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Lily Sunders Gives Me Hope. Or, How Supernatural Has Upped Its Gender Game Beyond Vigilante Villainesses & Single Man Tears.

@elizabethrobertajones, I think I get a medal for the longest titles to my meta. I imagine something where the name of the medal doesn’t fit on it.

I have to admit, initially, I was at a loss for this week’s challenge of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt, which asked to draw parallels between “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Love Hurts.” But then, 12x10. The gift that keeps on giving. Now, I could talk about Cas’s female vessel, but then this meta would rival War and Peace in word count. Because I have a lot of feelings about that.

No, I have to say, outside of all the Destiel things in that episode, which I enjoyed (ha - enjoyed. Try “was so deeply in the thrall of I literally couldn’t sleep Thursday night,”) I am just a little bit in love with Lily Sunders.

Not just because I have a thing for redheads with eyepatches (I do), but because she is such a refreshing female MoTW. In that - let’s be honest - she’s not much of a monster at all. Continuing season 12′s impressive track record of being able to cultivate compelling villains (I will soon write about how the BMoL are the most interesting thing to happen to Supernatural in years), she is not wholly innocent nor wholly evil.

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I say that this is refreshing because - in the past - the evil female has all too often been one note. Sure, we have recurring characters like Meg and Ruby and Abaddon and Rowena who defy that - but there has never been quite so much character development in a single episode for a villainess … potentially ever?

Rewatching “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Love Hurts” solidified those feelings. Because Nurse Glockner and Sonja are the sort of MoTW that I hate. One-dimensional women with their own agendas who need to be stopped. Ones with a penchant for punishing men. Ones who can be mocked for their motives being “practically feminist” and offed by the Winchesters without any protest.

(I’m not even going to touch any of the Amara stuff in “Love Hurts,” because blegh - I really didn’t like the Dean “pining” for Amara stuff).

What excites me about Supernatural as we wade through the middle of its twelfth season is how much it has grown up as a show. How it has continuously matured, alongside the Winchesters. 

OKAY, so back to the episodes at hand. I’m hinting at the fact that women both occupy pretty boring positions within these episodes. We have cold-hearted bitches like Nurse Glockner and Sonja. We have victims like Melissa and Staci. We have ill-advised cameos from characters like Amara. But we also have a nearly nine year gap in the life of Dean Winchester.

Because the guy that does this in “Folsom Prison Blues”…

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is literally pulling into the Too Tired Motel in “Love Hurts.”

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So the question is: what is Dean too tired of?

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“Mercy…” The nervous voice woke me up in the middle of the night. Over-controlling boyfriends, my ass, try an alpha werewolf husband. I can’t spend five minutes asleep in an awkward position before he thinks something in my body is going to break.

“What?” I groaned while carefully stretching so as not to blindly hit Adam in the face while my eyes were still closed. Finally I blinked my eyes open and shifted into a sitting position.

He immediately leaned his ear against my chest and held his finger to his lips.

“Adam, what’s wrong?”

“I think you have a heart murmur.” He whispered, pressing further against me.

“I think you’re hallucinating.” I yawned and tried to move him off of me. “Can I go back to sleep?”

“You need to go to the hospital.”

“You just noticed this, I’m sure I won’t die from it.”

“I just noticed it, what if something is wrong?”

I rolled my eyes as he went through the motions of getting himself out of bed and pulling clothes on. He hit the light switch and momentarily blinded me long enough for him to pull a sweater over my tank top with enough extra time to start shoving shoes on my feet.

“I’m fine.” I protested as he began hurrying me out the door. He picked his keys off of the neatly organized key ring and all but carried me into the car.

“Adam, I can hear for myself, I don’t have a heart murmur. I am in no pain. I am ok.”

“Something is different.” He shook his head.

It took a two hour wait in the emergency room to discover I was pregnant. Money? Money wasn’t an object with Adam, he wasn’t going to complain about the bill no matter how miserable it made me. The fact that I had to spend two of my sleeping hours in an emergency room just to pee in a cup and get blood drawn was an inexcusable offense.

The look of shock on his face when the doctor shared the “good news” with us turned to excitement faster than a race car can jump 0-60. His smile made the butterflies melt away.

I was in no way ready to be a mother, not after only just being returned from an adventure through the spirit realm thanks to Coyote.

I pulled my hair into a nicer braid as we drove home. I already knew a whole pack of people were waiting for us to arrive to share news. Cars were lined up down the street and flooded the driveway—save for “Adam’s spot” of course. Still beaming, Adam unnecessarily assisted me in exiting the car. I slapped his hand away and stood up myself, only ruining his joyful expression for a split second.

We hadn’t talked on the way home, we hadn’t really spoken once since the news had been broken to us that I was expecting. I didn’t feel like talking. I was cranky after having been awoken for no good reason and dragged to a hospital against my will, and now I was going to have to deal with his pack.

Our pack.



“Mercy, what’s wrong?”

“Dad, what happened?” Jesse’s voice parted the crowd like the red sea and she soon followed, flaming red hair to match. “I woke up when the cars started arriving and you guys weren’t here, the pack was but none of them knew what was happening—“

“We have big news.” Adam interrupted happily.

“Small news, it’s really honestly very small.” I corrected smoothly. Ben grinned at me and I had to smile back, despite my frustration.

My cellphone buzzed from where it was located on the countertop being charged overnight. Adam turned to frown at me, he hated it when I “didn’t take care” of my electronics because I’m “not supposed to leave them plugged in overnight.” I shrugged and reached for it.


“Hello?” I answered.

“When were you going to tell me the news?” The Marrok’s voice was amused. I was happy to know he was getting a kick out of this, if he knew I was pregnant he must know I was extremely exhausted.

“Right now. Hold on.” I put him on speaker, utterly useless because he would have heard even if I hadn’t, and nodded at Adam.

He took a deep breath.

“Mercy and I are expecting—“ The room broke out into excessive applauding. It was four in the morning for God’s sake. Numerous shouts of “congrats,” “way to go, boss,” and “I thought she’d been kidnapped again honestly” filled the entry.

“I’m expecting…” I said to myself, half asleep on my feet. “Not Adam…wait…I’m expecting.” I said it a little louder but no one seemed to accept the words. They were all too busy hugging me and patting Adam on the back. I could vaguely see Honey and Auriele standing off to the side. While Honey was closer with me now, I could understand why the news would provide a little prickling pain. Werewolves can’t have children, not unless they adopt, and it’s hard to deal with mortal children when you seemingly live forever—especially after the death of her mate. Aurielle, she was clearly more than unhappy, but I wasn’t going to let it get to me. I would talk to Honey in the morning, the real morning, when I was awake.

Right now, all I wanted to do was to sleep.

“Congratulations, Mercy.” The voice was Bran’s. I don’t know how I had finally reached the stairs without being interrupted and I certainly don’t know when my head hit the pillow, but I know I could have sworn he said “Congratulations, my dear little Coyote” before I closed my eyes and returned to my sleep.

We - the cartson fandom - are always talking about how great potencial our ship has. And yes, they do. But there are a lot of canon things about them that make me very happy already. Such as:

  • Jack calling her “kid”.
  • Jack saying “You’re really so much better at that kind of thing” and “I don’t need brains. I need brawn”. Proving that he thinks Peggy is good in her job (the one Dooley actually left her do) and inteligent. 
  • Jack saying “It’s okay, chief. Let her stay. Maybe she’ll learn something.”. Proving that he is more flexible than the rest of the Agents.
  • “I’m afraid agent Thompson can be rather persuasive.”
  • Jack calling her “Marge”.
  • “Why do you work here? The rest of us get to do more than take lunch orders.”
  • Jack calling her “Peggy”.
  • How Dooley said “Stop! In my office.” and neither of them stopped. Because both are very passionate about their work, stubborn and teenagers.
  • “I’m gonna miss her.”
  • “I don’t have time on my docket for your little crush on Carter.” “Yes, Sir”.
  • “We fly the team over there. We land on the Polish side of the Russian border. We meet the tac team there.” “The 107th will meet us at the polish side of the Russian border. That is the plan, isn’t it? It is the most obvious one.”
  • “Come on, congratulate the lady. She’s on the team.” “Not my call.” “Let me know if you want to stay home.”
  • “I don’t think they had 38-22-38 in mind when they designed it.” “Math isn’t your forte, is it, Agent Thompson? Or is that just words in general?”.
  • Peggy calling him “Sir”.
  • Peggy calling him “Lieutenant Junior Grade”.
  • Peggy referring to him as “boy”.
  • Peggy looking at him through the bonfire.
  • Peggy inviting him to join the conversation with the Howling Commandos although she could just ignore him and talk with her old friends. “So, I hear they have, uh, mermaids in Japan. You see any of them when you were out there?”.
  • “They don’t give out Navy Crosses just for digging trenches.”
  • “Carter?” “Agent Thompson’s lead.”
  • “You got a better idea? Let’s hear it.”
  • Peggy calling him “Lieutenant.”
  • “Snap out of it, mate. Come on. Get your arse into gear.”
  • “You saved a lot of necks back there. You saved mine.”
  • “Everybody freezes sometimes. You recovered. That’s the most important thing.”
  • ”I’ve been trying to tell that story since I came home from war.”
  • “But Agent Carter was able to —” “We were able to”
  • “Come on, Carter. I owe you a bourbon.” “I’ll be right there.”
  • That the only time Peggy said “Sorry” before throwing a punch was to Jack.
  • That we saw Peggy move to a first name basis with him.
  • Jack calling her “Sweetheart”.
Boy Culture in Supernatural

So I want to talk about Sam and Dean in relation to something I call “boy culture,” and no I do not mean that movie from 2006. “Boy Culture” is a term I’m borrowing from this book, and I think it’s best exemplified in a number of movies, my favorites being Stand By Me and The Outsiders, as well as The Goonies, The Lost Boys,  The Sandlot, Dead Poet’s Society, and more recently, Super 8. The list goes on.

Boy culture is, essentially, a set of rules, values, and customs commonly used by groups of young boys - and for the sake of this particular discussion, American boys -  from childhood into young adulthood. At its core, it prizes four main values - courage, loyalty, mastery, and independence - that are also largely emphasized by the American standards of masculinity often set for adults. The difference here, the part that makes it ‘boy’ culture and not ‘man’ culture, is the focus on intimate same-sex friendships and a group mentality. Think spit handshakes and the alternate definitions of “blood brothers.” At a young age, boys are allowed a physical and emotional closeness that they aren’t allowed in later life. Interestingly enough, the process of growing out of boy culture generally happens as a boy’s desire for intimate relationships is transferred from the companionship of male friends to the companionship of a romantic partner.

So I think it’s very easy to see the way this applies to how the Winchester boys were raised, certainly. Loyalty to the family, mastery of hunting, courage to face monsters, the independence to care for themselves when necessary. The intimate bond between the two of them being of the utmost importance in their lives. All well and good, but here’s the thing: Sam grew out of it, Dean didn’t.

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Alrightly y’all. My name is Andy the Probie, as in probation, not because I want to probe y’all.  What I’m going to do is throwing my chances away of being the 4th Admin of this blog because all I have to do is follow one simple rule: keep it positive and keep it neutral.  Make that two rules.  Well screw that.  ROBBIE THOMPSON YOU SUCK.  Does canon mean NOTHING to you?

Tell me how did Cas saved world?  By saying “Assbutt”?  When did the asshole Cas saved the world?   When he broke open purgatory and ate those souls?  When he melted into black goo and released the Leviathans that killed Bobby?  When he accidentally cause the angels to fall and thousands of angels took over innocent vessels and destroyed more families?

What? Calm down says Robbie Thompson on his tweet?  Hell no I will not calm down because I give a fuck about canon.  Sam freaking Winchester saved the goddamned world, Sam Winchester sacrificed himself to an eternity in Hell to save the ungrateful world.  Sam Winchester saved the world and souls from eternal damnation.

You can’t see me Robbie Thompson but I’m triple giving you the bird.

Dumb fucking ass.

go head Kathy, delete this shit.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry I'm dumb. What exactly does it mean if Robbie Thompson is writing angel heart? DOES IT MEAN DESTIEL?!?

You aren’t dumb! 

Robbie Thompson wrote “Goodbye Stranger” aka the “crypt scene” episode. (Where Cas beats the holy hell out of Dean and Dean’s all like “Cas buddy, I need you” BUT it was originally written as “I love you” by our dear friend Robbie).

He also wrote the 200th episode “Fan Fiction” You know with all those shipping references and fandom references. And extreme destiel hat tippings. 

Here’s the list of episodes he’s  written in the past: Just think about all the destiel references in here. (and also the fact that he invented Charlie- the very definition of an awesome fandom nerd) 

He’s the king of subtext. Two of his episodes mention it explicitly. One of which explicitly points out that destiel is subtext.

Also I recommend you see his Twitter. Dude’s a giant dork. And he loves the fandom. He also knows everything that goes on it. 

Basically, if Destiel is going to happen it’s going to happen with Robbie.