My relationship with my problematic faves
  • Me: omg yes he's a terrible person I do not approve of any of his life choices he's an asshole 0/10 would NOT recommend he deserves every bad thing in the world he's absolutely terrible in fact i would personally murder him myself if i could
  • anybody else: *says the exact same thing*
  • me: excuse me bitch

There was that great moment when little Sibby hugged Barrow (Rob James-Collier) goodbye. It was like there was an audible “awww” from the others in the room. They seemed so touched by that.
You know what, that wasn’t scripted. She just ran and did that. There was that reaction, and then after it happened, I said, “Okay, everybody. That’s exactly what the reaction should be.” Because Rob, who plays Barrow, was always working with the children, he developed a very close relationship with them and they really liked playing with him and seeing him. It was a very similar kind of relationship to the one in the show, so a lot of that stuff didn’t even have to be acted.

Neame: I think that probably is quite realistic. The autocratic children had very strong bonds with the servants because they didn’t spend very much time with their own parents. It did feel very spontaneous. I like the fact that a bit of Sybil lives on with Sibby. X