Washington: Son,

Hamilton: Don’t call me son 👎✋ call📞 me BEAST 💪! Keep the grind goin’ non-stop 👏proud graduate at King’s college ✍️🤓talk less?? SPEAK UP. ⬆️RISE UP. ⬆️Caribbean born, USA bred 🗽🇺🇸Everyone must sit under their own vine 🌱🌿 and figtree. (Micha 4:4 )👏🏽 All I’ve got is my god🙌🏽. Redefining bravery since 1757. 👏💪👋🙌

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Mattress surfing

Okay so in Princess Diaries 2, Mia goes mattress surfing down the staircase, well im pretty sure the batfamily would do that. Like c'mon they got to have a giant staircase in the manor.
-It would be a day Alfred is out so they won’t get in trouble.
-Stephanie saw the movie and had been dying to do it so she recommended it.
- There are plenty of mattresses anyways.
- Dick going into a handstand once while on it. Another time he did a flip onto to it.
- Damian actually smiled. He might call it stupid but boy did he enjoy it.
- Harper goes down with Cass the first time and then tries to figure out how to make it go faster.
- Tim being the one who falls off the mattress half way down the stairs.
- Jason getting a running start then hopping on.
- While waiting his turn, Duke has his Snapchat going as everyone goes down the staircase. He also figures the easiest way to carry the mattress.
-Barbara is pumped. She’s secretly been wanting to do this. Totally cuts Dick in line. Oldest first right.
- Cass is a natural. Never falling down once.
- Bruce coming home and stares at all of them and just walks away. Nothing new to him.

Skyler, oskar’s daughter and jackie, zack’s younger sister, a shy little girl and very lonely, she studies at home by her father’s decision.she  Is very discreet and intelligent, normally tends to stay very attached to zack, because he does not know how to live with others.

is a very good friend of Mona.
Recently she met a new girl of  zack´s school (Amanda), a little antisocial and very reserved, curiously enough is very identified with her, it seems that their relationship improves day by day.

lo prometido es deuda muchachos, aqui les dejo a la pequeña skyler!

espero les guste chicos! 

los amo mucho! X3

Bonus: la altura de los mushashos :v

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What would their pet-peeves be? Like, just something they CANNOT stand.

Alex: Being interrupted

James: Getting a phone call during a meal

Thomas: Last-minute changes to plans

Burr: People leaving lights on when they leave rooms

Angelica: When people cut in line.

Eliza: When people don’t smile back.

Peggy: Being ignored

Lafayette: People faking accents

Hercules Mulligan: People in ill-fitting clothing

John Laurens: When people change lanes to get in front of you and then drive really slow

George Washington: Unexpected visits