When life gives you lemons, let’s play a game!

Today is the birthday of my very good friend and rusty knight, Sir ThomasDoof, who has made it to the miraculous level of  24. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom! Sendin’ all my happy birthday wishes to you :>  

The lemon is a reference to John Finnemore’s BBC Radio 4 show, Cabin Pressure, which we both love listening to :>

Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! \o/

Boldog születésnapot Tom!!!

Against all odds, it seems that mind-blowing thomasdoof​ and I share a birthday. To celebrate it, we sworn to defeat each others in the “The Giftwars of March”.

Buut because of thesis stuff (and lots of Don’t Starve Together), my side of the gift became delayed just a tiny bit… With sore hearth, I admit my defeat and post this return gift to Tom almost an month late from our collective birthday.

Have an image of the Toofer family back in the good old days before all the supernatural shenanigans. These two are absolutely precious together and there’s no-one who can convince me otherwise.

(Go and see the beautiful image Tom did for me. It is gorgeous!! Hope you love this as much as I love the image you made me. ;v;)

Wilbur & Amelie Toofer | MindlessCreator

The boat ride to the place of last mission took forever thanks to Dao and Saara started to nod off against Wilbur. He held onto the girl, making sure she would be safe during the trip. These two give me lots of feels and no one can stop me.

And yes, during the whole time Saara was wearing an over-sized life jacket. Again.

thomasdoof asked:

I'd have to say that your drawings are clean, and handled with large amounts of care. Even the sketches have a bit of "crispness" to it, which gives them the "job well done" kind of feeling. And as I took a peek at your gallery again, the page just radiated cheeryness from it. Somehow, and I don't know how you do it but keep doing it, your pictures are happy. Like, A quick looksie to them as a whole, and I smile, in a feelgood way. THAT, is a treasure of a skill.

Man, thank you, that is some of the best compliments I could ask for. ^^ I aim for cleanness and good feelings in most of my art. It’s nice to know I’m making people smile. =)

thomasdoof replied to your postwait is it speak your own language day i forget

Nincs különösebben értelme, de érdekes látni hogy az eddig angol exkluzív blogok mögött milyen nemzetiségű emberek vannak. Az angol nyelvűek ilyen tekintetben sajnos hátrányban vannak. De azért jó kirúgni a hámból egy kicsit C:


thomasdoof asked:

Season Greetings from Finnorlandway... of middle Europe

Thank you kindly and greetings from uhh… The Land of Hot Blonde People because apparently that’s where Finland has moved recently.

thomasdoof asked:

Stereotype: A Finn will tell tall tales with a straight face, giggling internally until the stories go too far to believe

Yes I do that sometimes! And some of my friends do too. Like, did you know that we ride reindeers when we go to school or work?

Also the famous Finnish sauna looks something like this:

thomas-doof said: As someone who played the violin and the viola for 12 years, but sadly had to stop, all I can say to you, is to have the best of luck. You’ll be amazing, you’ll drop their jaws, and it’s going to be great. HUZZAAAAAH!

Hngghh thank you so much!! I’ll sure try my best! Also wow I didn’t know you played instruments that's really cool you understand my pain