When life gives you lemons, let’s play a game!

Today is the birthday of my very good friend and rusty knight, Sir ThomasDoof, who has made it to the miraculous level of  24. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom! Sendin’ all my happy birthday wishes to you :>  

The lemon is a reference to John Finnemore’s BBC Radio 4 show, Cabin Pressure, which we both love listening to :>

Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! \o/

The boat ride to the place of last mission took forever thanks to Dao and Saara started to nod off against Wilbur. He held onto the girl, making sure she would be safe during the trip. These two give me lots of feels and no one can stop me.

And yes, during the whole time Saara was wearing an over-sized life jacket. Again.

tom-doof  asked:

Stereotype: A Finn will tell tall tales with a straight face, giggling internally until the stories go too far to believe

Yes I do that sometimes! And some of my friends do too. Like, did you know that we ride reindeers when we go to school or work?

Also the famous Finnish sauna looks something like this:

External image