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Introducing my new Mutant Falls AU: Present Class Students Edition!

As you can guess this is a heavily xmen influenced AU! Basically the kids are all enrolled at the Pines Institute for Mutants! I will be doing more pics/comics expanding on how they handle their classes, when their powers awakened, etc once I’m done with introductions! 

Also this set is separated on who’s rooming with who for convenience!

Founder and Staff will be introduced in the next photoset.


Thompson M1A1 submachine gun

Manufactured by Auto-Ordnance Corp. c.WW2 for the US Army - serial number 432620.
.45ACP 20-round detachable stick magazine, blowback fully automatic, parkerized finish.

The M1 series of Tommy guns, made for the US military, differ from the previous 1921 and 1928 ‘overstamped’ models by having an horizontal front grip - a feature shared by the earlier military M1928A1 - a rougher finish, a non-finned barrel and more importantly a bolt actuator situated on the right of the receiver, no longer on top of it. They also couldn’t accept the 50 and 100 round drum magazines that make the Thompson submachine gun iconic to this day.

A Thompson M1921 with a 100-round drum magazine. Note the blued finish - earlier models were much fancier than military one.

These front pistol grips make me fucking cringe everytime I lay eyes on them.