thomashiddlybum replied to your post: This is my “I won’t be bothering you so much anymore - ‘cause I won’t have time” - post

Oh hun, Toms not slowing down, hes at the apple store on friday, olla at the BFI film festival on saturday and then the 22nd is the UK Thor Premiere. And that’s just London

I know. It was just wishful thinking. Maybe one day he’ll give us a little warning. Like: Everythings fine I’ll be back with new pics at 4PM until then you can sleep and work piecefully. :/ At least it’s nearly my time-zone so I can see it in real-time. :D Which isn’t such a great idea, as there will be tons.

(It will be nearly unbearable, when he goes to the states and the pics and videos and everything comes in, the moment I decide I REALLY need to go to bed.)