fast and keeps your attention with great flow and timing, but it slows down enough to also let you catch your breath an build characters or lore.  Still the slow parts never seem to drag and you can frequently find yourself just enjoying the slow parts as if you were having a lazy hangout day with friends.

This is one of those fantasy creatures in our world type of series (specifically vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts, and fae) so if you aren’t into that I can’t promise that this’ll change your mind.  However if you’re on the fence or kind of like them (and especially if you really like them) then it’s sure to peak and keep your interest. 

Another interesting thing it does is bring up a lot of interesting social and sort of political issues and tackles them in a way that’s both relatable to the reader yet not out of place in the books.  It is interesting a head strong woman have to work her way around a mildly patriarchal system trying to both help and work against people who are very set in their ways (this is in part due to some wolf magic stuff and the fact that half the people the main character, Mercy, interacts with are a century or more old).  Some of the other issues looked at in this books are people’s reluctancey to change their ways,  at what point reasonable awareness becomes prejudice, homophobia, racism, panic attacks, rape, (both female and male and neither of them are treated as a joke or as less significant than the other) and a few others that do work there way seamlessly into the stories we’re given.

To be honest, the book series is great and highly recommended, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it.  

Except Christy, fuck Christy. 

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Adam would have been the hottest and coolest guy of the whole University, that one who is surrounded by all cheerleaders :)

University AU where 

Adam is ROTC, majoring in Poli Sci

Sam is that childhood friend who’s about to graduate med school

Mercy is…I mean we know she’s a history major.  There’s nothing to change there.

Warren is in grad school, met Mercy because he was a student worker.

Kyle is in his first semester of law school after graduating undergrad a semester early

Ben was studying abroad for a semester, winds up transferring for the completion of his degree.  Meets Mercy and Warren at a party where he’s definitely on something and they bring him home.

Christy is complicated because she was  Adam’s high school sweetheart, but they broke up.  Everyone thinks they still bang but no one is sure.  She’s wants her degree in nursing but has a minor in history now because she can’t stand Mercy.

Honey is the hot TA that everyone wants to tap

Peter isn’t dead.

The signs as Soul Eater weapons

Aries: Giriko

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Taurus: Soul Eater Evans

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Gemini: Excalibur

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Cancer: Elizabeth (Liz) Thompson

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Leo: Marie Mjolnir

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Virgo: Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré

Libra: Albarn Spirit

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Scorpio: Ragnarok

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Sagittarius: Patricia (Patty) Thompson

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Capricorn: Yumi Azusa

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Aquarius: Justin Law

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Pisces: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

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Better Than

“Tell me.”  She spoke softly.  She wasn’t delicate, as much as her father liked to pretend she was.  Ben knew that, but it didn’t make this any easier for him.  “Everyone says that you’re the one who has to do it.  Tell me why I should be scared of you.”

“You know what I did.”  He snapped at her, but he didn’t mean it.  Porsche Hauptman was smart enough to know he was trying to scare her off.  She had also been in the presence of an angry Adam Hauptman and it took a little more to make her run with her tail between her legs.  He did succeed in making her wince, but it was because she was hurt he’d try to frighten her off instead of speak to her.  

“I don’t.”  She said smartly.  “You won’t tell me.”

“Your father, your mother, and your grandfather have all spoken to you about me.”  He reminded her.  She knew he was scared of whatever it was he was hiding.  He lashed out when he was scared.  Ben’s wolf was scary, but he was also better at playing the defensive.  “You know enough.”

“I know you were accused of more than a dozen rapes in London when you were in your twenties—so maybe three decades ago?”  Something else he had noticed about Porsche in the past year, she had picked up dangerous habits from her time living with the Marrok.  She deliberately placed herself on the floor in front of him, she was playing the weaker.

She had been partially raised by her parents and partially raised by the Marrok himself.  The only other born-wolf in existence was entirely raised by the Marrok and he was trained to be a well-oiled machine.

Porsche was no Charles, but she had grown up in this game.  She spoke it like a second language and she was good at playing her part.

She was more dangerous than she looked and Ben knew she was going to get what she wanted from him, something even her father had only brushed the surface of.

“You killed another wolf.”  She said off-handedly.  “Your second.”

“You did your research.”  She smiled at him, but it wasn’t something that met her eyes nor did it suit her face.  

“I don’t want to interrogate you.”

“So why are you trying?”  He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.  “Don’t interrogate me if you don’t want to.”

She shrugged and it irritated him more.  She was pushing his buttons because if he wouldn’t tell her gently, he would tell her if she challenged him and made him explode.  She played dangerously, something that had gotten her into trouble when she had lived in New York.

She had clearly learned her hard limits.

“Did you do it?”  She asked suddenly.  It caught him off guard, he hadn’t expected her to be so blunt.  She gauged his reaction carefully.  “Were you responsible?”

“I don’t know, was I?”  He asked back.

“I wasn’t there.”  She fiddled with the hem of her shirt.  She wasn’t making eye contact, but he knew nothing was bothering her yet because he knew right now the only thing on her mind was finding out the truth.  “You would have to tell me.  Why should I think you did it?”

“It’s becoming of me.”  He replied sharply.

“Becoming how?”  

“It’s a walking stereotype.”  He would play her game a little.  “Those exist for reasons, don’t they, stereotypes?  Someone had to do it first for it to become the generalized expectation.”

“You were abused.”  He hadn’t expected her to get that. Ben ran his hand through his hair, he was losing this battle.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Yes you did.”  She insisted.  “What other stereotype is there?  Someone who is abused will abuse.”  He waited for her question but it didn’t come.

“She didn’t stop it.”   He had already walked into her trap, now she was just going to pull ahead by a mile.

“Obviously.”  Porsche agreed.  “You said you were a stereotype.  If she stopped it, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  You were abused and you went through the Change.  Perfect circumstances, perfect stressor.  You’re upset, your sex drive is way higher but you can’t do anything about it.  You resort to the obvious solution for someone who was raised the way you were, love and sex are all about some sort of violence.  You get a second chance and come to the United States.  You know you can’t fuck this one up, you learn to keep better control but even today those first few years get to you.”

Ben didn’t speak.  His jaw was aching because his teeth were clenched so tightly.

“There you go, you got it.”  He growled, and his eyes weren’t entirely his.  She finally stopped fiddling with her hands and looked up at him with sad eyes.

“Except I didn’t.”  She whispered.  “I didn’t factor in your second, because that would ruin the stereotype.  You didn’t know how to handle your wolf perfectly, no one does when they’re that young.  You’re now in another situation where you have to listen to what someone else says.”  He didn’t want to listen to her because he knew she was about to dig up a skeleton he had thought he buried.  “You felt sick because you think you were no better than she was.  You watched, you didn’t stop him, and maybe you liked it.  That scared you more than anything, the satisfaction you got from watching, from knowing.

“You tried to commit suicide.  You didn’t think you could stop him.”  She brushed hair out of her face.  When had she stood up?  “You killed him.”

“You’re emphasizing the wrong part.”  His mouth was dry, his voice cracked.

“You didn’t rape them.”

“I didn’t save them.”  His eyes were shut tight.  He wouldn’t look at her.

“No, you didn’t.”  She agreed.  He felt her hand squeeze his reassuringly.  “And that’s something I can’t take away from your conscience.  That is something you can come to peace with or that can drive you for the rest of your life.  Think of how much worse this all would have been if you had let it continue.”

“I let it happen.”

“You aren’t her.”  She promised him and he wasn’t sure how she could promise anything like that.  He wasn’t sure how she could be so certain of it.  It made him feel sick.  “You held me.”  And now her voice sounded hurt.  “You never told me.”

“It isn’t something I address.”  He opened his eyes and looked at her for a moment before he dropped his gaze to the floor.  “It had nothing to do with you.  You can’t fix it.”

She wrapped her arms around him and he wasn’t sure what to do.  Porsche confused him, he suspected that would never change.  She was full of strange surprises.  

“No, I can’t.”  She agreed.  “I don’t want to.”  She caught his gaze and slowly planted a light kiss on his lips for only a moment.  “I love you.  I don’t love what happened to you.  Right or wrong, I don’t love you for what you’ve done.  I love you and I love you for who you are right now.

I would love you more if you could grow to trust me with something like this.”  

Ben nodded.

“It gives you nightmares.”  She looked into his eyes and he had to look away again.  “I hear you, in the middle of the night.  I wish you had told me.  You know about mine.”

“I know.”  He apologized.  “I’m sorry.”

“A lot of what happened with me,”  She said carefully, moving to the side to force him to look at her again.  “It bothered you because of this.  You started having nightmares again because of me.”

He couldn’t say anything this time, not without hurting her more.  His wolf had found her interesting when she was still significantly underage.  He was her senior and someone she had grown up trusting.  He had been a caretaker on several occasions.

A caretaker didn’t sleep with their charge, nor should they be lusting after them.

“It was fine when it was only my wolf.”  He admitted, his stomach churning.  “I could reason that.  Wolves don’t always understand human societal standards.  I could control that.  It was another thing when it was me.”

He knew she was going to ask him if she should leave.  She cared too much, she would put him first.  If it made him feel better to have her leave and never come back, she would.

“I love you, too.”  He said finally.  “I’ll tell you about it one day, ok?  If you still want to know it all.  Not right now.”

She could accept that for now.

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He’s technically not innocent.  I don’t think he’s innocent entirely in canon, maybe the unpopular opinion?  I’m not sure what the popular opinion is on that.  I think enough hints have been dropped that he certainly did something, it’s just a matter of what it was.

Working on the one where Adam meets Anna.  Kind of hard to do, there’s so much Omega stuffs that I’m drowning in it a little.  Also have another Roy request to work on.  I have another Anna one that I think just came in. 

Ok, let’s be honest I think I have quite a few requests to write.  I’m sorry, I got swept away in my longer fic (this might be a part of that now that it’s written tbh…but idk where it’d fit).  

I almost made this Mercy and Ben because I have like three requests for that…(imagine me whining here) I have a really hard time with that pairing, guys.  I love Mercy x Adam way too much.

Bran is very practical. He is a zealot whose cause is the survival of the werewolves. He will sacrifice almost anything to that cause. He believes that he would sacrifice either or both of his sons—and they believe it, too. But whenever that seems to be a necessity, somehow matters work out differently.
—  Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs