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Okay, I’m book pushing again, and it’s a book series that I know I’ve pushed before but seriously guys, more people need to read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.  The characters are great, funny, realistic, and memorable, no one is portrayed as infallible, and moral dilemmas are often brought up and reacted to with many people acknowledging that there may not be a perfect solution but accepting that decisions still have to be made. 

The pacing is great as well.  It gives you action and when it does it moves fast and keeps your attention with great flow and timing, but it slows down enough to also let you catch your breath an build characters or lore.  Still the slow parts never seem to drag and you can frequently find yourself just enjoying the slow parts as if you were having a lazy hangout day with friends.

This is one of those fantasy creatures in our world type of series (specifically vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts, and fae) so if you aren’t into that I can’t promise that this’ll change your mind.  However if you’re on the fence or kind of like them (and especially if you really like them) then it’s sure to peak and keep your interest. 

Another interesting thing it does is bring up a lot of interesting social and sort of political issues and tackles them in a way that’s both relatable to the reader yet not out of place in the books.  It is interesting a head strong woman have to work her way around a mildly patriarchal system trying to both help and work against people who are very set in their ways (this is in part due to some wolf magic stuff and the fact that half the people the main character, Mercy, interacts with are a century or more old).  Some of the other issues looked at in this books are people’s reluctancey to change their ways,  at what point reasonable awareness becomes prejudice, homophobia, racism, panic attacks, rape, (both female and male and neither of them are treated as a joke or as less significant than the other) and a few others that do work there way seamlessly into the stories we’re given.

To be honest, the book series is great and highly recommended, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it.  

Except Christy, fuck Christy. 

To celebrate Venom reaching 150 issues in May, the return of Eddie Brock as Venom, and this blog reaching over 2,000 followers, I pieced together all 150 Venom titles into one image. Thanks for all the support guys and long live Venom!

anonymous asked:

I have been reading your stories for hours, and I live all of them! You truly are an inspiration! 😆 (by the way, do you have any fantasy books to recommend? I'm dying for some good books to read during weekends!)

Oh gosh! There are so many great fantasy books this year and I haven’t read most of them! So here’s a short list of my go-to favorites!

The Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs (urban fantasy)

Tamora Pierce (everything she’s ever done! Young adult, fantasy)

The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E. Mills (classic film noir, detective, urban fantasy)

The Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep

…and more! I’ll take a look at my bookshelf when I get home. Some I just remember from their plots so I’ll have to check out the titles!

A fast sketch of our girlz! <3 :p, I was trying to make hands and expressions (:

Tsubaki: It feels a little tight, right girls?

Liz: … 

Maka: Nope, only yours 

Patty: :D 

Ignore the colored skeletons underneath xD, I was stupid and draw everything over the sketch :’T

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could you guys rec some fics that bring attention to how handsome james buchanan bucky barnes is?

for sure!

Cough Syrup by castiowl

Two weeks into his first semester of college, Steve gets sick. Which is fine, really, except he can’t buy himself Nyquil because he’s not 18 yet. So he enlists the help of a handsome RA.

I’m In Luck by steveandbucky

Steve is sketching a handsome stranger on the train, and gets caught. Luckily, the man doesn’t mind.

(For an anon’s request, ‘meeting on a train ride’ au)

The Curse of Natalis by afrikate and it’s series

In 1943, during a firefight turned ugly in the North African desert, Bucky Barnes is bitten by werewolf. After capturing Barnes, Dr. Arnim Zola becomes intrigued with the possibilities werewolves present to Hydra. Unfortunately, one member of Hydra fails to read the instruction manual.

Set in the MCU and the Mercy Thompson novels by Patricia Briggs. Readers do not need to be familiar with the books in order to enjoy this story.

This is part one of a five-part series. Part 2 is already up, part 3 is in beta, and parts 4-5 are being worked on.