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Thomas prompt "man I really hate that kid" "shut up tommy you're just jealous of him"

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“Man, I really hate that kid" Thomas couldn’t help but to mumble when he saw Chuck walking around and chatting with Y/N. Again.

What Thomas didn’t know was that Newt, who sat right next to him even if he might have forgotten about his presence, had heard him.

“Shut up, Tommy, you’re just jealous of him” The blond grinned, amused.

“Why would I be?” The other boy shrugged it off, pretending to be nonchalant about the accusation. 

“It’s a bloody coincidence that you complain about the lad when he’s with Y/N” Newt laughed a little. “Chuckie sure spends a lot of time with her, yeah?”

Thomas looked down with a nod as Newt stared at him.

He wanted to pretend like Newt was mistaken, but there was no way of fooling him.

“I’m just terrified og talking to her” The Greenie resolved to say instead.

“That lass is one of the nicest shanks here” The other friendly nudged him. “Go for it, Tommy!”

more than just acquainted / Tom x Aiden

Thomas stormed down the dorm room stairs with quiet ferocity. He had just woken up not five minutes prior to find not only a sludge of gillyweed in his bed, but a note brandishing the words ‘nice sleep??’ And he knew exactly who might have done it. 

“Aiden!” He called, storming into the common room. “I don’t know what you think I like to do in the mornings, but it is certainly not breathing under water!”



how is he doing this


The cast of Heathers being adorable little shits at their final curtain call on August 4, 2014