Throwback Thursday Movie: Holes (2003)

“If only, If only, the woodpecker sighs. The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies. While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely, he cries to the moon if only, if only.


And, Thomas admitted to himself, kind of cool. His mind craved to know what kind of technology could be behind it all.

“Yeah, jacked up is right. Come on.” Minho got up with a grunt and put on his backpack. “Better get as much of the Maze run as we can. With our new decorated sky, maybe other weird things have happened out there. We’ll tell Newt and Alby about this tonight. Don’t know how it helps, but at least we know now where the shuck Grievers go.” 

“And probably where they come from,” Thomas said as he took one last look at the hidden doorway. “The Griever Hole.”

opens May 7, 6-8p:

 Alek O., Ayan Farah, Evan Robarts, Gabriel Pionkowski,
 Graham Wilson, Hank Willis Thomas, Henry Krokatsis,
 Johnny Abrahams, Kadar Brock, Moffat Takadiwa,
 Nika Neelova, Penny Lamb, Shinique Smith, Tonico Lemos Auad
The Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, NYC

curated by Toby Clarke and Kathy Grayson, the exhibit takes its title from the weaving terms “warp” (the vertical and static component of the weave) and “woof” (the dynamic and horizontal aspect of the weave), this exhibition looks at textile-driven abstraction across continents in emerging art. Ayan Farah, Kadar Brock, and Graham Wilson all create process-driven abstraction that includes serendipitous destruction and creation operating within the systems they have created. Evan Robarts, Hank Willis Thomas, Shinique Smith and Alek O. include found materials into their conceptual framework in a web of memory, history and cultural forces. Nika Neelova, Penny Lamb and Moffat Takadiwa use architectural ghosts to weave new artworks.