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Letters from newt

Newt x reader

Warnings: spoilers from tdc, very depressing

A/n: okay so I know the way he dies in the movie is way different than the way he dies in the book but for the sake of this imagine he dies in the movie version where everyone sees

When newt died you didn’t talk to anyone besides Minho. You didn’t feel like talking to anyone besides him anyways. All your energy felt like it was pulled out. Minho was also the only one to know you were having a baby that was Newts. You felt lost without newt considering he was there for you when you first came out of the box and has been there ever since. He was a solid rock for you that you had just lost.

You sat on the beach of the paradise, looking at the ocean as you placed a hand on your stomach. You sat there with an old ring newt gave you whilst you were in the glade about 3 years ago. You never asked how or even where he got it from but it was one article you had of his besides his jacket.

The wind grazed your cheeks as you heard heavy footsteps that could only belong to Thomas approaching you. He sat next to you pulling a folded piece of paper out of his pocket there were about two, they had messy writing on it that didn’t look familiar.

“He wrote this for you.” Thomas said as he unfolded the paper and handed it over to you. The paper had your name written on in in a letter format.

Dear (Y/n),

I don’t know how else to start this letter without saying thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me in the last few years in my life. I remember the first day you came out of that box, you were the first girl I could remember ever seeing and the most beautiful one. I knew the moment you stepped out of that box that I’d love you unconditionally. I don’t ever remember a time where I wasn’t in love with you. Even if you ask Minho he’ll tell you how much I went on about you when I first met you. I knew when we left the glade my ultimate job was to protect you. I never wanted to see a scratch on your perfect skin neither did I ever want to see a tear roll down your soft cheeks. When you told me you were pregnant the few weeks before i turned into a monster I was beyond excited. I told Minho the moment you told me. I was also sad because I knew I could never make it into our child’s life.(y/n), subject A2, I want you to know that I’ll always love you in life and in death. I don’t want you to hold back when I’m gone. I need you to be happy and move on with your life instead of weeping over me. Take care of our little angel for me, for us. Take care of yourself the most. Don’t hurt yourself in this world my love, you are too good for it.

Always and forever,


Ps. Do not name the baby Minho no matter how much Minho actually bothers you about it. name him or her whatever you want, I personally like clary because those were your favorite flowers.

You were in tears. Fully crying over how much you loved him. You knew that tommy was still Sitting next to you but that didn’t stop you. Thomas put your arm around your shoulder and pulled you close into his chest just letting you cry it all out.

“I miss him.” You said in between sobs as you look up at a now teary eyed Thomas.

“I miss him too, why didn’t you tell anyone? About ya know…” He said pointing at your stomach.

“I was scared. I didn’t want you to worry about me anymore than you already were.” You said truthfully.

“It’s okay. Newt would’ve loved him or her.” Thomas said to you rubbing your back.

“I know, I just don’t know how the child will live knowing their dad never was there to meet them.” You said wiping away your tears.

“It won’t matter. They’ll know their dad died fighting for what’s right.”


So I made heart memes at 2 am…

Moments in love

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Parings: Newt x reader

Warnings: slight smut but not a lot, fluff

Summary: Newt finds you in the map room at a time your not supposed to be in and it makes him slightly sexually frustrated.

You were in the map room trying to figure out ways to alter the maze or new ways to get out. You knew you really weren’t supposed to be in at this time considering the runners were out in the maze in the blazing sun. The day was almost too hot for them, everyone in the glade was radiating sweat rather they were a runner or not.

You heard foot steps outside but you were so intrigued with your own theories about the maze you didn’t bother to check. The sound of heavy footsteps got louder however, and then they stopped at the door. You panicky looked up knowing whoever was at that door was not expecting to see another person in there. However, the door swung open to reveal the tall blonde boy with sweat glistening off of his body. The boy could tower over you any day, you weren’t short you actually quite taller than most of the boys, but not newt.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?” He said as he closed the door and walked towards you. You and newt were close but not close enough to be alone.

“Look, I know I’m only allowed to the meetings and not the maze room but if you just watch then I might find a way to get us out of here.” You said as you moved your hand to a pencil to sketch out your theory. Although, newts hand stopped you.

His hand was placed on yours causing you to look up at him. His eyes were dark, darker than usual. You had a small crush on newt but you always told yourself to never think anything of it. He leaned in towards your face as your breathing quickened. You could feel his breath on your already warm skin and that would send shivers down your spine.

“You know you’re not supposed to be in here, your not a runner.” He said as you walked backwards until your back hit the huts wall.

“That’s because you didn’t make me one.” You said as you started into his eyes.

“I was trying to keep you safe.” He barely whispered as his eyes fell down to your lips as he licked his own.

“I don’t need a man to protect me, I can do it myself.” You said waiting for him to lean down and do what you’ve been waiting for ever since he came out of that box.

“I know, but I couldn’t watch you get hurt.” He told you as he subconsciously leaned a little closer to your face.

“Why would it matter if I got hurt, huh? The others get hurt and you don’t care.” You said with tease lacing your voice.

“Because Love, Don’t you see what’s happening to us?” He asked with his lips now barely on yours, your body jerked up trying to kiss him but his lips moved back now being the one to tease.

“Newt?” You asked your voice barely above a whisper.

“Yes, love?” He said his eyes now screwed shut leaning into your lips.

“I need you to kiss me.” You looked up at him with a small smile seeing what you have done to him.

“I can’t do that, love.” He said as he tried to move back but you placed your arms around his neck and his hands were already placed against the soft wall.

“Why not?” You whined a Little but nothing too noticeable.

“You’re one of Alby’s rules.” He said airily, looking down at the ground.

“No ones looking.” You said as you lifted his chin up with your hand.

He looked in your eyes as you both felt like you were getting hotter. You even forgot you were in the map room. All that was on your mind was newt.

“You know ever since I saw you come out of that box I couldn’t handle myself around you,” He said as his lips gazed your neck and his hands went up and down your sides. “I just wanted you to myself.” He placed soft kisses on your neck as your head fell back. “I just wanted to hold you and call you mine, tell you how beautiful you are, bloody hell I can’t control myself.” He said as he stopped kissing your neck and stared back down at your lips as if they were forbidden.

“I shucking love you.” You said grabbing his face and kissing him hardly. You’ve never felt the rush the way you did with newt.

Newt grabbed your thigh having it wrap around his waist lifting you up. You ran your fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to you. He would moan your name into your mouth as you didn’t care if anyone walked in on the both of you. His lips came off of yours as he placed them on your neck causing your head to fall back and your eyes to roll to the back of your head. You became a moaning mess with newt on you, this was everything you’ve wanted but more.

“Newt?” You breathed out grabbing his face positioning it to look at you.

“Yes, babygirl?” He asked you swallowing hard and deep breathing heavily.

“You’re hard.” You said to him with a smirk plastered on you face. Having your hand run down his stomach.

“Then let’s bloody do something about it.” He said to you with the same smirk plastered on his face looking down at you.

This time you took more control, You hopped down from his grasp as you grabbing him by his shorts and pulled him close to you. You started to grind your hips onto his causing him to let out a loud moan that could’ve gotten you caught.

“Shhhh, the sun is almost set so they could be back we need to do this quick.” You said to him as you started kissing down his jaw making your way to his neck. You lifted up his shirt as you suddenly froze. Both of your heads snapped towards the door hearing jingle in the knob. The both of you pushed each other off and pretended as if you were doing work.

“What the hell is happening in here?” Minho walked in with the other runners as they all seemed To Be exhausted from the sun beating down on them.

“Do any of you need water or ice?” You asked them regarding minhos question. You could feel newts eyes linger on you with jealousy.

“We’re fine, (y/n) you know you’re not supposed to be in the map room, meetings only.” Minho said to you as you stepped closer to him.

“Why is newt allowed if he’s not a runner?” You asked.

“Because newt was a runner and Knows the maze enough to be in here. So (y/n) out.” Minho said pointing to the door as you pushed past him and walked out.

You stopped at a tree leaning your head on it reflecting on what happened today. You could hear the water fall in the near distance and could actually hear yourself think about newt. Your eyes started to tear up about him, you didn’t even know why you were so emotional. You had no idea if what he was saying was in the moment or if it was real and he did think about you the way you did him.

“(Y/n)?” You heard a British voice say that could only belong to newt. You quickly wiped your eyes to try and get rid of the tears.

“I thought you were back in the map room.” You said looking down and wiping your nose then placing your hands on your hips whilst glazing up at him.

“I was but then Minho told me to check up on you, you seemed pretty m- are you crying?” He asked as you looked back down on the ground sniffing lightly.

“No, of course not why would I be crying.” You exclaimed turning your body the other way, you really didn’t want him to see you like this.

“Love, why are you crying? Is it something I said? I’m sor-“ you’d cut him off because you knew he was going to ramble.

“Did you mean what you said back there? Or were you just trying to use me to get in your pants? Be honest okay, I’m sick of everyone lying to me about stuff.” You snapped at him. You didn’t mean to but it’s just happened.

He was at first taken aback but also angry that you thought he’d lie to you, “of course I meant every single last word I said about being with you. I felt passion in every single kiss, i touched you with love not With my boy hormones that would normally ravish my body. Trust me (y/n), I care so much more about you than you think. Why do you think I didn’t let you become a runner, huh? Or why do you think I keep you in the gardens where it’s safe and where I can see you, huh? When you came out of that box I was the first one to jump up and say I wanted to protect you. So believe me when I meant what I said back there.” Newt said as you thew yourself into him hugging him tightly. You never knew how much he loved you until now.

You didn’t want to kiss him you just wanted to hold him and keep him here with you in your arms. You felt safe in his arms and only his. Both of you didn’t speak a word but rather just listened to each other’s breathing and focused on the moment.

He pulled back first looking into your eyes and saying, “we should probably head back, or at least you walk back first so I doesn’t look obvious we did anything.”

“You’re right.” You replied back to him. You let your hand touch his broad shoulders before you walked out of the woods.

Your heart was racing faster than a runner trying to escape a griver. You had a smiled plastered on your face like a big idiot would walking out of those woods. You could hear newt not that far walking behind you but you didn’t want to look back making it obvious.

“What’s your deal?” Chuck said as he walked along side of you.

“Nothing, why’d ya ask.” You said trying to wipe the smile off your face.

“Well, you just walked out of the woods with a big smile on your face and I can practically see the excitement running though your body.” Chuck said as he stopped in front of you.

“It’s nothin’ I’ve just had a good day.” You say as chuck looks behind you and sees newt walking out with the same smile on his face.

“Wait are you too…?” Chuck starts as he gestures back to newt.

“Don’t you bloody say anything.” You warned him in a gentle manner so he knew you weren’t too rude.

“can tell your a thing because you’re saying ‘bloody’” Chuck laughed off.

“Do you really like him?” Chuck asked looking at you sincerely.

“Of course it’s more than like, chuck.” You said looking back at newt one last time.

With that you knew you’d last forever.

It’s okay

Newt x reader

Warnings: sadness, newts death

Summary: where the reader is there for newts death and she dies in his arms using his last moments alive telling stories about them

Song: listen here

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You ran pushing past everyone who surrounded newt as he threw himself onto Thomas fighting and fighting. Your whole body body went numb as you saw what this virus has become of him. What this thing has taken over his brain.

“Newt!” You shoutout as fire burnt around you . Your hair was a mess as you pushed it out of your face.

He stopped, he’d stopped fighting and he looked over to you. You didn’t see the monster in his eyes you saw him, you saw a torn apart version of him that hurt your heart so much.

“Go! You can’t see me like this!” He yelled at you. His voice wasn’t even his it was demonic.

You walked up to him slowly trying not to scare him. What he looked like didn’t effect the way you loved him. It didn’t effect the way you saw him. Thomas scooted away from you both as you reached out to place a hand on newts shoulder. He looked at your hand with black stuff dripping from his mouth. He was more broken then you’ve ever saw him.

“I need you to calm down.” You tried saying before he screamed and threw himself onto you. He had no control of his actions and watching him throw himself onto you when you were his love hurt you.

You fought him, you had to. You pinned him onto the floor yelling at him to snap out of it begging him to stop. He didn’t listen as he continued to push himself onto you. Then he realized that you had your knife in your back pocket. He grabbed it out of your pocket ready to plunge it into his own heart.

“No!” You screamed as you wrestled to get it away from him.

“Let me be (y/n)!” He screamed back at you. Hearing him use your name stung in your heart considering he only used nicknames.

“Stop it Newt!” You screamed grabbing the knife and throwing it somewhere but he knew exactly where you threw it.

He pushed you off of him running to grab it causing you to throw yourself onto him in order to get the weapon back from him. That’s when it happened. He stuck the knife in his abdomen. You felt the blood on your own hands. He looked up at you with sorry eyes that spoke so much. You flipped him over so he was now in your arms. You looked up with tears rushing down your face everyone was in shock. You’re eyes met Minho and you saw him break watching his best friend die.

“It’s okay, my love.” He spoke to you causing you to look down at him slowly dying.

“N-Newtie?” You choked out as you’re eyes met his.

“Darling?” He asked as he reached his hand up to touch your soft skin one last time

“Yes, my love?” You asked as he wiped your tears away with shaking hands.

“You you remember when you first came out of that box? You punch me in the nose.” He said with a small smile placed on his lips.

“Of course.” You chuckled a bit as he tried to give humor to his own death.

“That really hurt.” He said laughing a little bit. Seeing him smile one last time made you sad because you were never going to experience that again.

Newt reached into his pocket pulling out a necklace with with what looked like a ring on it. He held the object up to your face as he coughed out a little bit of blood but reached up enough to place it around your neck.

“I need you to know I’m okay.” He said as his eyes started to get droopy. You could hear buildings falling from behind you but that didn’t stop the moment.

“No newt you’re not okay you’re dying.” You said as tears continued to fall from your face harder and harder.

“You are my first love and I need you to remember that for the rest of your life no matter what.” He whispered as his breathing started to get slower you held him tighter making sure to get every last moment with him.

“I will. I always will.” You whispered out to him. You placed a soft kiss on his lips one last time before you felt him go.

“Newt! Newt! Newt!” You screamed out to him shaking his lifeless body as you felt Thomas’s arms pry you off of him.

You felt your body go numb as you looked back at newts lifeless body. You’re breathing felt heavy and your eye fogged up as Thomas dragged you off into the plane sitting you down next to Minho. You hand subconsciously moved to the necklace placed around with the ring on it. You felt every inch of the ring promising yourself you’d never take it off.

You felt Minho place a hand on your shoulder as you rested you head on his. You felt tears running down your face but you didn’t feel any emotion. Loosing newt was so much pain you felt your heart actually breaking. You missed him so much already. You miss his touch, his smile, his lips, the way he made that one face when he didn’t like something, the way he played with your hair when you fell asleep, you missed all of it. Every single last thing. He was gone. And that broke you.

“He was my best friend.” Minho said to you as he didn’t move at all but rather sat there emotionless.

“He was my everything.” You said to him as you felt no more tears coming out probably because there were no more to produce.

You looked out the window and looked down in some hope you thought you could see him. But you didn’t instead you saw buildings crash down and things burn. You thought to yourself that all you had now was Minho as the closest person to you. You knew him as long as you knew newt. Everything you ever did you knew it was for newt, you wanted to make him happy more than anything. Now that is all gone. Now he’s gone.