Exclusive Interview with Thomas Muller and his wife Lisa Muller.

How do you dress in your private life ?

Thomas : Sporty and elegant. Personally I wear S.Oliver Suits, Jeans and Sneakers.

Lisa : I often wear H & M jeans, Cool Shirts, Adidas sneakers and UGG’s boots. Thomas also loves to see me in a dress.

Honestly - who at home has more shoes in the closet ? she or he?

Lisa : He at least has fifty pairs. The chests of drawers are full of it and in the basement floor there are also heaps of boxes.

Thomas : Yes but half- of them are adidas sneakers which I am given anyway .You buy more in any case.

Where do you go shopping ?

Lisa : for eg. At Michael Kors boutique, Theresa or Stierblut shopping store. When something pleases me, like a sexy dress by Hervé Léger I immediately buy it .I also know my exact dress size at the shop .

Thomas : I have to try everything. I do not care about the trends but the main thing is I should really like it and should fit me well.

What do you wear to bed ?

Lisa : (laughs) Something which is very comfortable . Usually I spend time with our Labradors Micky & Murmel. I need to get out more often in the evening.

Thomas : I sleep in a white t-shirt .

You rarely see them in Munich enjoying the nightlife. Where do you go instead?

Thomas: In the Inn (pub) at the Wildpark, because it’s good and we can eat in peace. In the shops we aren’t very comfortable .

Lisa: Thomas is with FC Bayern Munich & the German National team, so we enjoy our time together.

Are you jealous that Thomas is adored by his female fans?

Lisa : I trust him absolutely. Of course many girls adore him, because he is famous.

They are first love of each other.Do you sometimes have the feeling of having missed a few experiences.?

Thomas : Lisa is my dream woman. I want no one else. We are happy.

Lisa : I also want no one else. Thomas is perfect. The only one I still find cool is David Beckham. (Laughs)

Your market value, Thomas, is 33 million euros. What is a luxury for you?

Thomas : Time together and time alone. Just to be left alone.

How about starting your own family (kids) ?

Lisa : We are still so young. Later surely.

Thomas : We now want to have the time for a church wedding, which is not happening due to our tight schedule .(they had a ceremony in the registry office in Ismaning near Munich on December 1 , 2009.)

Where would you go for the honeymoon ?

Thomas : Lisa has never been to Paris. Perhaps that would be very romantic.

You have your lucky charm.

Lisa : Yes a half heart pendant. Thomas wears one half and me the other.