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Things Sanders Sides gives us:
  • A decent one man show
  • A show with a non binary writer on staff
  • The least problematic version of the adult nerd character boiled down to its simplest form
  • A morally grey character that wears a lot of black and is ironically best friends with the most morally pure character
  • A refreshingly accurate representation of a person with severe social anxiety/mild generalized anxiety
  • An actual gay inner monologue
  • The character whose mind the series takes place in is gay and discusses this quietly but clearly without making that the main focus of the series or playing it up for pity points did I mention that?
  • 4th wall breaks coming out of the ears
  • A daydream session brought to life
  • Lessons simple enough for children to understand but nuanced enough for adults to appreciate
  • Puns
  • Singing
  • Puns and singing at the same time but with fruit spread and jelly
  • Characters that can literally do anything the imagination can come up with that still (mostly) just choose to look like themself and stand in a circle in their living room talking like a bunch of high schoolers during lunch break.
  • Reminders that good people can be flawed and that it’s normal to be flawed and not have all the answers
  • Puppies
  • A white dad character that is supportive and loving by nature
  • Cis male characters that aren’t ashamed of having slightly “feminine” reactions to things
  • An entire episode solely dedicated to breaking into Butch Hartman’s office at Nickelodeon and being magically changed into a cartoon character.
  • Did I mention there are two musical episodes and one of them is about jelly
  • Snake.

Patton: “Logan, why didn’t you ever smile?”

Logan: “A number of years ago, it came to my attention that, due to my face shape, I appear unattractive while smiling and a neutral expression is optimal.”

Roman, opening PowerPoint: “Do you have twenty minutes to be told how wrong you are?”

“this bitch nonsense, YEET


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