Little Ham Man (Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 20

Words: 4000+
Warnings: Cursing, blood mentions
A/N: This is it!!! Thank you for the long journey, it was splendid! I’m happy to finally throw in my towel and say that this is complete.

Previous Chapter // Epilogue


Alexander was speed-walking, navigating all of you around the debris and other nonsense that was spewed about. You were trying to hold on, but your wound was making you struggle to keep up. Thomas and Lafayette held you, but it still was hard. Thomas saw the sweat pouring down your cheeks, and stopped everyone.

You took a deep breath, closing your eyes. You licked your lips, tasting the bitter salt. Thomas crouched down, looking at you. Lafayette did the same, a hand still supporting you.

“We can take a break, Y/N, we’re not in a rush. Just take your time,” Thomas said, smiling at you. You shook your head, looking at Laf.

“No, we have to keep moving, we have to-” Your vision was getting spotty, your head pounding. You felt your legs give way under you, and you fell face first into Thomas’ arms. He held you up, shaking his head.

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Piece of Cake

Warning: …cussin and waste of food, also unedited(raw draft)
a/n: oneshot drabble, jam fluff. Getting those writing juices flowin’
Summary: high school au/ hamilton
w/c: 3733

“Why the hell are we here?” Alexander groaned, he ran a hand down his tired face. He started to think back at the series of events that led him here. Where was here? Sitting at a long table for two in a Home Economics class. There were various cooking tools, bowls, a sink and small two burner stove top oven…and there was his partner. The bile began to rise up his throat and threatened to force a gag out of him. He glanced over at the purple bomber jacket wearing, big haired, facial hair on fleek idiot beside him. His partner sported a face of immense disinterest, his eyes on his phone as he scrolled with his thumb.

“Because you’re a fucking idiot who got us kicked out of Creative Writing.” Thomas responded with a hiss, he didn’t look up while he spoke to Alexander, he didn’t want to look at the face of the guy who placed him in this bullshit elective.

Honestly that was not how he remembered it going down at all. What he remembered was signing up for the Creative Writing class with his friends Aaron and Gilbert. His best friend John Laurens wasn’t a fan of writing and took on Aquatics as his elective. Alexander was more of an academic, though he tried his hand in sports. He was fairly good at wrestling but found it hard to maintain the proper weight/height ratio to stay in his class. He decided to follow Aaron in a more relaxed subject, one he knew he was well versed at as well. As for Gilbert…well he was in it because Mr. Washington was teaching the class.

Alexander only expected the best of the best to be there, Angelica Schuyler’s little sister Eliza was taking the class, as she did the year before. It was highly recommended after that. Alexander expected James Madison the kid who skipped two full grades to be there, he seemed to enjoy writing as well. What he didn’t expect was Thomas Jefferson to be there. Apparently he was some kid that moved away then moved back or some weird drama. He was popular when he left and even more so when rumors flooded in that he and Angelica were dating. 

Not. True.

He wasn’t a fan of someone who just waltzed into school like that. Alexander wasn’t popular…he tried and he was popular among his close friends. Most people found him annoying, the kid who got in trouble and still managed to get the grades. Kid who never shut up and pissed off nearly everyone. It took a certain kind of person to put up with him. “Maybe if you didn’t start talking shit I wouldn’t have thrown my book at you.” Alex growled back, remembering clearly that in the middle of his discussion, Thomas had clearly leaned over to Madison. He looked right at Alex and laughed right at him.

Thomas rolled his eyes, still not giving Alex the benefit of meeting his eye contact. “Please, you don’t even know I was talking about you and even if I was, someone who talks as much shit as you should be able to take it.” The dislike was mutual. Thomas was not a fan of popularity in the sense of having people flock him. He liked being admired from afar. Little knew but he was quite awkward around too many people, often leaning on the moral support of his friends like Madison. Alexander threw him off balance. He was boisterous and impossible to ignore, more importantly he brought out an ugly side to Thomas that no one had seen before.

“I can take the shit talking!” Alex yelled, earning a hush from their new elective teacher. Of course, it was bold face lie. Alexander could deal out some of the rudest, wittiest insults but the moment it was directed back at him he flew off the handle. In his mind, he had to have the last word, the last say, the last insult no matter what. He was in the middle of a great discussion when Thomas interrupted him. Sure throwing his book across the room and taking out Madison instead of Thomas was a bad idea. It would have been well worth it if he had hit Thomas instead. “No one told you to return fire…”

“You fucking socked James in the face with your book and gave him a nosebleed.”

“I said I was sorry.” Alex crossed his arms.

“After you complained about how your shot would have been perfect if it wasn’t for his, and I quote, ‘bulbous air brained head’” Alexander smirked to himself, it was a good time to use his word of the day. “Now thanks to you, James is stuck in the nurse’s office and the only other elective I get is Home Ec, stuck with you.”

The fight didn’t go over well with George. Who, as much as he loved Alexander as a student and a person, wanted him to learn a little restraint even when it came to those he had trouble tolerating. Alex felt personally attacked. He was Washington’s favorite, he was the cool new kid that everyone befriended. Then the ‘legend’ Thomas Jefferson, rich, snobby, basketball player comes back and everyone is up in arms. Angelica and Lafayette were apparently his friends first, George missed him since he coached the team. Even Aaron Burr spoke highly of Thomas. It was sickening. “Whatever lets just get this over with.”

The bell rang and Mrs.Adams began instruction they were to make a dish  that reminded them of home. The deep sentimentality made Alexander’s stomach churn. He had been through various foster homes, hopscotched around so many times the past was just a blur. That was another internal lie, he purposely tried to keep his past in the past. He looked over at Thomas. He was from the South or something, he remembered hearing that stupid twang in his voice. He probably wanted to make fried chicken or something. They were suppose to work together, other groups already started brainstorming while Thomas started taking out pots from the cabinet.

“What are you doing?” Alex watched as Thomas silently began to maneuver around him.

“I’m going to make my comfort food.” He answered, “Be a doll, and get me some cheese from the fridge.”

“This suppose to be a team thing, we didn’t discuss what we’re making.” Alex ignored his instructions. Thomas rolled his eyes and went to get the items himself. Fine,if that was how he was going to play it. Alexander went to the back and grabbed a large, clear, cylindrical container of ground up coffee.

He returned just as Thomas was filling up a pot with sink water. “What are You doing?”

“I’m going to make my comfort food.” Alexander echoed in a mocking voice, it was hard to mock Thomas’s voice. It was low and rumbly but not at all gritty. It was…smooth and low, like dark chocola–

“We can’t make two different foods, we can only turn in one.” Thomas glared as Alexander popped the container open and started measuring out a few cups of ground coffee. “Coffee isn’t even a fucking food, you dunderhead.” 

“Doll, now Dunderhead, what are you fifty?” Thomas was old fashion, his tastes were dated and so was were his insults apparently. “Hm, then I guess whoever finishes first gets to turn in our assignment.” Alex mused watching Thomas’s dark eyes narrow at him. They shared a silent moment, which was rare, nothing but glares and shallow breathing before they broke away and furiously went to cooking. Racing to be the other.

Thomas turned and dumped all of the pasta in the water before it was boiling. Alex went and started practically throwing cups of flour into the bowl with his coffee. A puff of flour rose from his bowl and dusted itself onto Thomas’s jacket sleeve. “Fucking watch it slob.” He tore off his jacket and revealed intensely toned biceps and a tight tshirt that hugged his wide chest. Alexander clenched his jaw unable to repress the small wave of shock. Thomas felt eyes on him and looked down. Alexander was glaring a hole into Thomas ‘s arm. “Take a picture, it lasts longer” He purred.

The shorter student felt a rage. The same violent rage he felt when he heard Thomas laugh at him. That stupid, soft, bell like laugh that was warm and light, completely contradicting what Hamilton assumed his laugh would sound like. With no book to throw and no time to waste, Alex eyed the open bag of flour that was between him and Jefferson. In midmix he elbowed the back and watched it flop over all over Thomas’s side of the table. “Whoops.” Alex smiled, the flour trickled off the side of the table down to Thomas’s fancy oxfords.

His southern attitude shined as he sucked his teeth and rolled his tongue against the inside of his cheek. Thomas kicked off some of the excess flour from his feet and looked over at Alex. He waited until he was measuring cups of milk and just as he began to Thomas nudged his arm causing him to spill out of the bowl and onto himself. “Whoops~”

“You, fuckin’” Alex turned and was met by a flour covered hand smearing the white dust all over his face.

“Good look for you, Hamilton, ever considered wearing makeup to cover up those baby hairs on your chinny-chin-chin?” Thomas smirked, insulting the only thing that kept the strangely rosy, baby faced Hamilton from looking overly feminine. Thomas went back to stirring the pasta now that the water was now in a rolling boil. Hamilton angrily wiped his face, getting only some of the flour off his skin. He looked down at the batter he was making and smirked.

“Thomas…” Alexander cooed, sickly sweet. Falsely sweet but it sent a strange sensation down Thomas’s spine. He turned his head cautiously and noticed Alexander was still covered in flour. Ha. He smirked but it started to fade when he tried to read Alex’s expression. It was soft, no smile, cheeks flared. He was slightly disarmed, long enough for Alex to lean forward. Thomas’s nervous and awkward tendencies started to shine as he backed up, slightly gawk like expression in his eyes. Hamilton, confident as always, got so close their chests bumped. And fast as a whip, Thomas’s well maintained facial hair was slapped by Alex. He felt a wet, goop on his face. “I think coffee cake batter is a good shade for you.”

Jefferson frantically shoved Alex aside, his bowl in his hand, as he hogged the sink. Alex lost control of his bowl and his batter went flying all over the floor. Thomas ran out water over his face. He made quick work of the cake mix before it made him break out.

A livid Alexander who’s “hard work” was now splattered on the ground walked over to the sink. He pressed his thumb against the faucet hole and the water pressure exploded as a stream of water aimed at Thomas’s wild, mane like hair. “You missed a spot”

Thomas shook his head, his curls now hung low heavy from being dampened. “So did you!” He grabbed Alexander by the collar and held him up a few inches off the ground.

“BOYS” Mrs. Adams glared at them. “I hope you two have your dish done in the next thirteen minutes…or else you will both not only be failed, it will be a trip to Principal King’s office!”

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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

You woke up to the sounds of cheering in your living room. You frown, rolling yourself out of bed and slowly marching towards the living room. The tv was on.

Red, white and blue streamers were everywhere. Decor that could be found deep in your basement was hanging everywhere, covering every poster, frame, doorway, and window. You sighed, rubbing your temples.

It was the worst time of the year.

Before you could even go back to sleep, you heard a loud scream from the kitchen. It was bone-chilling. Without thinking, you ran to the sound. Alex stood in front of the fridge, tears rolling down his face.

“Alexander? Is everything okay-”

“My cake. They spelled America wrong. How could they spell America wrong!” He turned to you, showing you the icing on the cake. There it was.


You rolled your eyes. He was standing there, in flag leggings, a white v-neck, some strange, bedazzled shades, and his hair sprayed to be blue. And it was only six in the morning.

“Gosh, I don’t have time for this.” You turned back, seeing the other boys like into the small kitchen.

Lafayette had his hair braided, strands the infamous colors of the flag you had on the wall. Herucles was wearing his own tailored hoodie, colored to mark the occasion. John, well sweet, sweet John, had face paint.

They all looked at you with wide grins on their cheeks.

“Happy independence day!” They all yelled. You heard a loud bang once more, and jumped.

John ran out to the back, everyone on his heels. There was a figure in the backyard. He turned around slowly, his afro covered in glitter. In his hand, was a lighter. You reached out your neck to look around Thomas. A large hole was in the ground.

“Really, Thomas?” You grumbled, and he looked at you innocently.

“Remember those fireworks you told me not to get, well…”

You held up your hand, “Say no more. Going back to bed. Wake me up when it’s the fifth.”

Before any of the boys could say anything, you walked back up. Hopefully the day would end soon enough.

mercythemermaid  asked:

So Virgil said everything he is is trying to protect thomas. So what if he kinda starts lurking around, angsty like and find things and makes them uber safe around the mind palace. Most people think of morality as the caretaker (cuz he is in love with dad jokes) but I think a more plausible careatker of them would be Virgil. Like maybe Roman wakes up to see that the enture mind palace is babyproofed cuz lil virge doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Idk

This is super precious.  I hope I answered this satisfactorily!

~The gloom and doom facade hadn’t protected Thomas, leaving hadn’t helped Thomas, and holing up in his room listening to My Chemical Romance wouldn’t help Thomas.   Virgil had to come up with a new way to keep Thomas safe.  Keeping Thomas safe meant keeping his sides safe, so he’d start there.

~It began with little things, a first aid kit appearing under the sink in the kitchen, that one loose floorboard in the hallway was nailed down, and the electrical outlets were all fitted with covers. None of the sides paid much attention to these minor changes, and when a change was noted, it was assumed to be the work of another side and that was the end of that.

~They did begin to notice when all the pills in the medicine cabinet disappeared.  They noticed when the bleach and cleaning supplies vanished.  They certainly noticed when all the kitchen knives, including the butter knives, disappeared as well.

~Virgil is worried sick when Roman asks if he would come and “have a chat” with the others in the living room. He knows he must have missed something and one of them had gotten hurt.  When he sees Patton tearing up on the couch he assumes he’s the one his negligence had harmed.

~He’s absolutely baffled when Logan starts asking how he’s been feeling lately.  Did they miss that Patton is clearly not okay?  That needs to take priority.

~He’s totally lost when Roman starts talking about ‘the journey yet to come’ and ‘the joys life’s adventure has to offer’.

~He goes into a frenzy when Patton throws himself at Virgil, sobbing.  Virgil does his best to look over Patton and reassure him that he’ll take care of him and fix whatever is hurting him.  Of course, he’s not going to leave them, especially not while one of them is hurt.

~When Patton is calm enough and explains that he’s not injured, he’d been upset that Virgil wanted to hurt himself, Virgil (still in caretaker mode) explains very calmly that he is not hurting himself and he’s not planning to. He’s protecting them and making sure they don’t get hurt.

~After an emotional group hug (strangely enough initiated by Roman), and a discussion about boundaries (led by Logan), and a discussion about different healthy ways Virgil can protect them (again led by Logan), and a final group hug (Patton’s idea), they have a quiet movie night together.

Somewhere in Savannah

 2k word count. Post season 4 James/Thomas bliss :))) Beginning and ending with lofty ideals on paper but a lot of loving in-between. NSFW. Sorry I haven’t been writing for this blog as much lately; my other one keeps me plenty busy. But I am writing a nice long post-show reunion fic on AO3 so if you haven’t checked it out yet you should! And without further ado…


James leaned in close over his shoulder.

“Another treatise? What’s this one?”

Grateful for the interruption, he placed his quill back into the nearly empty pot of ink and leaned back in the chair, close enough that James’s ruddy beard tickled his ear.

“Actually I am basing it on piracy,” he replied with smile.


James came around and picked up the topmost parchment and skimmed it.

“It is a call for democracy,” he said proudly. “The very same ideals you have told me about in detail, except of course I am not using the term ‘piracy’ anywhere.”

James put down the paper and raised his eyebrows.

“So this is why you’ve kept hounding me about my knowledge about the inner workings of pirates these last weeks.”

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anonymous asked:


it was supposed to be pretty obvious ;;;;;;;;;;

because the big bullet hole in thomas’ back y’’know

Always Here

Summary: In a past life, Newt had used to abuse you. Once Thomas found out, all went to hell. You weren’t ready to give up Newt yet, so you do everything you can to get him back.

Pairing: Newt x Reader, brother!Thomas x sister!Reader

Word Count: 1796

Warnings: Mentions of physical abuse

(A/N): Running out of ideas. I have some requests I still need to finish but I just don’t have the inspiration. This sucks.

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teamfreefuckery-deactivated2017  asked:

jamilton for 94 *finger guns*

 *finger guns you back*

 Out of all the beautiful things in the world, Alexander’s favorite was his boyfriend. He would never admit that to his face, of course. Or at least not yet.

  It was lazy sunday afternoons that reminded him of this fact most. On that particular afternoon Thomas had pulled Alex away from his laptop (much to his complaint), and plopped down on the couch with him in his arms just to snuggle for a bit. Alex stopped complaining after that.

  It was there that he was reminded that his boyfriend was practically a god in comparison to him, as he was blissfully gazing at his face. 

  Thomas had such a gorgeous face, with his warm smile and his dark eyes that god, Alex felt could just suck him right in like black holes. Thomas had his eyes closed at that moment, but Alex didn’t mind because that gave him a better view of the way the man’s eyelashes sort of glimmered in the sunlight.

  Any view of Thomas was a good one, and he honestly didn’t care if that made him a sap because it was true, it was so completely true. He loved this man so much it was infuriating sometimes, because what in the world could he have ever done to deserve him?

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riritheawkwardartist  asked:

OMG I just noticed tord's shoes

Tord: ya, that sucks but it doesn’t count to how many holes Thomas probably has in his pants by now~

Tom: …

Tord: ???

Tom: …

Tord: Tom???

Tom: …

Tord: *pinches Tom* Tom



Tom: (SH**, SH**)

Tord: you cant- PFFT


Tord: OH MY GOSH *Laughs*

M!A 1/10

M!A 2/11

This year was the year of newtmas au fic. Fic authors removed the constraints WCKD placed on Newt and Thomas’ relationship and explored how their relationship would grow and flourish in different worlds.  Sometimes these fic were happy, allowing us to escape the pain of the dreaded page 250, but other times these fic were downright depressing. Authors certainly set a precedent for future tmr fic, and to show our appreciation to our wonderful fic authors below are the top 20 newtmas fics of 2015, as voted by the shipdom!

Two things to note before looking at the fic rec:

  • italicized titles are my personal favorites
  • ** indicate that you should carefully read the tags before reading the fic

1. Something to talk about | tarantism and thominewt | Complete | 150k | Not Rated

After numerous failed attempts to become popular, Thomas and Newt are mistakenly outed as a gay couple, which launches them to instant celebrity status. Seduced by their newfound fame, Thomas and Newt decide to fake their relationship to win homecoming kings.

Things were going perfectly as planned, but then one of them fell for the other.

2. thrashing on the line; desperate & divine | sulfuric | Complete | 46k |

Newt’s supposed to be gone, but he isn’t. Thomas still sees him everywhere, hears him everywhere - feels him everywhere - ever since the car accident that left Thomas with a hole in his chest and a dead boyfriend. Except he isn’t really, truly dead, or else Thomas wouldn’t be able to talk to him (among… other things).

Minho only wants to help. And if that means getting his only remaining best friend sent away for god knows how long, so be it.

3. Fireworks & Team spirit | sesquipedalia | Incomplete | 36k | Mature

Newt’s parents thought he was special, but the football players thought otherwise. Actually, a majority of the school thought otherwise. He spent most of his time participating in geeky clubs and obsessing over Thomas Taylor, the star football player who had golden brown eyes and a smile that could kill millions - including Newt.

Newt was fine with admiring from afar, but when his Math teacher makes him tutor Thomas, he can’t help but fall apart from anxiety.

4. i know i don’t love you (but there’s somewhere i’ve seen you before) | nowayout | Complete | 9k | Mature **

Thomas is ten when he meets Newt for the first time.

He’s sixteen when they meet for the first time once again.

5. But I’m Not the Enemy | like_vines | Incomplete | 54k | Teen

Thomas turned his head to look at him, grinning. “You going to tell me your name now, Greenie?”

“Not a chance, shuckface,” Newt shot back. He could feel Thomas’ breath on his neck and felt his cheeks heat up. “Why’d you drag me here, anyway? Seems a lot like a bloody dumb date.”


After his father’s death, Newt, the Prince of the Scorch, starts to sneak out of the palace at night as a peasant. Thomas finds himself intrigued with the stranger he sees only at night. But as trouble stirs within the castle, it’s revealed that things are much more complicated than they originally thought.

6.  Love Without Words | Nanashi_Solider | Complete | 3k | General

Thomas falls for the blond who rides the same train as him.

7. Miracle | Val_Creative | Complete | 5k | Explicit **

Thomas has always been highly impulsive, as well as a concoction of horribly dangerous personality traits. He gives Newt more of a headache often than reassurance, but Newt likes him.

Somehow, and some bleedin’ way in the damn universe, Newt feels his affection for Thomas strengthen.

8. His roses bloom | tommys | Incomplete | 16k | Teen

It’s possible that Thomas loves to fall in love with other people’s love. It’s possible that Thomas is merely a hopeless romantic who likes hearing people’s stories about meeting their soulmates. It’s also possible —_ possible_ — that Thomas may have accidentally fallen in love with someone who’s not his soulmate. It’s possible.

AU in which Teresa’s soulmate surprises everybody, Minho is explicitly obsessed with dancing to ridiculous pop songs in the bath, Thomas’ supposed soulmate doesn’t exist, and Newt is the new cute neighbour who moved in next door. No one expects anything to go wrong. Except everything does when love is thrown into the mix.

9. In this life and the next, I’ll always love you. | mikki_strange | Complete | 1k | General**

Those moments, when it was just him and Tommy existing together, Newt didn’t have to be strong.

10. Bruises | The_Peddler | Complete | 73k | Mature **

Working full-time at his coffee-shop, Thomas enjoys a basic yet carefree lifestyle. That is until a certain blonde guy starts visiting on a regular basis. Newt has a story of his own to tell, not with words, but with the bruises and scars that are almost poetically sprawled over him. Thomas likes the front cover of this story, its almost to good to be true, and he vows to be the one to open up that book, and lap up every page, kissing away the bruises as he does.

11. There You Are | lugubrious | Complete | 12k | General

Thomas Edison had spent his whole life waiting for something.
He felt it in the pit of his stomach, a constant anticipation that burned in his limbs and underlined all his thoughts, his actions. It led him through life at a brisk pace, never allowing him to smell the roses as it were.

Thomas was never sure what he was searching for but he hoped that when he found it, he’d know.

12. Newt Should Really Learn How To Say No | why_am_I_awake | Complete | 59k | Teen

Newt should really learn to say ‘no’ to Thomas.

13. Complications | SapphireSoul102 | Complete | 21k | Teen **

14. Bottoms up | newtntommy | Complete | 2k | Mature

Request: the Gladers are playing Truth and Dare drunk and the game starts to get a bit dirty and Minho makes Newt straddle Thomas. Shit gets out of hand and in the end they have to find a room to do some rough and angry sex in cuz they can’t take it anymore.

15. We all Run From Something | EclipseWing | Complete | 14k | Teen

Her son isn’t even born when she sells him to the government.

Maze Runner/Teen Wolf X-over

16. As if he were finding out he were okay again | Mazelike | Complete | 38k | Teen

When Thomas, a 20 year-old Art student, met Newt, he didn’t expect to fall in love, to feel his heart beat faster at the sight of the blond. He didn’t expect to find love, but he does. 

When Newt, a 20 year-old British student, met Thomas, he tried everything he could not to fall in love. He didn’t have the right to. He tried everything not to fall in love but sadly, he does.

17.  See a Chance and Take It | third | Complete | 3k | Explicit

After a heated argument, Newt starts to avoid Thomas.

18. Promise Me | FreckledDragon | Complete | 20k | Teen

Thomas is late. The doors are about to close, and Newt doesn’t know what to do. He promised always to come back, so he would make it, wouldn’t he?

19. My heart Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself | ashelygail | Complete | 4k | Teen

Minho and Chuck start a bet on Thomas’ emotional feelings… without actually knowing that they did it.

20. He’s None of Your Business | milkmanofkindness | Complete | 19k | Teen

“Oh, so it’s a him,” Lydia replied, her eyes lighting up mischievously. “Who is this mysterious stranger?”

Stiles glared at her, aware of the blush that was creeping up under his collar. “He used to go to my summer camp, okay? And frankly, he’s none of your business.”

Basically a Teen Wolf/Maze Runner crossover with Newt and Stiles, where Newt comes over from London to visit Beacon Hills, and more specifically, to visit Stiles…