thomdril merrilin

Thomdril Merrilin - A man who, it was said, could play the Game of Houses in his sleep. Thom with his plethora of talents and his experience in the Andoran court gave him more than the necessary skills to achieve his goals, he became a Gleeman and journeyed across the land performing.

- The Wheel of Time Series.

Each picture was specifically chosen to represent a different theme embodying that specific character. Can you discover what each picture might symbolize?

anonymous asked:

Have you read the Wheel of Time? Thomdril Merrilin makes an excellent bard with specializations stealth and knowledge of political workings.

I have! And I completely agree; Thom fits quite a lot of the Bard archetypes, both the traveling minstrel and the political conman. Also, thank you for reminding me of him! I’ve been trying to remember specific characters that fit the Bardic archetype.